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For You

"I'll miss you…"

And he did… more than anything. Who knew this would happen? Who knew he had felt this way about the boy that had moved? Who knew…


Axel sighed. He looked up at the sky. "Somewhere, he's probably looking at the same sky as me… somewhere…"

"Get over him."

Axel looked up to see none of than Riku looking down at him. "Get over him?"


Axel winced at the name.

"Heh, that was just a guess, but judging from your reaction, it was right."

Axel looked away from Riku and back at the sky. "Shut up."

Riku sat down next to Axel and looked out at the sky. "So… what exactly are we looking at?"

"The sky."

"Why the sky? Why not the water over there? Reflecting the clouded light of the moon?"

"Waiting for sunrise."


"Yeah…" Axel pulled out a lighter from his pocket and flicked it on and off. Then he looked at Riku sitting next to him. He thought for a moment then held the small flame close to the other's jeans.

A moment later, Riku noticed. "Hey!" he yelled, jumping up and trying to pat the flame out.

Axel shrugged and stood up. He started to walk away when Riku grabbed his arm, pulling him back.

"Get your hands off of me."

Riku shook his head and smirked. "And if I don't?"

"I'll burn more than those stupid jeans of yours."

"Is that a threat?"

"Yeah, it's a threat… let me go."





"Sit down… I wanna talk to you about something."

Axel hesitantly sat down, glaring at Riku. Once Axel was sitting, Riku joined him.

"Why Roxas?"

Axel remained silent.

"And why are you making such a he deal out of it?"


"And why… why did you always think he was the only one?"

At that, Axel looked up. "What?"

"Axel… I… I like you… a lot… I wasn't really sure of what this… feeling was, but now I think I know. When I saw you were hurting so bad, I felt it too."

"You hated me and Roxas…"

"No… I was jealous."



"Look… the sun's starting to rise."

Riku looked up at the reddening sky. "That it is…"

Axel smiled. "He loved the sunrise… I bet he's watching this… where ever he is…"

Riku sighed, knowing he wouldn't win.

"I just…"

Riku looked over at Axel. For a minute or so, there was silence between the two.


"I just hope he's happy," Axel finished as a single tear slid down his face.

Riku wrapped his arm around Axel , pulling him closer, in an almost sympathetic action. "For your sake… I hope he's happy too… and for the record, don't be such a pansy, stop crying."

Axel whipped the tear away with the sleeve of his jacket. "Thanks… I think I needed that," he replied with a slight smile.


-a month later-


"Leave me alone," Axel mumbled from under the hood of his sweatshirt.

"Listen, he moved… far… and I know you, you wouldn't have been able to deal with the distance factor."

"Go away."

Riku wrapped an arm around Axel's shoulders. "Okay, so what if you miss him? There's not much you can do about that. But sometimes you just have to move on. Besides, I don't like you being all… emo… it's starting to get annoying… you've had a freakin' month!"

Axel looked up at Riku. Their eyes met and suddenly, Axel felt a wave of gratitude overcome him. As he felt the tears formed behind his eyes he hugged Riku, burying his face in the other boy's chest, and whispered, "Thank you."

Riku blinked then hugged Axel back. "Uh… for what?"

"For being here… even if you are a jackass."

Riku smiled. "Yeah… love you too."

Neh… that's it… short… yeah… it sucked, I know… anyway… whatever. And why Riku? Neh, he's pretty. And for the record, this is an AU… and I am aware thatAxel's ooc… whatever.