Title: It's About Time!

Author: TaintedWolf

Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club

Pairing: Hitachiincest HikauxKaoru

Rating: R

Warnings: Incest, Yaoi, Sexual thoughts.

Status: Undecided

Disclaimer: I am completely not worthy enough to own this manga/anime.

He had been trying to ignore it all day. The burning of slim fingers against his skin, the steady breath puffing steadily against his cheek, and long, meaningful glances that suggested that they were more than just brothers.

Kaoru couldn't stand it anymore. Hikaru knew him better than he knew himself, and the older twin made sure that he knew it.

It all seemed an act, only to be performed when necessary. The seductive glances, the suggestive words that implied that more went on behind closed doors, acted out skillfully when they were in the company of their clients.

But the clients had no idea that this 'act' was merely a preview that didn't do justice to what they did when alone together, behind the prying eyes of the public. In their own private world.

They had woken up together, arms wrapped tightly around each other, their legs entwined and heads snuggling into whatever warmth they could find. It was no different than any other morning, but their alarm went off late, and resulted in them springing apart and independently rushing about their house (mansion, Haruhi liked to point out) and trying their best to look halfway decent for school.

No 'Good Morning' kisses were exchanged.

This resulted in an extremely disappointed Kaoru.

Hikaru did what he could to pacify him. An occasional reassuring squeeze to his hand or gently brushing his pink hair out of his eyes, the glances that promised that more would come later.

Hikaru thought he was helping, but damn, he was things worse.

Every time Hikaru even touched him, his stomach would tighten unconsciously with need, his fingers twitching with the need to feel his brother. His hair, his skin, his body.

Kaoru gave a small groan, burying his face into his hands. It wouldn't do to think of arousing images of his twin, not while the others where around.

The host club meeting had ended for the day. Haruhi had already went home, Tamaki following after her like a duck would follow it's mother. Honey and Mori where in the corner of the room, Honey occasionally stopping his excited chatter mid-sentence to cram a little more cake into his mouth, Mori nodding to whatever he was saying in appropriate places. Kyouya and Hikaru where bent over the laptop together, trying to figure out between them what date would be best to host a banquet for Spring, an event which was the main topic for their clients this afternoon.

Hikaru glanced up, and their eyes locked. There seemed to be an unknown exchange there, the air thick with sexual tension and their golden catlike eyes glinting in amusement and lust.

It was time to go.

Quickly saying their goodbyes and grabbing their backpacks, and missing the knowing glance that Kyouya sent their way, the twins were out the doors of the unused music classroom and through the gates of the school before they knew it.

After a quick glance about to see if their was anyone in the area, Hikaru dropped his backpack carelessly to the ground and unceremoniously shoved his twin against the outside gates of the school, his mouth desperately seeking out its counterpart. A bit annoyed at the pain on his back, but grateful for the embrace, Kaoru wrapped his arms tightly around his twins neck, tilting his head expectantly and closing his eyes.

When their warm, moist lips finally met, Kaoru had only one thought.

It's about damn time.

A/N: I would like to continue this with a lemon, but I'm afraid that if I try that I'll get kicked off the site X3. Nothing more than sexual thoughts here for you guys, sorry folks!