Chapter Two

Kate listened to the rain fall on the roof top of the motel. Each time a rain drop fell, she wished she was outside to feel it. She sighed knowing exactly why she couldn't go out. She couldn't risk being seen by someone, or have Sawyer return and find her out of the room when he said for her to stay inside while he was gone. She could, however, wear her coat with a hat and sunglasses, and keep people from seeing her face, but then again, that wouldn't work too well if someone was close enough, they could see her face and then she'd be in trouble. Sighing again, she brought her legs up on the chair, wrapping her arms around her knees while she leaned forward a bit, resting her chin on her arms, keeping her eyes fixed on the window, watching as more rain fell. After a couple of minutes, she saw a black truck drive by the window, and she knew who it was. She was glad she didn't go outside, other wise she would have been caught by Sawyer. The door to the room opened, and he walked inside with two McDonalds' bags a few moments later.

"McDonalds? Couldn't you have gotten something… a bit healthier?"

Sawyer glanced at her before he made his way toward the small table in front of the window she previously looked out of. "You never said anything about eatin' healthy," he said as he took his food out of his bag. "If you don't like what I got, go get your own food from now on."

"I just don't like eating stuff like this," she told him also grabbing her food once she reached the table.

"What did you eat then when you were on the run?" he asked, looking at her with a curious expression.

"Certainly not this… I managed to get into some places that had healthier food," She un-wrapped her egg sandwich, and took a bite from it.

"Really now, whatcha do, sneak in?"

"What do you think, Sawyer?"

"Dumb question," he said now realizing what he said. "Anyway, like I said if you don't like what I get – don't ask me to get you food."

"I'm sorry," she said after a few moments of silence. "I don't want you thinking I'm not grateful for you getting me food, because I am. I'm just not big on fast food."

"Here's some advice," he looked at her. "Make sure to tell someone that before they go and pay for fast food," he said as he took a seat at the table.

She nodded. "Will do"

"Alright Sassafrass, what's the plan?"

"Plan, what plan?"

"You know, what're we gonna do about the cops. Where we're goin'"

"Oh, that."

"Yeah, what'd you think I was talkin' about?" he asked with a smirk.

"Sorry, I guess I wasn't thinking about it… well, all I can really say right now is look at a map and think of where to go. Play it by ear, I guess," she shrugged.

"Play it by ear? That's the plan?"

"What do you want me to say Sawyer? I haven't exactly thought things through, alright?" She sighed and took another bite out of her sandwich. "We could head to Texas, and go from there."

"Why go to Texas?"

"I don't know. It's the first place I thought of. We don't have to go there if you got another place in mind."

"Nah," he shook his head leaning back in his seat. "Texas it is."

She set her food down and walked to her bed, grabbing her bag and opened it up, reaching inside a second later and then pulled out a map. "I could maybe try figuring out the best and fastest way to get there," she said facing him.

"If you want to do it, fine by me. The less work for me, the better," he said while lifting his legs up on the chair in front of him, crossing one over the other.

"I'm not doing everything, so you know," she walked back to him, pushing his legs off the chair, making them fall to the floor with a loud thud. "You'll need to help with things too."

"Hey, I am helping with things. I'm doing all the drivin' ain't I?"

"I'll probably drive also," she said sitting down on the chair.

"No, no, not goin' to happen. Nobody drives my truck but me. You can forget it," he shook his head leaning forward. "You ain't drivin' my truck ever."

"Why?" she looked at him slightly puzzled.

"Why?" he repeated. "That car is the only thing I have right now. If it weren't for you comin' to me, and then making us leave, I'd still have my house."


"Also," he started, interrupting her. "I didn't have to leave. You were the only one who had to leave."

"I couldn't have out run them without you, and you know that, Sawyer. I wouldn't have had a chance without help."

"That don't mean I had to help."

"Why did you, then?"

"Hell, like I know," he told her standing up and stepped toward the window and then looked out. "Once it gets dark, I'm headin' back."

She turned her head in his direction quickly, shock plastered on her face. "What? Why... why would you go back?"

He turned around and faced her. "Because if I'm goin' to help you, I'll need a lot more than just a gun, a wallet and the clothes I have on. When it gets dark, I'm going back and sneak in to grab what we need."

"What if they're still there? What happens then?"

"I haven't thought that far, sweet heart."

"Then I'm coming."

"Like hell you are. You're the one who they want. If you go, girl you'll be giving them a chance to grab ya."

"I don't care. I'm not going to let you go without me."

He stared at her, a smirk on his face. "'fraid I might not return?"

She bit her lower lip and nodded a little. "Honestly, yeah I am."

"Fine, you can come. You'll stay in the truck."


"Don't try to protest, freckles. If you don't agree to stay in the truck, you won't come. I'll lock you up in the bathroom if I have to."

She sighed and nodded. "Fine, I'll stay in the truck."

"Good," he walked back to the table and sat down. "Until then, let's finish eating," he grabbed his burger again and took a bite.

She stared at him for a moment before eating her food.

"Do you think they're still in there?" Kate asked staring at the house from the street, hidden behind a couple high bushes that separated the road from the grass. She looked over at him when he didn't answer. "Did you hear—"

"I don't see anybody," he finally said, keeping his eyes fixed on his house. "I don't see any cars either," he added while standing up slightly as he made his way past the bushes. He got two feet before he turned back around, making eye contact with her. "Get back in the car. Hide under a blanket or something. Keep the car turned off."

"Why can't I—"

"What'd I say back at the motel?"

"To stay in the truck…" she spoke quietly.

"And you'll do just that. Now get goin' before I hall your ass back to the motel."

"Fine," she said as she started to walk back to the truck. Stopping a few feet away, she turned back around, and saw he was already walking to the house. "Sawyer," she whispered.

He turned around, annoyed look on his face. "What?"

"Be careful."

"Yeah, yeah," he waved hand at her before walking again.

Kate stood there watching him closely. She began to get nervous about being there, and hoped they wouldn't get caught. Sighing, she made her way back to the car, fighting the urge to follow him. Reaching the truck, she climbed inside, and then slid down in the seat, grabbing the grey blanket he had in the back, covering herself with it, she stayed still and prayed Sawyer would return soon.

Sawyer stepped along the side of the building as he pulled out the firearm from the back of his pants. He gripped it tightly in his hands while he made his way to the front of the building. Reaching the corner, he peered out, keeping his body hidden in the shadow. He glanced around, trying to see if anyone was near by. Taking notice of the empty driveway, he stepped forward, and walking along the four small step stairs, he quietly and slowly walked up. He walked up to the window next to the door, and looked inside. When he didn't see anyone, he grabbed the doorknob with one hand while holding the pistol in the other, he opened the door, pushing on it, it opened, creaking slightly, he swore under his breath while he quietly went inside.

The hallway was dark, making it almost impossible to see, but he did his best to walk around without bumping into anything. He made his way to the entrance of the living room, and peered inside, only to find out nobody was in there. After checking out the other rooms, he went upstairs. Reaching his bedroom, he went to the closest and grabbed a duffle bag. He set it down on the bed, grabbing some clothes from his dresser, he began packing.

Once he was finished, he walked back to the closest and reached up to the top shelve, grabbing a small dark brown box, he set down on the bed and opened it up, revealing a pistol, along with a box of ammo. He pulled it out of the box before grabbing the ammo. He began loading the gun before putting it in the back of his pants. Reaching for his bag, he tensed up when he heard a noise from the hallway.

The sound got louder as they got closer to room. Turning his head to one side slightly, he listened as the intruder stepped into the room. He grabbed his gun off the bed slowly, gripping it tightly he pulled back on the hammer with his thumb, keeping his index finger on the trigger, ready to fire. He turned around quickly, raising his arm up, pointing the gun at the person. His eyes went wide with alarm when he saw who it was. "Damn it freckles! What the hell are you doin?" he asked angrily while lowering his arm to his side.

She stepped back slightly when he pointed the gun at her. "I uh, I got worried. You were taking a long time. I thought something went wrong."

"Well I'm fine," he told her with a sigh. "Don't sneak up on people. I could 'a shot you."

"Sorry," she apologized while walking in the room, and made her way to the bed, looking at the duffle bag, then to the empty box. "What was in the box?"

"A pistol," he answered looking at her. "Not for you," he told her when he saw the look on her face.

"Why do you need two guns?"

"For obvious reasons- just in case I lose one."

"Of course…" she trailed off while turning around, facing the doorway. She then glanced at him, a look of alarm on her face. "Do you hear that?"

"Yeah," he whispered. "Someone's comin."

Sawyer grabbed his bag quickly and then pushed it toward Kate. "Hold this…" he said while lifting his arm up as he stepped to the doorway and then into the hallway, only to move out of the way when someone shot at him, missing him by a couple of inches, the bullet hit the wall behind him. "Son-of-a-bitch," he mumbled pressing his back up against the door. He glanced at Kate. "Time to go," he told her. He then stepped back in the hallway, firing the gun at the person while Kate followed him, staying behind him as he walked forward, and firing at the man in front of them. The man shot at them in return while he walked toward them.
Sawyer shot at him again, shooting him in the leg, and once in the chest, knocking the man to the floor. He stepped toward him, finger on the trigger, ready to fire again at any moment. He looked down at the man, blood already soaking his shirt, his eyes staring up at the ceiling, unfocused. "He's dead," he told Kate looking over at her. "The bastard's dead."

"We have to go, Sawyer… if he's here, that only means there might be others here. If he was here alone, it's only a matter of time when someone else shows up," she spoke while staring at the man. "Let's go." The two then ran down the hallway, down the stairs, and outside. They ran back to the truck, got in and Sawyer started it a moment later. They drove down the road, hoping to get away before the other officers get there.