-Chapter 20-

The Epilogue:

Things Wrap Up

After the wedding, Inuyasha and Kagome settled down as the King and Queen of the Eastern Lands, leaving Sesshoumaru as the temporary King of the Western Lands. Before their first anniversary rolled around, Miroku and Sango had their first child, a healthy young girl. They named her Asagi, and she grew up quite feminine despite her tomboy-ish mother. Both husband and wife were quite surprised.

Miroku and Sango had four more children, Muwagi, the youngest girl, and then three boys right in a row. Muwagi's hair was pitch black, the opposite of Asagi's light brown hair. Suuichi was after Muwagi and had black hair like his father's which he wore in the same style, but he carried his mother's eyes. Sango made sure Suuichi didn't get too much of his father's influence and he turned into a kind, understanding boy. More then once he'd been asked if he was gay, but he'd assured everyone that he had always just been around his mom more. Once his father met the other kids' mothers, they all understood his mom's reasoning.

Sango and Miroku's fourth child and second boy was Kakagi. He had dark brown hair and purple eyes. He was extremely adventurous and was often found sneaking out of the castle and running around the marketplace. He wore his hair short and spiked. The youngest of them, Higurai, was the baby of the family. He was always interested in the stables and enjoyed being around the horses. He often hung out with Shippo.

For Inuyasha and Kagome, they first adopted Shippo, treating him like their own. For Inuyasha, it was more like having a little brother, but for Kagome it was like having her own kid. In a way, Shippo was their experiment in parental duties.

As Shippo got older, Inuyasha and Kagome decided to start a family of their own. They first had paternal twin boys between the births of Asagi and Muwagi. The elder, Gin, took after his father. Gin had white hair and the traditional bad temper of the Takahashi family. Jin, on the other hand, was much softer with black hair, like his mother's. He made sure to keep Gin in his place, especially as they got older.

After Suuichi was born, Kagome gave birth to their third and final child, a girl they named Sheska. She grew black hair with white dyed tips like her father's. She also had golden brown eyes that held her curiosity. She grew up with Suuichi as her best friend, but as she got older she began joining Kakagi on his escapades, even if he was a year younger. Quite often they would try to rope Suuichi to join them, but that turned out to be more difficult then they had expected.

With their children growing up, Inuyasha and Kagome feared they would have to move everyone to the Western Lands when Souta grew up to be King. When the time Souta grew old enough, however, he ended up falling in love with the neighborhood blacksmith's daughter. He ended up picking up the trade and decided not to become King. So Sesshoumaru became the permanent King of the Western Lands and Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and all the kids remained in the East. Occasionally they would drop by and check up on Sesshoumaru. Make sure he was doing alright.

Kagura had tried to pick up Sesshoumaru, but he was far too work-absorbed and she left. She didn't want to go from slave to workaholic. As such, Sesshoumaru ended up falling in love with the human girl who had been tailing him, Rin. It shocked everyone when Kaede told them he had come to find a way to lengthen her life-span to equal his. Still, Inuyasha grinned, happy that even Sesshoumaru had gotten his happy ending. Last they had heard Rind and Sesshoumaru were due for their first child in a couple of months.

A year after Inuyasha and Kagome had gotten married, he finally saw Richi again for the first time since he'd been freed. Inuyasha thanked him and found out the ex-genie had gone on a tour of the world to find out what had happened after he'd become a genie. It turned out he was part of the Takahashi blood line and was actually one of Inuyasha's ancestors. Is memory served, he was Inutaisho's grandfather's brother. Since then, Richi had visited often, bearing gifts for his great-great-grandkids once removed. Or something to that effect.

Miroku became Inuyasha's advisor and they usually joked about Miroku scheming to become King by killing Inuyasha. They also went to Kaede's and managed to get an herb to lengthen Miroku and Sango's life spans. As their children had grown up they had been offered the same thing, but they all declined except Kakagi. He fell in love with Sheska and they wanted to grow at the same rate. The rest of Miroku and Sango's children grew to fall in love with other humans. At one point it seemed that Muwagi was falling in love with Jin, but the romance was cut short.

Shippo grew up to tower an inch over Inuyasha. He joined Richi on one of his annual world tours. When cards had been received, it sounded as if Shippo had found a girl, but until they came back, the King and Queen would just have to wonder what treasure their little horse-loving fox had found.

The years wore on, and Kagome and Inuyasha ruled together. The years they held the throne were prosperous and peaceful. The first few years had been rocky, but with the help of Inutaisho and Miroku, Inuyasha quickly learned how to rule and the people were happy. There had been a few battles, but no wars erupted. They were closest to a war when the Band of 7 attacked, but Inuyasha managed to keep them back and peace remained. Life was happy, and so was the end.

Yes. i realize this is a short chapter, but it's the epilougue, so it doesn't need to be long. I just wrote this all in one go, so it's not the best, but I hope you all get an idea of what I imagined would happen now that everything's been wrapped up. I don't think I forgot anything, but I probably forgot someone or something. If there's anything you guys want explained, I can edit this and repost it, so just tell me.

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