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-Once again its snowing on Kanoha and a certain lazy ass bum doesn't want to go out.-

"Oh come on Shikamaru! Why don't you want you want to go out? There is snow outside and everyone is out there having fun. Come on!" Ino trie once more to drag Shikamaru out of the sofa and to the door.

"I said no." He didn't even bother pulling away or try to break free from her. He just let his weight and gravity do the job; There was no way on earth that Ino would get the strenght enough to get him off the sofa.

After a few more seconds of pulling, frowning, yelling, pulling, cursing, pulling, begging, pouting, and more pulling, Ino finally gave up. "Fine you lazy ass! Stay there and suffer the loneliness!"

"Finally." He sighed in relief.

"Hmph." Ino turned around and was about to leave but then turned around and tried once more.

"Please! Don't be a pain in the ass and go out there!" She gaved him 'puppy-eyes' hoping he would give in. "Everyone is out there. The whole rookie nine are out there, please you got to come out...please, this isn't fair! I told everyone that I would convince you to come out and I won't go out there with out you! My pride is in the line and you are not going to -"


"Huh? Yeah! They are making snowman and stuff like that. They are -"

"Sigh, if I don't go out, you will continue babbling non sense. I'll go." He frown and started to get up, taking his time of course. Ino gaved him a wide smile of happiness.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" She quickly ran to the door and opened it. "Hurry up you! Come up! Hurry you lazy-"

"I'm coming!" Rolling his eyes he continue walking in his lazy speed. "I have to get a sweater first."

"No problem! I'll get it for you."


-Once outside-

It was cold outside and everything seemed to be white. Everyone seemed to be having fun...specially Hinata.

"Sigh." He slowly directed his head toward the skies but then frown.

He hated winter. There were no clouds visible, everything was white. White, he hated that color because it reminded him of her. So on winter, everything seemed to remind him or her. The cold also bothered him because it reminded him of his loneliness. The cold could be less troublesome if he had someone to hold; warming each other.


The winter reminded him of what he didn't have. Hinata.

He looked at everyone for a momment. He noticed how some enjoyed the snow and others didn't. He noticed how Kiba enjoyed the snow, since he took that as a chance to get Hinata's attention. Shino, on the other hand just stood nearby and watched Hinata's play with the snow. Chouji was eating the snow, while Ino yelled at him to spit it out before hitting him on the head. Sakura kept on hitting Naruto for no reason, while he still tried to impress her. Sasuke just leaned on a tree, sighing everyonce on a while, leering at Hinata, then sighing again.

'Perhaps Sasuke feels the same way I do. Well...we are geniuses. Although I am way smarter than him. Still, we seem to share the same feeling for winter and snow. For the same reasons ? I think so, otherwise he wouldn't be leering at her and acting like me. Sigh, I have competition. How troublesome. I guess I'll try to make a move on Hinata before he those...otherwise things will become more troublesome for me.'

He started walking toward Hinata and Kiba. He could hear them laughing as they played with the snow. 'Now to get rid of Kiba.'

"Hey." Both Kiba and Hinata turned around and said hi.

"So uhhmmmm..." Shikamaru started looking around, as if searching for something. "Where is Akamaru?"

Kiba gaved him a grin and pointed his hand to a certain spot in the snow. "Oh he is over the-" He stopped when he realized he didn't see Akamaru. "Akamaru?" His eyes started searching the place for his white dog but couldn't see him.

"Hn, it seems he is lost. Well, don't worry Kiba, he will be easy to find in the white snow. I mean how hard could it be to find a white dog in white snow?" Shikamaru arched an eyebrow, controlling the urge to smirk.

"Ah, crap! Hinata, sorry but I have to go and search for Akamaru. Bye." Kiba started running in search of Akamaru while waving bye to Hinata.

"Bye Kiba, hope you find Akamaru." Hinata lowly shouted to Kiba.

'That was easy.'

Hinata turned to look at him and gaved him a warm smile; he returned the smile, feeling his body warm up a bit.

'O.K. got to make a move.' "The snow compliments you." He looked at her, waiting for her reaction. She just looked at him, so he decided to continue. "...it makes you look flawless."

"T-thank you Shikamaru." Her face quickly flushed, making his body feel a bit more warmer.

There was a weird silence between the two for a while. Shikamaru sighed and suddenly started singing in a low tone, so no one but her could hear.

Oh yeah, i'll tell you something,
I think you'll understand.
When i'll say that something

I want to hold your hand,
I want to hold your hand, (He stole a glance of her and smiled when he saw her crimson face.)
I want to hold your hand.

Oh please, say to me
You'll let me be your man
And please, say to me
You'll let me hold your hand. (He slowly extended his hand toward her...hoping she would hold his hand.)
Now let me hold your hand,
I want to hold your hand. (Hinata slowly extended her arm towards his and connected hands with him.)

He stopped singing the song and looked at her flush face and smiled. 'I just confessed with a song, now how smart is that! If she had rejected me, I could have just said I was singing my favorite song or something and escape embarrasedment. I am a genius for a reason.'

"T-that is one of my f-favorite songs...'I want to hold your hand' from The Beatles."

"Hmn? Oh...yeah...I know. Thats why I sang it...to express myself."

Hinata started turning more red and Shikamaru started getting worried. "Aahhh...Hinata?"

She looked up at him and tried to relax, making her blush to become less powerful. "I-is that way you feel?"

"That I want to be your boyfriend? Yeah. You aren't a troublesome girl and you have many qualities that make me feel...warm inside. Do you want to be my girl?"

Hinata's flush color started going up. "Yes."

Shikamaru leaned forward and gaved her a peck on the lips, causing Hinata to faint.

"Hinata?" He shook a bit her fainted form, in hopes of waking her up. "Hinata? Hin-...Sigh...well, at least I don't hate winter anymore."


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