Guys! This is my FIRST EVER fanfic so please be a little bit nice to me (laughs nervously). I'm starting with an H&R fic because I just like this pairing so much!

Me: Anyway, Kokoroyomi would have a special participation in this story.

Mikan: Hey! Could I also participate in it? Please? Please? Puh-leezzeee? – puppy eyes –

Natsume: Shut up, you idiot! You couldn't participate!

Mikan: Hmpf! I'm not talking to you pervert! And why not!

Yuu:Because she's trying to get Ruka and Hotaru together!

Koko: Yeah, and so that Natsume and Ruka wouldn't be rivals for your affection Mi… - suddenly Koko's collar was on fire- WAAHHH! Natsume forgive me!

Natsume: Then stop reading my mind, will ya! – still holding a ball of flam on his palm –

Koko: Okay! Okay! – and the fire disappeared -

Mikan: Natsume don't do that, you're mean! So what were you saying Koko?

All present sweat dropped

Me: -laughs tensely- Why don't we just continue with the fic?

Yuu: Façade doesn't own Gakuen Alice

Koko: Yeah, even though she's plotting how to make it her own.

Me: - gagged Koko & hisses- Shut up will ya? "Ahehe, now with the story…."

Fast Facts:

Hotaru and Ruka would be 23 years old in this story.

Rating may change depending on how my ideas would flow

Chapter One: Es muss sein, es muss sein

A peaceful morning for that subdivision was broken by a screeching sound of a car suddenly braking, causing the birds to squawk with fright of being squashed.

Hotaru stared outside her car blinking for several moments. She heaved heavily as if her lungs were carrying the whole weight of the Earth.

Feeling agitated she rested her forehead on the steering wheel and then tried to bury her face on it.

"You do know that it's actually your fault in the first place" someone spoke.

Hotaru would have taken out her Baka gun and mercilessly shot Kokoroyomi if she didn't know that the voice actually came within her. She then started to lightly pound her head continuously on the center of the steering wheel.(1)

"And that wouldn't help."

"Shut up. You don't have to remind me…" Hotaru said icily to no one.

"Hey, chill out. I was just trying to help you, you know."


"Mannnn… you're one heck of a lady. Just think…"

"I said shut up!"

And as if on cue, Hotaru harshly opened the door and slammed it shut. She thought that by doing that she could escape the annoying voice.

She then briskly went at the back of the car and took her things out, again breaking the silence in the neighborhood by slamming the trunk's cover.

Carelessly dropping her luggage on the asphalted sidewalk she stared at the house in front where she would be staying for a month.

She actually praised herself for successfully making her look the usually cool and indifferent Hotaru. Although in truth, she was really in an irate mood.

She was not behaving normally and it's causing her to get more pissed. Even Kokoroyomi would not dare read to her mind at this moment.

( Koko: -cough, cough – There's no way I'm gonna use my Alice right now, uh uh – shakes his head- )

However, she couldn't stop closing her eyes as if praying that she was just having a bad dream and that she would wake up in any minute. She actually believed it would work until she opened her eyes and she was still right there.

"I think the place's not that bad…"

"I thought I told you to shut up?" Hotaru mentally scolding her own mind.


"Good… that should keep you in place"

She then went back to observing the area around her. Actually it was a very beautiful sub-rural village that lifestyle networks and magazines frequently visit and advertise. Even the aura was very comfortable and welcoming. She would have loved the place if only she came there for a different reason.

"At least you're now aware that you sucked in some things, right?" (2)

Hotaru sighed roughly and mumbled with her usual monotone voice, "What a nightmare…"

I smiled to myself as I heard a noise made by a friction between rubber and cement outside. Curioused, I switched off the television and lazily walked over the tinted window to see who caused such a racket.

My lips curved upward causing me to actually smirk. I knew that the culprit was Hotaru, I just wanted to see her face when she comprehends the reality of all this.

The first image I saw was her looking really annoyed while getting out of her expensive car.The car was one of Hotaru's inventions that looks like a running lynx.

I thought that it was a good thing my windows were artfully tinted on the outside. She would have done something drastic if ever she saw the sneer that looks so similar with Natsume's.

But then again that thought was forgotten when I remember the reason of her standing in front of my house.

I chuckled slightly pitying the poor vehicle receive its owner's wrath as I continued to watch her behind the glass window. My smirk changed into an impish grin when I saw her appear so restless.

It's not everyday that one gets to see Imai looking disconcerted, away from her usually cold and composed self. And I am enjoying the fact that I lived to that moment.

I walked away from the window and headed for the door.

'This would be one interesting month for me…" I mused trying my best to suppress laughter as I readied myself to welcome her.

Again, I grinned… Who would have actually thought that the day would come when Hotaru Imai, yes the girl who notoriously blackmailed me for most of my school life, would be my maid?

No, you don't have any problems with your eyesight. Yes, Hotaru would be my house maid and I, Ruka Nogi would be her employer.

How interesting could that be? …. I'd say, "Very much…"

Sumire: Hotaru, a maid! – rolls over the floor laughing – I would like to see that!

Koko: Uh Sumire, you should…

Baka! Baka! Baka!

Koko: … stop…

Sumire: Hey what was that for! – cat and dog stance –

Hotaru: If you so much laugh at me again… - evil glare-

Sumire: -whimpers and went to hide at the back of Mikan-

Mikan: Hotaru! That was mean! You don't need to do that!

BAKA! BAKA! BAKA! (Yep, you all know who the next victim was, bwahahah )

Ruka: You shouldn't hurt people you know… (Sumire and Mikan both nods at the background)

Hotaru: -shoved a picture to Ruka's face, it was another embarrassing picture of him- Be quiet or I'll sell them

Ruka: -sighed-

Me: Awww, don't worry Ruka you'll be able to get back to Hotaru in my story!

Hotaru: -turns to Façade – And you, you better change the plot of this story before I try anything drastic…

Do you understand?

Me: Why should I! I'm the authoress here.

Hotaru's eyes narrowed…

Me: -gulp- Ahehe, I'll see what I can do, Hotaru.

Koko: -grins knowingly- Please don't forget to review!

Author's Notes:

This is my FIRST attempt to make a fanfic and I had to pile all the guts I have just to make this so please don't bite me.

Please review (suggestions and comments are welcome, although please try to be civil) it would really help since the plot in my mind's still a bit messy heheheh

(1) It's like when we do something stupid and then try to slam our heads on anything, like on the wall or something, trying to clear our senses. Hehehe, I sometimes do that...

(2) Just to clarify: this was Hotaru's conscience

I'm actually having a hard time with grammar so I would be grateful if someone would correct them or any other mistakes I've done. I promise I'll do my best to solve this problem. Truthfully, writing this fic is one of my ways in trying to improve my writing ability ahehehehe.