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He let the tears flow down his face… "Shh it's ok all my love, all for you." Harry whispered softly as he wiped the tears from Serverus' cheeks. Harry slowly started to move in and out of Serverus as he continued to mummer words of love. Words he never thought he could honestly mean or ever have someone to say them too.

Harry panted softly as he moved inside of Serverus . He couldn't believe this was happening.. really happening. "Oh gods…" he moaned as Serverus started to wither around beneath him, his muscles massaging Harry, as he quickened the pace. His strokes becoming faster and faster as they both moaned out their pleasure. Serverus kissed Harry swallowing his scream of pleasure as they both released at the same time.

Pulling Harry closer to him and cleaning them both with a quick spell, Serverus brushed his hands through Harry's hair as his breath slowly evened out into sleep. "I love you Harry." Serverus softly murmured as he too fell into sleep…

The next day was surprisingly easy, considering he had had sex...no made love for the first time. Sitting in the Great Hall as he ate his breakfast with the other Teachers, he found a smile forming on his face as he thought about last nights events….


It all started the previous morning at breakfast, he was plotting various ways to embarrass the much loved Gryffindor, when he heard yelling coming from their table. Potter was quickly making his exit from the room, looking very angry, as the other members of his house looked on in shock. Serverus watched as Weesley shrugged his shoulders as to why Potter was upset. Serverus was surprised to find him self stamping down anger at the red head for putting Harry in such a bad mood.

Harry? When had he become Harry to him. No matter he had more interesting things to worry about. Like why was he currently heading in the direction that Harry had just disappeared in. Why was he walking into this room he had never been in, and why the bloody hell was he hugging Harry Potter?.

"Shh what's wrong? Did he do something. I Swear on my family's name if he hurt you I'll kill him where he sits." Serverus found himself saying.

Harry made a sound somewhere between a laugh and a sob as he sat up from Serverus embrace. "Professor? What-why are you here? Please don't be mad about me being in here. I just needed a minute to collect myself."

"Wow it must be bad for you to use the word please." Serverus feigned shock

Harry looked on in amusement. "Did you just make a joke?" Serverus just smiled.

"I have been known to do that from time to time. The question is why are you so upset? What happened." The normally aloof Potions Master questioned. The odd thing was, he really wanted to know.

Harry looked around the room. "Can we- can we go someplace more private?" Harry said looking to his Professor with brilliant green eyes swimming with tears and pain. Snape nodded as he stood and led Harry to his own rooms in the dungeon.

As they settled down around the fire with cups of tea Snape tried not to think of how cozy and right this felt. Alone in front of a fire with Harry. Harry took a sip or his tea, feeling slightly better as the warmth swept through him. It gave him a slight bit of courage. He took a deep breath and began his story.

"This morning, Ron and 'Mione were talking about relationships and how everyone seemed to be in one. Themselves in particular, and about how in the future they'd all have children and careers." Harry started…

"Yes this sounds fine so far." Serverus said then sipped his tea.

"Well then Ron comes out and says everyone will be saddled with children but I'd probably be living in a manor being a playboy while they looked on in envy." Harry finished sobbing a bit. "And that's when I left."

Snape nodded. "Why were you upset by this? You don't want to be rich?"

"No it's just that, I want a family. It's really all I've ever wanted. Not the poor excuse for a family I had in the Dursey's. Though I know it's probably something I'll never have." He sighed out.

"Why not? You a gorgeous young man, with money and fame. You'll get any position you apply for if your scores in my class have anything to say about it. What woman wouldn't want you?" Snape replied confused.

Harry smiled. "You think I'm gorgeous?" Snape looked down as a slight blush rose on his cheeks. "And that's just it, I don't fancy women."

"Wizard's can produce children too Harry. It's not uncommon for two Wizard's to marry, it's not like the muggle society here." Snape said softly.

Harry beamed "Really." He said, his eyes filling with hope at the promise of a real family still out there for him.

Snape fought down a brush of jealousy at the thought of someone carrying Harry's child. He was so wrapped up in his own thoughts he almost didn't hear what Harry said next.

"Why don't you have a family Professor."

"Serverus. Call me Serverus. I err well, I haven't managed to work up the never to tell the person I even care for him." Serverus stated

Harry almost fell from his chair. "You like men well a man? Do I know him?"

Serverus looked down to conceal yet another blush. He hadn't realized until a few minutes ago that Harry was the one he had been waiting for. "Well, maybe."

Harry moved quickly to his side and lifted his chin up to look him in the eye. "Is it me Serverus? " When the Professor nodded Harry leaned closer pressing their lips together. Parting the older wizard's lips with his tongue he moved his tongue in a dance as old as time. "I have a confession, I wasn't upset at breakfast, I've seen how you've been looking at me for weeks now. I needed a way to make my move. Are you mad with me?"

Snape shook his head no. "You do love me though?" When Harry nodded, Serverus kissed him again.

"I love you Sev."

"I love you too Harry." Serverus said as he led Harry into his bedroom.


Flashing back to the present, Sev looked up to find Poppy, the medi-witch looking at him in obvious concentration…he wondered what the was about.

Harry met his eyes across the room, and smiled at him. He tried to remain aloof but found himself smiling back in return. He turned his head at the tap on his shoulder. It was Poppy.

"Serverus, could I speak to you in the med ward?" He nodded as he followed her out….

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