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Heaven Interrupted

Joanne was in Heaven. It was a very rare occasion when she had the apartment to her self. A very rare and cherished occasion. Usually on her days off, Maureen would stay home with her; it's easy to do that when you don't have a job. However, today Maureen was off somewhere rehearsing for some protest she was having somewhere. Joanne would find out a day or two before when Maureen would ask her to be the stage manager. But that day was not today.

Today Joanne was unplugging the telephone, disconnecting the doorbell and turning off her cell phone. Today she would have peace and quiet. She had no new cases, no impending court dates and no needy clients. The only thing Joanne had planned for today was a rich cup of coffee, a nice warm bath and an hour or three spent in front of the TV and then a long nap.

The lawyer was so engrossed in her day planning that she didn't even notice her girlfriend slip into the apartment.

"Hey pookie."

Joanne jumped, causing her to spill her freshly brewed coffee all over the counter. She grabbed a couple of paper towels and put on a smile. "Hi honeybear, what are you doing here?"

Maureen hopped up onto the counter, just barely missing the spill she had caused. "I came to spend the day with you!"

Joanne braced herself against the sink. Today was going to be a long day.