I'm sorry this took along time but I manage to creat a new chapter...Ok the odd chaptar will be about the ham-hams and the evens about Laura and Kana. I hope you all like this chapter

Chapter 2: welcome to the neiborhood

Laura and Kana walk past a house with moviing vans. The girls walked up to the house. the movers took out boxs, a tv, computer and three beds. What got the girls attention was a hampster in his cage sitting on the lawn. The two crouched down to get a better look at the hamster. The Hamster little afro bounced on it head as he groomed his fur. his golden fur made him look almost like a lion, his little eye stared up at the two girls.

" I see you met Leo" some one asked. The girls looked up to see a boy there age picking up the cage.

" is that yours?" Laura asked. the boy nodded

" why did you name it leo?" Kana asked

" well Leo's sign is Leo and he looks like a lion" the boy said as leo groomed his afro. " Oh I forgot to inroduce my self, I'm Chris" he said " and you two are?" he asked

" oh I'm Laura and this is Kana" Laura said, Kana blushed and shyly waved at him.

" do you two have hamster?" Chris asked

" yes we do" Kana said fast as she can. " mine's Oxnard" she said

" and mine Hamtaro, I'll have to show you him some time" Laura said

" Chris!" some one called out.Chris turn to find a girl standing out the front door " Mom said it's time to come in" she said

" thats my sister Amanda" he told them " well I better go" he said taking his hamster into the house. Kana and Laura waved goodby to there new friend.


As the two girls waked home Kana was happly humming a tune

" I just can't wait to show Oxnard to Chris" she said. Laura started to laugh

" whats so funny?" she asked

" Kana! do you have a crush on Chris?" Laura asked

" Laura!...no..no I don't...I...just wanted to make him feel welcome thats all" she stamared. Kana sat down

" Kana, it's ok if you have a crush on Chris, I'm not going to tease you about that!. You didn't tease me when it came around to Travis right?" she said taking a seat next to her

" I geuss your right, we better get going or our fokes will wonder where we are" Kana said geting up, Laura got up as well and the two girls headed there way to there homes.

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