Hello everyone. It's Mayu!

Time sure has flown, hasn't it? I think I have abandoned this story for a year or so. I'm very sorry about that, and thanks to all who has commented for the last chapter. Well, it was the last chapter but the story doesn't end there. As I promised, I would continue it in a sequel.

So, if you all are still interested of what happened to them after the end of the deal, please read my latest installment, Archangel High Deux . Supports and reviews will be greatly appreciated! ^^

A bit of extract from the first chapter of Archangel High Deux...


Miguel looked up from his deep slumber. "What is it?"

Athrun's back was still turned to Miguel as he spoke since he did not wish to face Miguel. "There has been nothing between me and Cagalli; nothing at all – but I hope you will take good care of her, senpai. She is still my best friend's sister, after all."

"That's what I intended to do, Zala, you don't have to worry."