Disney Classics Vol. 1: Aladdin

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Histories Part I

If you lived in Agraba and woke up at 2 in the morning and looked out your window you would have seen 3 men driving a cart off towards the desert with a snoring bundle of cloth in the back. The men were kidnappers from the West. They had kidnapped the unnamed, week year old, son of the King of the West, Inutaisho. Usually they held their prisoners up for ransom, but they had been employed for this job. Their employer was going to pay them $20,000 each to murder the heir to the throne in the desert. They of course, being greedy, agreed, but now that they had to actually do it they started having second thoughts. They of course had never murdered anyone, only threatened to, so they had been very unnerved the entire time and were abnormally quiet the entire ride. Finally one of them was so nervous under the silence he spoke up.

"So, what are you two going to do with the money?" he asked.

"I dunno, rule the world, I guess," the second joked.

"You do realize that in order to do just that you would have to kill Taisho of the West, Higurashi of the East, Toran of the North, and Satome (AN: Hobo- I mean Hojo's dad) of the South, right?" they all laughed.

"The day anyone can do that, is the day street rats start ruling a country," they laughed even harder at the idea of a street rat ever ruling the country.

The third, being a demon, heard the bundle of clothes wriggle and it sounded like it would wake up, "we gotta quite down or the halfbreed 'ill wake up an' ruin everything." They all agreed and quit talking, but on a lighter note.

They continued to go, driving the horses on every once and a while. Suddenly they felt a bump, and turned around in time to see the baby fall out the back, sound asleep. They started panicking and immediately stopped the horses. They began searching up and down the street muttering things like, "he should be right here," and "that bloody halfbreed couldn't have gotten far," but the one place they over looked was in the shadow of a doorway where the baby was sound asleep dreaming of the two people that were always near him, and kind to him, 2 people he may never see again. He had no idea he was even out of his crib.

Finally, after hours of searching one of them finally said, "We're gonna have ta go, it's near dawn. Anyway, what the boss don't know won't hurt 'im." They all agreed and left the town, never to return again.

At Dawn

The Doma family woke up to the sound of crying. Immediately they thought it was their own son, Miroku. (AN- they were only partly right.) After they calmed him down though, they could still here some crying and they were the only people nearby with a child. They began searching for the source of the noise. Suddenly Mr. Doma heard a squeal from Mrs. Doma near the front door. Mr. Doma ran to her side with Miroku. He found his wife walking in with a bundle of cloth in her hands, trying to sooth the concealed baby. Once she calmed him down she pulled back the blankets (AN- I'm sick of calling them cloth) to reveal a baby with silky white hair, 2 adorable ears, and giant golden amber eyes.

"What conceded jerk would leave a baby who looks to be about a week old on someone else's doorstep?" Mrs. Doma asked to no one in particular. It was too early to be yelling. Besides, she hadn't had her morning cup of coffee yet. Then to her husband she acted like a child who had had a dog follow her home, "Can we keep him? We already have Miroku, so we know how to raise him. PLEASE!"

"Honey, he looks like a demon! And not just any demon, a dog demon! He could kill us all!"

"Then we'll just raise him not to. Anyway, if you think he's a dog demon we can name him Inuyasha," at the sound of the name the baby immediately smiled, "Look! He likes the name! C'mon, pppllleeeaaassseee!"

Mr. Doma started looking around for another excuse and spotted Miroku, "What if he doesn't get along with Miroku?" As if on cue Miroku waddled over to the baby, inspected him, then put his hands up in friendship. Inuyasha got the message and placed his hands against Miroku's in friendship. They both looked up, along with Mrs. Doma, at Mr. Doma expectantly. He laughed.

"Okay, I see I'm clearly out matched and out numbered, he can stay." Mrs. Doma hugged her husband happily while Miroku copied not knowing fully why. Inuyasha, seeing everyone hugging, lifted his arms up hoping to be held and hugged too. Mr. and Mrs. Doma laughed and picked him up as well.

We shall now travel back to 1 am this same day in the West.

Inutaisho woke with a start at the sound of the alarm. Something was wrong; he could sense it, something worse than being attacked! (AN- which is what the alarm was for.) He jumped out of bed and changed, as did Izayoi. They rushed down the hall and saw guards running in the direction of their son's room. Many scary ideas popped into their heads of what could have happened, each one worse than the previous.

As they rounded the corner they saw guards, servants, and other workers gathered around the door. "Excuse me, pardon me, sorry," Izayoi said trying to be polite, and push her was through the crowd.

Inutaisho felt uneasiness in his stomach, "Move!" he shouted afraid of what he'd see. The crowd, recognizing the voice, quickly parted. A silence came over the place. A quite gasp could be heard come from Izayoi while Inutaisho just stood there rooted to the spot, fear and shock clearly written on his face.

The two guards that had been guarding his son's room where on the ground in pools of their own blood, though they were still breathing. The first spotted Inutaisho and Izayoi said, "They ambushed us… and took us out before… before we had a chance to retaliate, t-though we… managed to set off… the a-alarm-hack-" "We… are SO… sorry. We h-have f-failed you… s-sir –hack-."

"Get them to the infirmary, quickly!" A few guards quickly lifted the two men up and carried them down a hallway. Inutaisho turned back towards the door to see his wife had walked closer. He quickly followed her, though later he regretted it. They walked in the room to find the bed sheets all over the floor and the window wide open. They rushed to the window. Inutaisho quickly noticed hoof tracks below that were headed towards the East. Izayoi spotted them soon after, "You don't think…"

"Regrettably, I do." Then to the workers near him, "Saddle up my horse along with Ragtop's and Baronet's! We're going to follow those footprints!" He pointed them out to his two archers.

"Saddle mine up as well!" Izayoi yelled. The stable boy just nodded his head in recognition.

"What? You could get killed!" Inutaisho turned to his wife as the crowd suddenly ran away as everyone was afraid of the king's temper.

"I'll take that chance," She said walking away before Inutaisho could say another word, to change into something more suitable for riding. Inutaisho just stood there almost afraid of what the future held, but he told himself he'd face it head on.

"Are they in sight yet?" Baronet wined. Being human didn't help with the rider's cramp he was getting.

"No," Ragtag answered for the billionth time. Even being demon didn't help his patients from running thin.

Thirty seconds later, "Are they in sight yet?"


"Are they in sight YET?"


"Are they in sight YET?"

"NO! If we had seen them yet we would be shooting arrows at the idiots!"

Inutaisho just shook his head. They had been going on like that for hours.

Baronet had short brown hair that stuck straight up about 4 inches and eyes so blue the sea would envy him. He had a strong, muscular appearance, but really was a kind-hearted fellow in his early 20s. The perfect words to describe him are, an over-grown child. He was constantly trying to be cheerful, pull pranks, or annoy Ragtag to no end.

Ragtag was almost the exact opposite. Ragtag was an elemental demon, though Baronet would always tease him and call him an 'emotional' demon. Ragtag, you could say, suffered from 'identity issues'. Basically, Ragtag has little control over his powers and because of that he could at one minute be yelling his head off at you and the next be sobbing for forgiveness. Ragtag had hair down to his waist that he put in a ponytail. At the top of his head, where his roots were, he had red hair, further down his back yellow hair jaggedly cut the red hair off. Then the bottom part of his hair was blue. He also had some green bangs in front and piercing red eyes that rivaled the intensity of the sun. Right now Ragtag's hair was bright red with anger and frustration.

Suddenly Inutaisho saw some thing on the horizon. "It's them!" he yelled, "After them!" 'Don't let them get away, Kami,' he willed. Before he knew it they were right beside the vehicle.

"Stop, or die," Ragtag said to the drivers, lighting going off in the distance. (AN- right now he has yellow hair, pure, all, yellow.)

The two humans and the demon immediately stopped the cart. "Where is my son?" Inutaisho started out calmly, but ended with him yelling. Everyone was wincing by the end of the "question."

"Ummm…" the black-haired human tried, "he sorta, well… kinda-"

"Shut your trap, Rando!" the other human whispered fiercely, "Sorry sir, but we have no idea. Honestly."

"Really…" said Ragtag with a dangerous look in his eye. "Then you wouldn't mind if we took a look in the back would ya?"

"Of course not!" The human said to quickly.

The demon then whispered to him, "Quit acting all jumpy. They got no proof that we gon' don' notting wrong. 'kay Sherleck?"

"Yeah, thanks Butterfingers." Both Sherleck and Rando quickly ducked for cover.


While Sherleck held him down, Rando quickly apologized to everyone with "acute" hearing.

"So, 'friends.' What are your names?" Ragtag questioned lightly, his hair now back to normal.

"Awww… c'mon!" Butterfingers said, waking out of his rage. "Why do we have to talk to the psychopath?"

-Death Glare-

"Uhhh… hehehe… I really didn't mean it!"

-Bang- -Pow- -Slam- -Ouch- -Owww-!

"Well that takes care of that!" Ragtag said. Anger now vented. "Do you two have anything you'd like to say?" They both shook their heads. "And I assume you are both smart enough to know your own names." They nodded. "Good. Now-

"Who wants to party!" Baronet practically yelled. All three of the kidnappers first looked at him like he was an idiot, (which he is) then raised their hands.

Ragtag sighed putting his head in his hands. Baronet started a Congo line in this order: Izayoi, Baronet, Rando, Sherleck, and Butterfingers. Ragtag turned to see Inutaisho rummaging through the cart throwing everything out in a frantic search. 'Now I see why the maids make sure everything is in the right place. He is making quite a mess!' "Have you found anything yet, m'lord?" Ragtag asked, walking next to Inutaisho. He continued his frantic searching without ever looking up. "I'll take that as a, no."

Ragtag looked back at the other 5 to see that they had changed from the Congo line to the Macarana. Ragtag walked over and began hitting Baronet repeattedly over the head.

"So, now that the idiot's unconscience (sp?), we can get back to work. What are your names?"

"I-I'm R-Rando and this i-is S-Sherleck, a-and, B-Butterf-fingers-s…"

"For the last time, IT'S NOT BUTTERFINGERS!" Butterfingers roared.

"Sorry," Sherleck interveand (sp?), "But his real name is Bakuken. It's just so much fun watching him get so hung up on the name." Sherleck smiled broadly. Altough Ragtag was sure he saw a glimer of malice in Sherleck's eye. But if it was there, it was gone now. That is what made him jump into action… that, and the look Inutaisho gave him. It remined Ragtag of his vow.

Before anyone could bat an eye, Sherleck was alone, with his friend's bloodly corpes staining the ground on either side of him. Baronet jumped up and put his sword to Sherleck's throat. "What do you want?" Sherleck asked through clenched teeth.

Inutaisho turned towards him, and raised his head. A gasp was heard from everyone…

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