Chapter 1: Regular day

Hamtaro and the gang was just hanging out at the club house. Bijou All off in a corrner was sortting out her toughts.

" what if he dosen't like me?" she asked " what am I going to do?" She fluffed out her fur that was tied up in ribbons. Takking a few breath her mid was made up " I'm going to tell him" She turned to Find Boss right behind her

" Tell who Bijou?" He asked. Bijou wandered what to do

" one?" she stamered

" no I heard you wheir going to tell some one, who is it?" he asked

" um... I was going to tell Oxnard to get some more Sunflower seeds, now please move" she said getting out of his way.

" Heke?" Boss made scratching his head. Getting back to work he sneeked a few peeks on Bijou. Bijou was glad Boss didn't spy on her.

" Ookyoo" Penelope squeeked.

"What is it? you think Howdy is lazy?" Dexter said to get Howdy angry.

" no maybe she's bothered by a oaff like you" Howdy snaped.

" guys don't fight " some one said. Bijou turned her head.Every one saw who was out at the door.

" HAMTARO" Every one said. Bijou started to blush

"Hamha, sorry I'm late" Hamtaro said rubbing the back side of his head. " Luara wanted to play with me alittle bit longer before she went with her partents" he explained.

" 'amtaro can I talk to you" Bijou asked. Hamtaro whent up to her

" sure what is it?" he asked. Boss seening Hamtaro talking to Bijou made him flip out. He like Bijou. Why would Bijou talk to hamtaro insted of him. Bijou grabed his paw. Boss eyes started to fill with rage. Bijou led Hamtaro over to a corner.

" Bijou what the matter? what do you want to talk to me about?" he asked

" 'amtaro I wanted to tell zat I... I" she started

" hey what are you two talking about?" some one asked. Boss was standing right behind her

" nothing boss" she covered up

" Hamtaro want to help me with finding more acorns with Oxnard" he asked

" ok" he said " Bijou we can talk later"

Bijou reached her paw out to hamtaro but he left. She was about to burst. was Boss doing this on porpuse. She walked away.

So far a story that has nothing to do with Avatar.