Hey everybody! Okay so this is my first FanFic I've decided to post. I'd love warm and cold feedback. Any way here we go.


The Beginning

Any way so Tonya totally did this awesome dance during the talent show. You should have been there." I said into the phone.

"I wish I could have been… oh well, there's always a next time…what's that noise… Reb… you ther… I can't hear you… breaking up…" I heard from Katrina over the phone. Suddenly there was the beeping sound from the phone telling me the other line was disconnected. I looked at the phone then turned it off.

"Rebecca! Come check this out." Dad yelled from down stairs. I got up and ran down stairs. Dad rushed me outside as if afraid that what ever he'd seen would disappear before we got there.

I stood looking up at the sky, clouded with extraordinary looking clouds. Lightning flashed and struck the ground hard. It amazingly hit the same spot about five more times then everything stopped, everything was silent.

"Lightning isn't suppose to hit the same place twice, dad." I said shaking. He nodded silently.

"Everything's too quiet. I don't like it one bit." He said. I looked dad in the eye.

"Do you think they will attack?" I asked very seriously. Dad looked up a moment then sighed.

"It wasn't suppose to come from the sky. It was suppose to be disease." He said. I nodded then grinned.

"What ever way they come we'll just have to rekill the dead." I said. He nodded.

"We'll kill all the zombies, dad!"

Okay so before you start laughing, me and dad love dreaming about a day when zombies infect the earth and we can say 'we told you'. We have books on zombie survival, watched tons of movies (which aren't very accurate by the way), and gotten every story on zombies we could get our hands on. Now that's settled lets move on.

Dad and I got in the house, locked everything, and readied ourselves. We even filled our tub with water to last us for everything we needed. I think we never really saw what was coming.

Oh god, that's sort. I'll write another in a min.