"Hai, Kira! How are you? It has been a long time since we meet, ne?" a 16 years old blond greeted her twin brother. Kira just smiled and hugged her dearly. They haven't meet for 4 years since Cagalli was staying with her adopted family. But now, Cagalli will stay with her real family.

"Yeah, and now, we should go home. Mum is dying to meet you."

Their mum, Via Hibiki was a scientist as same as his late husband, Uleen Hibiki. Uleen died when Cagalli and Kira was 2 years old. Via realized that she can't took care of both af them, so she left Cagalli to a family that she entrusted and left Kira to her cousin, Caridad Yamato. She got Kira back 4 years ago but Cagalli refused to do so that time.

"Cagalli, I've waited for 14 years old to meet you, dear."said Via, cried happily. Cagalli nodded and hugged her mother with tears. Kira also, hugged the 2 of the 3 most important woman in his life. The third one is…

"Lacus!" Kira waved his hand to a pink haired girl. The girl waved back to him with a smile at her cherry lips. She approached Kira.

"Good morning, Kira…So, this is your twin sister that you always talking about?", asked Lacus. Cagalli and Kira nodded in unison.

Wow, she's preety…thought Cagalli.

Lacus smiled at Cagalli. "Hi, your name is Cagalli, am I wrong? Mine is Lacus Clyne but Lacus is fine. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, Lacus."

It is the first day for Cagalli. She will entered Kira's school, Archangel High. She had heard about this school, the best school in the world. And what she heard is about someone with name Athrun Zala, the most popular guy in Archangel High. She wanted to ask Kira last night but she totally forgotten about it since she had to unpacking her things.

"So, Lacus, can I asked you something?", suddenlu Cagalli came out with a question.

Lacus turned her head to Cagalli and nodded. "Sure, what is it?"

"Do you know someone named…"

"Athrun Zala?"

Cagalli wided her eyes. How come Lacus know what she wanted to ask?

"Athrun Zala, isn't it?"asked Lacus, again. Cagalli nodded.

" Why, do you know him, Cagalli?" Kira asked this time.

"No, I heard about him. He's so popular. Do you know him, Kira?"

"Well, you'll see him soon…"

It is 30 more minutes until their class start, so Kira and Lacus decided to introduce Cagalli to the their friends. As they thought, their friends were already waiting for them at their secret place.

"Hi, minna. Sorry we are late." apologized Lacus.

A girl with short brown hair smiled. "No, we're just arrived."

"Today, we have a newcomer. She is Cagalli, my twin." said Kira as Cagalli stepped in.

"Hi, I'm Cagalli Yula Attha. Nice to meet you all."

"Hi, I'm Miriallia Haw. You can call me Milly,"said the earlier girl.

"And I am her boyfriend, Dearka Elsmand." With that, Dearka received a smack at his face. Cagalli looked at them confusely while Kira and Lacus just giggled.

"Don't mind them, Cagalli. They're always like that. By the way, I am Shiho Hafnenfuss. Just call me Shiho." A brown long haired girl said to her.

"Yzak Joule"

"Ah?"asked Cagalli, confusely by looking at the last person there. A silver haired guy.

"I SAID MY NAME IS YZAK JOULE! YOU BETTER DON'T MESS UP WITH ME UNLESS IF YOU LIKE TO BE BEATEN UP!", Yzak shouted. Cagalli just stood still while the others shook their head disapprovely.

"WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING AT ME!"Cagalli shouted back. Yzak just can't hold his temper anymore. No woman ever shouted him, even Shiho never shouted him.

A other hand just held Yzak's hand which is nearly hit Cagalli's head. Cagalli covered her head with her hand and closed her eyes. She opened it after a few second and her amber met a pair of emerald.

"Are you okay?"asked that guy who is the owner of these emerald. Cagalli nodded.

Such a voice he has…and these emerald eyes are…so beautiful…

"Phew, I don't know what happened to my sister if you didn't arrive. Thank you, friend."sighed Kira.

"She is you sister?"

Kira nodded and approached Cagalli who still trembling at the ground. Luckily Yzak had stormed out after not able to hit Cagalli.

"Cagalli, it's okay now. He's gone. Now, say thak you to your saviour."

The blue haired guy put his hand at Cagalli's shoulder, which Cagalli felt very warm. Kira rolled his eyes disapproving.

"It's okay now. You're name is Cagalli, right? Kira told us a lot about you. My name is Athrun Zala. Nice to meet you."

"N-Nice to meet you too. Thanks." said Cagalli. Kira shoved Athrun's hand from Cagalli's shoulder and received a laugh from everyone.

Athrun chuckle and hit Kira's shoulder playfully.

"Hey, don't be too serious, Kira. You acted as I just kissed your sister. I just want to be a gentleman."He said.

"Cagalli is my sister, you can't do what you always do to other girl, Athrun!"

So this is Athrun Zala…

Cagalli entered the same class with the other. Yzak haven't apologized nor talk to her even she sat beside him. Her other partner was Athrun, who was Kira's best buddy.

Their class teacher was Murrue Ramius. She was 26 years old and brown haired. Many student like her because she was kind and consider her students.

"Today, we have a new student, Cagalli Yula Attha or Cagalli Hibiki. Miss Cagalli, which surname do you prefer?"said Murrue.

Cagalli stood up at her place. "I prefer Cagalli Yula Attha, miss."

"So, Miss Attha, please introduce youself."

"Hi, I'm Cagalli Yula Attha. You can call me Cagalli. Nice to meet you all but don't try to mess up with me. My brother is here."Cagalli chuckled.

Murrue raised her eyebrow. There's no one with surname Attha here except Cagalli. How could she had a brother?

"Who is he, Miss Attha?" asked Murrue, curiously. The other student paid attention to Cagalli except Kira, of course.

"He is Kira Yamato." Many mouth wided up. Kira and Cagalli chuckled. They know this will happen someday.

"Stand up, Mr. Yamato. Can you explain it? How could Miss Attha is your sister since your surname is Yamato?" Muurue just don't get it. How could this been?

Kira stood up and looked at Cagalli. "Well, actually…our surname is Hibiki. In our childhood, we lost our dad and our mother can't raised us. So, she left us to two family. Cagalli went to Attha family and I went to Hibiki family. Now, we're living with our real mother."

A lot of 'ohh…' could been heard. Kira and Cagalli smiled to each other. Murrue nodded as she understood now.

"Now, class, give the big claps to our new Miss Attha!"