Hidden Depths

Byron's not afraid of the water. He's just afraid of (heh) being out of his depth, not knowing what to expect, what might be hiding beneath the surface.

But he's never afraid with someone he trusts.

The first time he flew down to visit me back in Cali, I dragged him down to my favorite cove. It was in the shadows of a cliff, and even in the tide pools (which were seriously shallow), you still couldn't see the bottom.

I'm his best friend, and he trusts me, so maybe I shouldn't have been so surprised how easy it was to get him to wade into the water with me. He didn't even hesitate when we were yards away from shore, chest-deep in the ocean.

It says a hell of a lot about the trust he has in me that when I kissed him for the first time, he closed his eyes, leaned into me, and trusted me to keep his head above water. To keep him safe.

Or maybe it was just that he'd been less oblivious than I was to the undercurrents of our relationship, and had actually been expecting this for a while.

Either way, we both win.