Allright! Here's the new, revised beginning of "Plugsuits", originally named "Does the Plugsuit Make Me Look Fat?" changed because it's a much cooler name. Besides, it's kind of a reference to "Scrubs", which goes with my whole semi-serious story concept.

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- - - - - - - -


An Evangelion fanfiction by Andrew Joshua Talon

- - - - - - - -

The dark office of Commander Gendo Ikari was not a place for the faint of heart. The fate of every last man, woman and child on the planet were gambled with on a daily basis in this very room. By a man so consumed with his own goals, his ultimate desire, that anything remotely resembling sanity had passed on long ago from his thought processes.

At the moment, said madman was slumped over his intimidating desk, his eyes wide behind his dark glasses in utter disbelief.

"You can't be serious." Fuyutsuki shook his head, sighed, and stared at the back of the holoscreen before his boss/former student. The man on the other end of the communications link gulped nervously.

"No sir… It's an Eva, all right. It doesn't match anything in our records though… Nor does the pilot. We're getting a definite blue reading from it though." Gendo shook his head slowly, sitting up.

"From the Eva, or the pilot?"

"Uhhh…" Gendo sighed.


"It appears to be coming from both, sir."

"Understood. Go to full alert. Target is to be considered… Considered the Eighteenth Angel." The man saluted, as the holowindow winked out. Fuytusuki shook his head.

"Ikari? Exactly what the hell do you think you're doing?" Gendo did not answer, instead bringing up another holowindow. This one showed a huge, bizarrely-armored Evangelion. It's elaborate helmet echoed an old Pre-Impact anime, what was it… Gundam? The long, golden-V fins on it's brow over it's brightly glowing green eyes made it look the part perfectly. It's long, bird-like wings made it resemble old depictions of the beings they had been fighting for more than a year. It's large, wicked looking rifle and sword were not encouraging signs.

"Sensei, exactly what else are we supposed to do?" Gendo shook his head. "It reads as a Blue pattern-lifeform… An Angel."

"Like the Seventeenth, then? Humanoid?" Asked Fuyutusuki incredulously. "The Scrolls said that no more Messengers were coming!"

"Indeed," Gendo noted, the holowindow dissolving into static as the colorful Eva destroyed it. The phone on his desk began ringing loudly, and the gloved man answered it carefully.

"Yes… No, we have no idea where it came from… It seems to be an Angel. Until we have more data indicating otherwise, that's what we're classifying it as… Yes, I know it's not listed in the scrolls you moron! Tell those damned fools that wherever this thing came from, it certainly wasn't from us!" He slammed the phone back in it's cradle, just as the Angel alarms began to go off. He gritted his teeth and looked to Fuyutsuki.

"Sensei, gather the First Child and the Major, immediately. Have Section 2 arrest them. Find me the Third!" Fuyutsuki shook his head in disbelief.

"NOW!" Gendo practically screamed, his eyes widened frighteningly. Fuyutsuki turned and headed out the door quickly, opening up his cellphone and dialing the needed numbers. Despite the approach of yet another monstrous creature destined to try and destroy them all, the old man couldn't help but smirk slightly.

So much for the scenario, eh Gendo?

- - - - - - -

It was just one of hundreds of dark corridors throughout NERV. The original base had been designed to accommodate a much larger staff, but due to budget cuts and combat experience the extra personnel for these areas was absent.

It was here that Shinji Ikari, the Third Child, could be found, sitting against the wall. His sea blue eyes were focused on the floor in front of him, unseeing and blank. The grief, the horror… Everything that had happened to him over the course of this year had finally crushed him under it's strength-sapping weight. There was nothing left to him, as far as Shinji was concerned.

Nothing left of anything…

"Pilot Ikari." Shinji looked up from the floor, staring up at his father. The alarm klaxons had been going off for a while now, but he hadn't noticed. Nor had he cared. The image of Kaoru's peaceful face, his body held in the hand of his Eva just before he crushed him, was overlapping anything else he could see.

"Pilot Ikari," his father repeated, looking down on Shinji with a mixture of disgust and anxiety. "You will go to Unit 01 immediately." Shinji just stared at him, silent.

"Another Angel has appeared," Commander Ikari got out, and Shinji at last noticed the fear in his father's eyes. He'd never seen it before, not in him…

CRACK! Shinji rubbed his cheek, feeling dazed. The commander drew his hand back, breathing hard now.

"Goddamnit, get up and go fight! Now!" Shinji, shaking now, looked back at his father. He at last saw the man, not the cold figure using and killing people without remorse.

Fear was in his eyes now. Anger, disbelief, horror...

Shinji didn't know what to make of it. His father looked trapped, his eyes wide behind the tinted glasses, his fists clenched. Gendo turned away, shaking visibly.

"Bring them," he said flatly. Shinji's eyes widened as Misato and Rei both appeared behind the commander, guns held to their heads by Section-2 agents. Gendo turned back and glared at his son.

"You will get up and pilot, or I will kill them both. And it will be your fault." Gendo pushed his glasses up his nose, his face shiny with sweat. "Unlike those other incidents you take the blame for in your pitiful selfishness, this will truly be on your head, and no one elses." Gendo and Shinji's eyes met.

"Can you live with that, Pilot Ikari?"

A second passing seemed like an eternity… Before Shinji stood up, holding his father's gaze, and walking past him, past the gagged Rei and Misato. Misato's eyes, widened in concern and fear, followed him. Rei's own ruby eyes trailed him as well, and Shinji was sure he could see fear in them, just as in Misato's.

Human fear.

- - - - - - - - -

The Sixth Child, Neji Bond Husugawa, felt a deep sense of confusion as the conventional defenses of NERV opened fire on him. His AT Field was extended, taking the shots without serious effort, but the situation should not have existed in the first place.

What's going on? I should be welcomed with open arms! Not attacked! What's going on?

He had little time to ponder the circumstances further, when his proximity sensors went off. He turned and saw that Evangelion Unit Zero One was rising from an elevator, it's yellow eyes glowing demonically.

"Shinji Ikari, stand down! I'm an Eva pilot! Just like you! I'm here to help!" Husugawa expressed in his deep, manly voice. Unit One didn't respond, just standing there, staring at him. Husugawa tried a different tact.

"Shinji, I can help Asuka. I can help everyone here! Please, respond!" Unit Zero One let loose a terrifying roar, and charged at impossible speeds. Husugawa scowled and raised his beam rifle.

Oh well, not as if I needed him, he thought spitefully, and fired. The rifle released a massive burst of energy, consuming the purples Eva in a fiery explosion. Husugawa smirked, the flames still burning from his shot.

"Ha… Guess you should have run away, huh Ikari?" He taunted the dead child… Just before a huge shape emerged from the flames and lunged for him.

"What the hell!" Husugawa screeched, taking to the air and barely avoiding the Eva's attack. He hovered overhead, preparing to fire another shot.

"Are you here to kill me, huh?" Snarled a voice over the radio. It took a moment for Husugawa to recognize it, the tone foreign to him but the speaker familiar.


"Are you! Are you here to kill me for Kaoru's death?" Shinji demanded. Unit One leapt, it's arms reaching for the Eva. Nimbly it evaded, as Husugawa gawped in shock.

"What! No! I'm not an Angel! I'm a pilot!"

"No, you're not!" Shinji shouted. "You're a liar! Just like Kaoru, and my father, and EVERYONE ELSE!" Unit One leapt again, it's teeth and hands sinking into one of Husugawa's wings. He screamed at the feedback, his incredibly high synch ratio causing intense agony.

"NO! STOP! THIS IS ALL WRONG! YOU'RE JUST A SPINELESS WIMP! YOU'RE NOTHING!" Husugawa shouted, pounding his fist against the side of the purple Eva's head furiously. He fired his head Vulcan cannons, tried shaking him off, but Shinji would not let go.

"Maybe I am! Maybe I am nothing! But at least I can take you down with me!" Shinji pulled back and slammed a fist into Husugawa's Unit's face, giving the pilot whiplash from the contact. Shinji pulled back and punched again, and again, and again, not noticing when they struck the ground, or the impact of that event. All he could see was the Angel, his enemy, underneath him.

"NOT A CHANCE, ASSHOLE!" Husugawa released his AT Field, blasting Shinji over a hundred meters away. He leapt up and lunged after him, wrapping his unit's hands around Unit One's throat. Unit One thrashed about violently, the two biomechs tumbling and rolling about the Tokyo-3 countryside, punching, kicking and clawing at eachother.

This can't be happening…! I can't be losing! Husugawa thought frantically, tightening his grip on his enemy's throat. All it did was make the Eva angrier, tearing off Husugawa's wings with a chilling roar.

"AAAUUUUUGHHHHHH!" Husugawa, abandoning all pretense, lifted Unit One over his head and threw it into a skyscraper, completely crushing it in a huge cloud of dust. He leapt after Unit Zero One, drawing his beam saber to make a killing blow.

"So long, Third! You're just a failure anyway," he cackled, spotting an Eva-shaped object in the debris field. He lunged, cried out in victory… Only to find his beam saber imbedded in a large chunk of the devastated skyscraper.

"What the…?" Husugawa felt impossibly strong hands grab his chin from behind and over his head, and yank. He felt his head moving back, his tendons and bones beginning to strain.

"No! NO! NOT LIKE-AUGH!" Shinji was beyond pain, beyond rage. All that there was, pounding in his ears to his heartbeat, was a simple mantra.

I won't fail them… I won't fail them… I WON'T FAIL THEM… I WON'T FAIL THEM…

"I WON'T FAIL THEM!" Shinji screamed, as the head of the Eva was torn clear off with sickeningly wet crunch. Shinji ripped off the Eva's arms next, then tore apart it's back, torso, and groin. It threw the remains of the Angel's Eva into the air, covering itself in it's blood, before bellowing a battle cry into the night.

On a small hillside overlooking the city, a lone figure watched the battle… And warked.

- - - - - - - - -

"This new Angel appeared with no regard to the scrolls, Ikari," SEELE 03 intoned flatly, it's dark pillar seeming more sinister than theprevious times Gendo had seen it.

"It did not follow any prophecy… Anywhere," SEELE 01 emphasized. "And yet, you are sure it was an Angel?"

"The autopsy confirmed the presence of an S2 organ," Gendo answered truthfully. Deception in a case like this was pointless. It was odd to be on an almost level playing field with the old men, he reflected, before SEELE 05 stated:

"This deviation in the scenario… Instrumentality is in danger." A chorus of agreement echoed in the room at large. Gendo stood, his fists still clenched but his voice even.

"Instrumentality has always been in danger," Gendo posed flatly. "From the Angels themselves, and human interference. It is clear that this event cannot be human in origin."

"Of course… No human could steal an Evangelion!" SEELE 08 declared.

"The biggest question remains: Have the scrolls been disproven? Are our goals for naught?" SEELE 06 asked. The other members gasped in horror.

"Naught? Impossible!"


"It cannot be true!"

"SILENCE!" SEELE 01 roared, and the room complied. "It is clear that the scenario has been completely altered. There are too many unknowns now. What we do know, is that the Angels apparently had one more messenger to send."

"Just one? Like that? And for what purpose? Our trials were over!" SEELE 02 protested. SEELE 01 sighed.

"It is altogether possible that those were only the first of our trials… A first wave, as it were. God may not be as dead as we thought." A number of gasps filled the room once more.

"If God's will has returned, then that means-!" SEELE 04 began, but was silence by SEELE 01.

"It means, that we must continue to fight. Even if the Almighty has returned, His power over this world is diminished. So diminished, that we may yet fulfill our destiny."

"But, is our destiny not to follow God's will?" Asked SEELE 04. "If we continue towards Instrumentality, as God continues to try and thwart us, will we not be damning ourselves?"

"Ultimately, Instrumentality is Man's final form. It cannot be changed. All that can be done at this point, is to prove to the Almighty that we are ready. With this in mind… Ikari will continue to lead NERV against the Angels." SEELE 01 produced a holowindow of what appeared to be a military base in an isolated valley near a lake.

"NERV2 has reappeared… Initial reports indicate that Unit Four survived, as did it's pilot. He will be transferred as soon as possible to NERV1 to strengthen our defenses. However, Ikari… Regard this as a chance to betray us… And your life is forfeit."

"Of course," Gendo replied flatly, as the room went dark. He heaved a great sigh, and looked up at the ceiling.

"Yui… How much longer…?"

- - - - - - - - -

The small police cruiser had been sitting in the same place since daybreak. As military vehicles and aircraft poured into the area beyond the ridge, the car's two occupants, a man and a woman, observed the scene with what appeared to be passing interest.

"So, they're all back then?" The woman asked the man.

"Yes. Though not unscathed… He's currently being evaluated."

"He'll be re-qualified. As long as his heart's still there, he'll keep it up…" The woman leaned back a bit, sighing heavily.

"The ball's back in our court, I should think, right?"

"Yes, it is," the man answered quietly.

"Then why don't I feel like celebrating?"

"Because you can never return to your son or husband… At least, not until all this is over," the man answered bluntly. The woman smiled sadly.

"Until this is over…"

- - - - - - - - -

Next time… The real Sixth Child comes to Japan… Try not to roll your eyes too much for this one, okay?