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Edit 6/12/007: Note: This is not the ending of Raising Kouryuu! As I read the reviews, I'm noticing that many of you are considering this as the real last chapter of RK. The last chapter was the one before it -Chapter 18 which is the real epilogue. This 'Extra Special Epilogue' is in no way part of the real story. I wrote it much like the 'extra' ending in A Dog's Life where Hakkai had the frying pan. The bit that could possible be taken seriously is the one where I clarified that the green thing in Nii's rabbit was the Muten Scripture. I'm glad you enjoyed this little extra, but please understand that RK ended as a tragedy with Sanzo dead and not coming back. There will be no sequel and I do apologize for the confusion.

Extra Special Extra

"Wow, Gojyo. You should have told me that Hakkai over there was such a great cook!" Shouted Dokugakuji as he dove into the fresh pot of mixed vegetables and meats. He was already working on his second helping and was thankful that Hakkai cooked this much all the time just to satisfy the monkey. Gojyo didn't bother to answer his elder brother and simply sipped his broth as quickly as he could so he could get seconds.

"I'm flattered, Mr. Dokugakuji." Hakkai chuckled as he reached for a bit of beef. The visit of Kougaiji and all of his teammates was expected and unexpected at the same time. He was just thankful he had chosen tonight for a shared pot dish so that everyone could eat. Though he wished they could be more prudent next time and call ahead before crashing in their backyard with dragons.

"Please, just call me Dokugaku." The demon laughed in between bites. "'Mr. Dokugakuji' makes me feel old."

"But you are." Gojyo laughed and poked his brother in the side. "How old are you old man? Forty? Fifty?"

"Shut the hell up Gojyo!" Dokugakuji took his revenge by stealing a the meat that Gojyo had just dished out. "I'm 29 you ass!"

Hakkai chuckled in a similar fashion to a certain blonde long-haired Sanzo that he never had the joy of meeting as the ruckus about him started to increase. "Ah yes, of course."

"Hey, Kougaiji!" Goku poked the red head in the side. It was weird sitting at a dinner table with Kougaiji and eatin' like friends and stuff. Goku kinda' liked it. "You sure you guys aren't going to get in trouble for this?"

Kougaiji snorted. Ever since he had told his step mother that Nii was dead she'd lost her mind. They weren't any plans for the resurrection of father dearest any time soon. Hell, even weirder – the moment Nii died and the lab shut down the Minus wave disappeared, too. Kougaiji tried not to linger on those thoughts. "Shut it, monkey. I'm a prince; I can do whatever I want. Lirin! Elbows off the table."

"Sorry big brother." Lirin snickered and tried to sneak a piece of meat out of Yaone's bowl. She snapped a chopstick at her and Lirin pouted at her botched attempt.

"Mind your manners, Lady Lirin. Otherwise it's unbecoming of a Princess." Yaone took full pleasure in eating her well earned piece of meat. She had fought the boys for it and no one was making her give it up.

"Yes, Yaone."

"Good girl." The only other female at the table smiled and nodded. This was nice. No fighting, no Nii, and that bitch Hwang was locked up in her room. Things couldn't possibly get any better. "Lord Kougaiji, please pass the salt."

Old Man Wang started pounding on his coworker's door around four in the afternoon. Three days was more than enough time to mourn the death of a bastard who made her life miserable. He was not going one more day listening to Gyokumen Koushuu rant on and on about her poor plans and death threats to the already deceased Nii by himself one more day. He was pulling seniority gosh darn it! "Hwang! Open up this damn door and get your ass in the lab right now!"

"Shut it you old coot! I'm busy!"

Wang blinked and stared at the door after the muffled shout. He frowned and picked the lock with his claws. The little tart thought she was something else, huh? "You asked for it!"

"What is it!?" Hwang shouted as the old demon burst into her room. She quickly made a grab for her lab coat before he could see her in her cut off black dress. That was for certain eyes only. Not to mention she had to hide that. "I said that I'm busy!"

"Doing what?" Wang stared at the woman as he entered the room. He made note to ignore the shredded rabbit that littered the mess that was her room. Maybe the women had finally cracked. She was trying to shove on her coat and keep it open wide enough to hide whatever was on the desk. Whatever it was, part of it was hanging off and he could detect a bit of the color green. A very familiar green that he'd seen Lady Koushuu swing around on more than one occasion. "Is that one of the holy scriptures?"

"No!" Hwang covered the precious scroll with both of her hands immediately. She found it in the rabbit that Nii gave to her and it was hers now gosh darn it! All hers! Finally time for Hwang to get some respect! "No, no. It's not."

Wang raised an eye brow. Yes, Hwang had cracked. "Than what is it?"



"That's what I said, isn't it?" Hwang started to discretely, or as best as one could, roll up the scripture again so she could stash it in a drawer. The old man didn't seem to be buying it. Shit.

And he wasn't. "Is that Lady Koushuu's or was there a scripture in this dump of a room hiding somewhere?"

"Oh shut up."

Wang rolled his eyes and sighed. He really couldn't care less what she did with the thing. "I don't really care, just get back to work and don't leave me alone with that bitch you love so much."

"Oh, no worries. I'm getting back to work." Hwang blinked. "And I don't love her!"

And back to work Hwang was going. She'd show them all. She'd figure out the secret that Nii had known about these scriptures and then pull off the resurrection of Gyumaoh all on her own! Then she'd show them who was worthless. It was almost funny. The capable yet butt of every joke Hwang would be their savior. It made her chuckle at the sincere joy she felt from that.

Wang shook his head at the laughing woman as she pet the little scroll and held it to her breast like a lover. Nii liked to leave his mark, that was for sure. Wang decided to go see if there was any tapioca pudding left in the meal hall. He was going to need it.

"I refuse!"

"Come on! Pay up! I clearly won the bet."

"You did no such thing."

"You're such a sore loser."

"Please, just because you can't keep up with the groovy generation and got all bent out of shape…."

"No one says 'groovy' anymore. Your age is showing."

"I'm not that old."

"And I still won the bet."

"Drat, my distraction failed." The blonde, slightly ditzy, elder man crossed his arms and pouted. Though secretly he was enjoying himself. "You won nothing, Ukkoku."

"I so did! I totally over powered your moonlight." The raven-haired ex-doctor smirked. He had missed these conversations so very much. "Darkness of the night won."

"You cheated." Koumyou stuck his nose up in the air. "There's no victory in that."

"That was never discussed when we made this deal."

"I'm not listening!"

"Will the two of you both shut the hell up!"

"Sorry, Merciful Goddess," spoke two voices in tiny unison in response to the echoing shout.

Said hermaphrodite Goddess of Mercy held her head and groaned as she watched her pond of lilies and the world below. The two ex-Sanzo who both somehow made it to the next level of heaven on their most recent lives (Go figure…she'd never understand the bureaucratic process up here.) and had not stopped bickering since they met up. It was enough to drive a woman insane! "Now, I'm going to settle this for the both of you and then I never want to hear another word about an insane bet involving the moon or the night sky ever again."

"Fine with me." The blonde Koumyou nodded cheerfully. The Merciful Goddess was all knowing and would be sure to side with him and his cute little Kouryuu. Sanzo. His name was Sanzo now.

"If we must do it that way." Nii frowned. He had hoped the argument would have killed a bit more time of his eternity in the heavens.

"I decide…"

Two sets of ears listened intently to the final word of the Goddess. Incidentally, Jiroushin was doing his best to find the proper paperwork to sort out the mess with the Journey West that was no longer in progress. He wished his mistress would consider other people's feelings when she let stuff like this happen go unchecked! But we digress, for two Sanzo were eagerly waiting to rub their victory in the other's face.

"That I win. Now go play somewhere else as I'm trying to watch my soaps."

"Well, that was to be expected, wasn't it, Ukkoku?" Koumyou laughed a short chuckle and shoved his hands in his sleeves.

Nii rolled his eyes and reached for a cigarette that he had smuggled from somewhere. Not that'd ever reveal his secret. And he was pretty sure Koumyou had gotten his hands on a pipe from somewhere, too. "Wanna' go play chess?"

And the two men went back to being the best of friends despite their differences and quarrels and played many a game of chess and got drunk together on wine that they smuggled in from the same place they found their smokes. It was good to be a Sanzo. And as far as their relatively unanswered bet - they'd just let Kouryuu/Sanzo tell them who won the bet whenever he decided to finally grace them with his presence. That boy sure knew how to hold a grudge!

Sanzo moaned to himself as he opened his eyes. He hurt like hell and decided the first person he saw was going to get a bullet in their face. Twice. His joints were stiff, he felt like he had a bandage on half of his face (In fact, he could see the white lining from the corner of the uncovered eye so it was a definite yes that half of his face was in a bandage.) and wondered what the hell caused that.

As he realized he was in a lying down position, he pushed himself up onto all fours and shook his hair out before swallowing. He let out a heavy breath and realized that he was rather hot for some reason. As he swayed from the dizziness of moving too quickly, he bumped into something metallic. Looking to the side he saw a golden retriever with violet eyes that smoldered like the sun sporting a pink neckerchief and a bandage covering half of its face.

It was then when Sanzo realized that he was not looking at a dog, but rather a very shiny washing basin with a reflective surface.

"Oh. Hell No." He barked. "Not again!"

Somewhere else, A Sadistic Goddess laughed.