Hey, I'm sooooooo sorry. My hard drive crashed and I almost lost everything. But my tec support helped. Yay! Now I won't keep you from reading my fab. story. Just to let you know I was really hipper when writing this.

I charged at the… it. I was so close to tackling him. He didn't flinch. Two others stepped next to him and each raised a staff. Lightning like stuff shot at me and I doubled over in pain. It was like someone using a cattle brand on you only three times worse.

"Send her to her chamber to calm." He said. The two once again raised their staffs. I closed my eyes ready for extreme pain but, instead I felt a tingle over my skin and my stomach lifted up into my throat like when your on a roller coaster and going down a really big hill. It faded and I felt myself fall. I hit hard metal ground with a thud. I sat up and rubbed my right arm, the one I'd fallen on.

I looked around, it was dark. I couldn't see a thing. I stood, holding out my hands to feel around. I bumped into something with a metal frame. I felt what it held up to find it nice and soft. Blankets! That meant this was a bed! I flopped down into the soft blankets, pulling them over me. A nice fluffy ( : 3 fluffy… I love that word) pillow lay under my head. I tossed back and forth a bit but managed to get to sleep.

I felt something poke my side. I shoved the opposing finger away and turned over to go back to sleep.

"Get up, human. We haven't all day." A ruff voice said right in my ear. I jumped and hit the alien guy in he face. He flew back and hit the ground hard.

"Never, I repeat, never poke me!" I yelled at it.

"I was sent to wait you an take you to the general (do they even have generals? Oh well, it's my story.). He said for you to meet with him for food, after you put on this." The alien held up a pile of nicely folded clothes (sp?). I took them at told him to get out not being a morning person there for not even bothering to be nice. I changed into the clothes and didn't like them one bit. It was a gray one piece with stretchy material. The parts that covered my legs only went down to mid thigh. Then there was the body part. The stomach was left open as was the back. The collar area went down to just above my cleavage. There were no sleeves to protect me from the cold air. All in all, I HATED IT!

I went to the door and it opened revealing a very nervous alien.

"What were you over sized eye ball, slim scum, freaking thinking when giving me this!" I yelled at him indicating the outfit. He looked up at me with the puppy dogs eyes, it almost made me melt. Almost, if it hadn't been for the thing I was wearing.

"WELL?" I yelled louder.

"It's so the monitoring equipment can be on your skin and be easy to get off and on." He whimpered. I growled.

'They've been monitoring me. Those... (sorry not going to put that thought in this FanFic.).' I thought.

"For what? Why have you been monitoring me?"

Sorry. I'm feeling evil to day. I want ot thank you guys for supporting my writing. sob I'm so happy! I'm hoping on publishing some of my stuff. I'll let you guys know if it goes well. It next time!