A Fine Romance

Sam always found the commissary to be a good place to sit at 2100 hours, typing up the reports that should have been handed in weeks ago.

Lately, the Colonel had taken to joining her.

He'd sit at the same table, diagonally opposite her so she was facing one way with her papers beside her and he was facing the other way with his papers beside him, and they wrote their reports - she on the computer, he by hand - with occasional conversations.

"Did I mention how much I hate the paperwork, Carter?"

"Not in the last fifteen minutes, sir."

"'Kay. Just checking."

It was almost domestic, if Sam thought about it. Which she didn't. Because she couldn't. And she wouldn't.

He was her commanding officer.

Besides, Janet had already given her 'the talk'.

I know you think it's harmless, Sam, the medical officer began.

It is harmless, Janet.

Janet's eyes narrowed. I came this close to declaring you unfit for duty while he was marooned on Edora, Sam, the diminutive doctor said. It's not harmless. And sooner or later, it'll get you in trouble.

Looking across the table where Colonel was drumming away with his left hand, while scribbling madly with his right, Sam felt her mouth tug to the side in rueful acknowledgement of Janet's words. It wasn't harmless, not by a long shot. But it was all she had.

Besides, as the song went, it was a fine romance with no kisses.

And kissing him was not an option. At all. Ever.

Sam sighed and focused on the report that was due to head out with the next shipment of alien artefacts to Nellis facility. The notes were incomplete and she had to rely on her memory to provide the details - and sometimes that was asking a lot when it had been a busy month.

Of course, this was the SGC. It was always a busy month.

Five paragraphs later, and the Colonel flung himself back in his chair. "I could do with some pie," he announced to the otherwise-empty room. "Pie, Carter?"

Sam glanced up and smiled. "Always, sir."

He stood and stretched, the fluid black of his t-shirt shifting over the lean body beneath. Sam was careful not to look, but that didn't mean she didn't notice.

Still, there was no avoiding the hand that reached across the table and gently turned her hand palm-up. Startled, Sam looked up into dark eyes soft with the laughter that all his life's cruelty hadn't been able to entirely extinguish, then down as several small round things tumbled across her palm.

"To tide you over until I get back," he said with a wry twinkle in his eye as he stepped away and headed for the refrigerated cabinets that contained the desserts.

Sam looked down at the small, foil-wrapped chocolates he'd dropped in her hand and grinned in spite of herself and her misgivings.

A fine romance...with Hershey's Kisses.

Janet was right.

Sam was in so much trouble.

- fin -