Title: Love

Rating: M

Disclaimer: Checks under bed and in cupboard Nope, Dean's still not handcuffed anywhere, so I guessed that means they're not mine.

Warning: Slight mention of Wincest

Spoilers: None

A/N: I don't know what's happened. I think the Winchester boys have melted my brain so much so that my new goldfish that were going to be called Mulder and Scully have now been christened Dean and Sam. I had absolutely no intention of writing anything more for the boys, but I was laying in bed tonight, just about to drift off to sleep when this popped in to my head and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep without getting it down somewhere.

Feedback: Yes please. I seem to be writing in a very different style for Supernatural than I do for anything else and I'm not really sure if it works.

Hasn't been beta read but it has been spell-checked.

Summary: The first time Dean fell in love, he was four.

The first time Dean fell in love, he was four. He was bored 'cos it was raining and his red boots didn't fit anymore so Mommy wouldn't let him go out to play in the puddles until she bought him a new pair. He was pulling faces at baby Sammy, seeing if he could make him cry, when Sammy looked at him, waved his arms and started laughing. Dean knew in that instant that he always wanted to be the one to make his baby brother laugh.

The second time Dean fell in love, he was ten and Sammy was six. They had actually stayed in one place long enough to finish an entire semester of school and Sammy was playing a shepherd in the Christmas nativity. Dean had arrived to the show a few minutes late, not surprised in the least by the fact that his father hadn't shown up and had hastily taken his seat right at the back of the auditorium. He looked at the stage and smiled when he saw Sammy wearing Dad's old robe and a tea-towel on his head the best costume Dean had been able to come up with, and waved when Sammy looked his way. The grin that broke out on Sammy's face when he saw his much adored big brother in the audience almost stole Dean's breath away and he knew in that instant that he would gladly go to every activity for the rest of Sammy's life if it meant that he would keep smiling like that.

The third time that Dean fell in love, he was 19 and Sam his baby brother was too old to be called Sammy, except when Dean was tormenting him was 15. He had just had yet another argument with their father about wanting a normal life and had stormed out of the motel room. Dean had given him 30 minutes to cool down and had then gone to look for him. He eventually found him at the old children's playground round the corner from the latest in a long line of crummy motels, sitting on a swing and staring morosely into the distance. Dean sat on the swing next to him and the brother's sat in silence for a few minutes when Sam suddenly sighed. Dean didn't hesitate for a second. He got off the swing and pulled Sam into his arms. Holding him tight, he whispered nonsense into his ear, telling him that it was ok, he loved him, everything was going to be fine and Dad would come around. Sam's arms crept hesitantly around his big brothers waist and he buried his face in Dean's neck. As Dean felt the first hot, damp tears fall onto his skin, he knew in that instant that he would never let anything hurt his baby brother again.

The fourth and final time Dean fell in love, he was twenty-seven and Sam was twenty-three. He looked into Sam's eyes as he slowly slid into his baby brother's body for the first time and in that instant knew everything he needed to know.