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-Collins' POV-

I just... can't believe it.

We're graduating today, all of us. Even Roger! No, we really didn't have to worry about him passing all of his classes. He wants to get out of here just as much, if not more than the rest of us. We've all gathered in a group before we have to go to our seats- me and Angel, Roger and April, Mark and Josh, Maureen and Joanne. Joanne came to see our graduation because her school got out before ours (she goes to a private school). We're all ready to get this over with so we can have our last summer before heading off to college.

Wow. I'm kind of in shock...

"Col? You still with us?" Angel nudges me gently. "Honey?"

"What? Yeah. Just thinking. Isn't it amazing that we're finally gonna be out of high school forever?"

"I guess. I mean, we're just going back to school after the summer though." Mark says sadly. "Well, most of us." He glares at Roger, April, and Maureen.

"Aw, Pookie! I might take some classes at a community college or something. And I'll pick some stuff up from Jo since I'll be living with her." Maureen grins at everyone, bouncing as she talks.

"Yeah. And I was never gonna go to college anyway." Roger says. Mark shrugs.

"I don't really want to go that much. It's just that my parents would totally flip if I didn't."

"And you'll be so far awaaaayyy." Josh whines. Heh- not Mark's fault he's going to be at Brown while Josh is going to California. I say as much, and he sticks his tongue out at me. "Feh."

"Wow, we've reached a level of maturity equal to that of fourth-graders." Angel says, giggling. April smiles and grabs onto Roger's hand.

"Well, we should get to our seats before one of our old teachers takes revenge on us for being so horrible in their classes." She says quietly.

"Amen to that!" Maureen chimes in.

We all walk to our designated spots. I groan when I think that they'll have to go through so many names before we can all just leave. At least I'm towards the beginning of the alphabet.

(magical timelapse! Because I'm too lazy to write a ton of random filler crap)

"Party time! Party time!" Maureen is running around shouting at the top of her lungs. "We're gonna par-tay like there's no tomorrow!"

"No we aren't." Joanne says sternly, trying desperately to hold back a smile. "We're gonna party like there is a tomorrow- a tomorrow which includes making living arrangements for next year and not being too tired to stand up." She kisses Maureen and whispers something, making Maureen giggle.

"Well, whether or not there is a 'tomorrow' involved, there will be a famous-" Mark interrupts Roger by coughing loudly (probably to disguise his laughter), making Angel giggle even more, "a famous Roger Davis party! Loud music, maybe some karaoke, all the good stuff."

"I'm there!" Josh says. "And Mark is coming too, whether or not his parents agree." Mark rolls his eyes and Maureen mock-punches his arm.

We all make the required phone calls or communications to our parents and head over to Roger's house for yet another of his infamous parties.

-Angel's POV-

Whee! We're no longer in high school! Finally!

Now we go to college, and it'll be fun and awesome. Ooh- I'm so excited. Okay- for now just focus on the present. Right now we're going to party and have fun and not worry about anything except maybe which music to play and how to keep Maureen away from the karaoke stuff. I mean, it's not that she's a bad singer- it's just that she tends to get a bit carried away.

"Okay, the only rule for this party," Roger announces once we're gathered in his basement, "is to keep the door closed. My mom is home, so keep all the partying down here."

With that it begins.

"Okay, since we have no booze today- we've substituted with karaoke!"

"Ooh I want to go first!" Maureen shrieks.

"No!" we all shout in unison. Maureen pouts and sits down on the dilapidated couch. Collins and I volunteer and we end up singing "I Got You, Babe." It's that cheesy song by Sonny and Cher. It's a really great duet, though, so the cheesiness can be excused.

After a while of karaoke we all get bored, and it's a mutual decision to quit the singing for a while. We go to chatting and dancing to random music on the radio, just hanging out together. I look around and note two people missing.

"Hey, have you guys seen Mark and Josh?" I ask. Collins and Roger stop their conversation and look over at me.

"You mean they're not down here?" Roger asks. I nod and look around the room again.

"Yeah, unless they're suddenly invisible..." Roger curses and stands up. He dashes up the stairs, and I follow after him just to see what's going on. We run into the kitchen to find his mom making sandwiches.

"Mom- uh... did you see a couple of my friends come up here a while ago?"

"Oh, yes I did. They went out in the backyard. I'm making sandwiches; I was going to bring them downstairs in a few minutes."

"Thanks Mrs. Davis." I say promptly. Always good to be nice to friends' parents. "We're just going to go get Mark and Josh..." I grab Roger's arm and we go out the back door.

"Geez! I told them to stay downstairs! What if they'd done something stupid and made my mom mad at them? I would've had to kill them." He sighs. "Oh well. Good thing my dad wasn't home."

"That bad, huh?"

"Yeah, occasionally." We walk down the steps of the porch, not seeing Mark or Josh anywhere in the backyard. "Where the hell are they?"

"Marky! Joshy! Where are you two? Come on- stop being antisocial!" I shout. We hear a noise around the corner of the house. "Oh- they're over there." I walk in that direction and find Josh helping Mark up off the ground. "What the heck? What happened?"

"You startled me." Mark says, blushing slightly. "Uh... is everything okay? Rog?"

"I told you guys to stay downstairs. I don't have the house to myself this time, and it would suck if my dad decided to get home early. C'mon." We all start walking back into the house, Roger grabbing the plate of sandwiches his mom hands him as we walk by. Mark is apologizing constantly to Roger as we walk. I turn to Josh once we're down the stairs.

"What were you guys doing out there anyway?" I ask him. He grins at me and I notice a very light pink tinge to his cheeks.

"I think you can guess." He puts his arm around Mark and kisses his cheek. Mark blushes yet again.

"Aww, that's so cute!" I have to laugh at Mark's silliness.

After the party ends (due to Mr. Davis' appearance and a shouting match between him and Roger) we all go our separate ways.

Later in the evening Collins and I are snuggling in his room, listening to the sounds of suburbia filling the air. I sigh contentedly and he kisses my cheek.


"Yeah, Col?"

"I don't want today to end."

"Me neither."

Because even if we're excited about our futures, nobody really knows what can happen... Things can go wrong, people can do stupid things, and shit can happen. Sometimes it makes me wish we could just stay kids forever.

But no matter what, I know that we'll be together through it all... Forever.