In The Forests Of The Night

Hey there, this is my first lemon fic so I hope it's not too bad. Reviews are always welcome and some "how to make it betters" are ok too. This story has some things that some people may find offensive so if violence bothers you turn away now! You've been warned. I don't own any Inuyasha characters they belong to whoever made them up and turned them into a show. With that said on with the story!

"Stupid Inuyasha!" Kagome growled angrily, clenching her fists together.

It was a beautiful, romantic night tonight, the stars were twinkling happily and the moon was shining brightly above without a cloud in the sky to block its silver rays. There was a gentle breeze blowing through the trees, giving the air enough of a nip to make Kagome shiver slightly. It was the perfect night to cuddle next to Inuyasha, if he was around to cuddle that is.

He had run off into the forest saying that he'd be back later but that had been nearly three hours ago. Kagome had tried to follow him but he was much faster than she was and she lost him early on in the chase. Now she just sat by the campfire they'd built and waited for his return, swearing obscenities about his heritage the entire time.

Soon another hour passed, then another and Kagome's anger continued to rise as time went on, "the second he gets back I'm going to kill him!"

She sighed and lay back on the grass, looking up at the stars above with blank eyes. She loved Inuyasha dearly but there were times that she just wanted to bash him over the head and tonight was one of them. But even though she was angry at him she couldn't help but feel a twinge of worry, he was usually back by now to fill her in on his plans or something but she hadn't seen a hair of him since dusk.

Kagome sighed once more and let her mind wander. She truly did care for him but she always wondered if he cared for her in the same way that she did him. Sure, she knew he cared for her that was obvious in the way he protected her but just how deep did his feelings go for her? Did he see her as a mate, a lover, a sister, or just someone who could help him find the sacred jewel shards? Kagome wanted nothing more than for him to love her; she had spent many a night dreaming of the white-haired, golden eyed hanyu. She often dreamt of holding him close to her and running her hands through his long, silky mane as he purred softly against her chest.

Kagome closed her eyes and imagined that Inuyasha was lying next to her stroking her face and neck lightly with his knuckles. In her mind he leaned down and placed a tender yet passionate kiss to her mouth as his hand drifted down to her waist…

Her daydream was cut short when she heard a twig snap somewhere behind her. She gasped and grabbed her bow and arrow, ready to fire at whatever may come her way. She looked around with cautious eyes until she saw a rabbit run in front of her before it darted off into the bushes. Kagome set down her bow and sighed in relief, "I need a drink."

She made her way to the small creek that was a short walk from the camp-sight and knelt next to it, cupping her hands in the cool water before bring them to her lips. Kagome looked up at the moon again and felt a small bit of sweat running down her neck, she wiped it away and groaned, "Darn it!"

She began to splash some water onto her face and neck to calm her nerves, she always got a little jumpy when Inuyasha wasn't around and the fact that she had been daydreaming about the handsome hanyu didn't help matters. She would always become flustered and nervous after daydreaming, she often wondered why she did it but whenever Inuyasha sat next to her or let her ride on his back she couldn't help but imagine what it might be like to feel his hands on her body, caressing her and making her feel wanted.

Kagome felt her flush returning and unbuttoned her shirt a little to splash some water on her chest, shivering slightly as the chilly liquid hit her heated skin. It was a strange combination of relief and something else, the water both soothed her and made her more alert for some reason instead of calming her as it was meant to. She continued to cool herself off, unbuttoning her shirt a little more to release some of the heat that had become trapped beneath the fabric, unaware of the two golden eyes that watched her from the safety of the nearby trees.

Sesshomaru had decided to go for a walk after he tried to fall asleep but failed miserably at it. It was mating season and he was becoming increasingly more aware of the urges that threatened to overtake him as he traveled with his companions. He hated mating season, not only did he lose a great deal of his control he also couldn't sleep unless he found some type of relief from the fire that continually grew in the pit of his stomach.

That day had been particularly difficult for him, normally he was by himself when mating season came around so he didn't have to worry about anyone else but now he had Jaken and Rin to keep out of trouble. On top of that the little human he had grown to love was starting to develop certain parts of her female anatomy that made her attractive. She was becoming taller and slimmer, her curves starting to show through now that she was a teenager but what drove him insane was her sweet scent. Every time the wind blew by it carried her scent to him and it was everything he could do to keep himself under control and not tackle the girl and take her right then and there.

That night he had tried to sleep but the constant breeze kept reminding him of the sweet, innocent little creature sleeping just a few feet away from him. For a moment he had thought about taking her somewhere and having his way with her but somehow he managed to stop himself from doing so and decided to walk off some of the extra energy instead. He desperately wanted Rin, he had since she came of age but she was still far too young to accommodate his sexual needs just yet. If he took her now it would most likely harm her and he cared for her too much to hurt her, so he would have to wait to fulfill that desire until she was older and ready.

He paused to sniff the air and found a familiar scent lingering in the wind. It was Inuyasha's scent which meant that he was probably off somewhere nearby fooling around. Sesshomaru ignored his brother's presence and continued on his walk but as he neared the creek his nose picked up another scent, a human scent. He stopped behind a tree and looked out to see who it was, his eyes going wide slightly as he came upon a peculiar scene. Kneeling next to the swiftly moving water was Inuyasha's traveling companion… what was her name? Oh yes, Kagome was her name, he'd heard his half-brother call out to her enough times during battle to figure out who she was.

What surprised him was how she was acting, she was splashing water on herself as if trying to cool off but the night was already chilly so he couldn't figure out why she would be doing this. Then she began to unbutton her shirt, revealing some of her smooth, pale skin that lay beneath the thin material. He looked closer and saw that her skin had a slight flush to it and he could smell a small bit of sweat on the girl. Sesshomaru was slightly amazed at the sight before him, he had never really seen the girl face to face before but now that he was up close he could see that Kagome was actually quite beautiful. Her dark hair framed her delicate face and spilled over her shoulders like a black river, making a nice contrast against her pale white flesh.

Sesshomaru felt a familiar feeling growing within him and an idea suddenly popped into his mind. Since he couldn't have Rin he would have to find someone else to fulfill his desires and he had just found that someone. He sniffed the air once more and found no trace of Inuyasha, happy to know that there wouldn't be any unwanted interruptions. He looked back to Kagome and a slight smile graced his lips, "Inuyasha's not here to protect you now. This night you belong to me, human."

Kagome had finally gotten the hot feeling to leave her and she stood up to button her shirt once more. After she was finished she went back to camp and laid back down on the grass, deciding to get some sleep while she could. She closed her eyes and cleared her mind, not wanting to have to return to the creek again and it didn't take long for her to start dozing off. Just as sleep was about to claim her she felt a large hand moving some hair out of her face but she guessed it to be Inuyasha and simply ignored the act. He had played with her hair several times in the past when she was asleep so it didn't bother her.

The hand then moved down to her neck and she leaned into the touch, enjoying the feeling of his fingertips against her skin. Moments later his hand left her neck to rest beside of her head then she felt a body rest lightly over her chest as a pair of warm lips pressed firmly into hers. Kagome sighed into him and returned the kiss, feeling her heart jump with joy as he responded to her. She raised her hand to let it rest on the side of his face, enjoying the feeling of his smooth skin against her palm. Her hand slid down to rest on his shoulders and her fingers came into contact with something hard and cold, like metal. She curiously traced the object and found it to be some type of armor then confusion overtook her curiosity, "When did Inuyasha get armor?"

Kagome had stopped responding to his kiss when she discovered the armor and this made him angry, he growled softly and bit her lip just enough to get her attention but not draw blood. She cried out and pulled away from him, "Inuyasha! What are you doing, that hurt!"

Kagome looked up at her lover and gasped in shock, for the face she saw above her wasn't Inuyasha's but the one person she never expected to see, "S… Sesshomaru!"

He smirked slightly, "you were expecting Inuyasha? Sorry but my half-breed brother isn't here tonight, just me."

"W… what do you want?"

Sesshomaru chuckled and leaned down close to her, his deep silken voice reaching her ears as he whispered, "isn't that obvious? I want you, girl."

Sesshomaru closed the gap between them and kissed her fiercely, trying to force his way into her mouth with his hot, wet tongue. Kagome fought him and tried to push him away but he was too heavy to move. Out of desperation she bit down hard on his lip, causing him to pull away from her with a snarl. Kagome used the split second distraction to push him away and got up, running into the woods as fast as her legs could carry her.

Sesshomaru watched her fleeing form with amused eyes as she disappeared behind the trees then he felt his demonic instincts kick in as he picked up her scent once more, "So you want to play huh? That's fine by me."

Kagome ran almost blindly through the forest, trying to make her way to a cave that Inuyasha had shown her earlier. After what seemed like an eternity later the cave finally came into view and she ran inside, heading to the back where a small room was hidden behind a wall of cloth. She ran inside the room and tried to catch her breath as she looked around. The room was small but comfortable, there was a small bed and a pit for a fire, in the roof of the cave was a large hole where the moonlight shone down into the room, giving it a mysterious yet beautiful silver glow. She could see clearly in the moonlight and was relieved to find that Sesshomaru hadn't followed her.

She didn't know what was going on but she hoped she didn't have to find out, she just had to wait in this cave until morning then she could go find Inuyasha and put this whole night behind her. Kagome sighed and took a step back to lean against the wall to rest but instead of feeling the cool stone against her back she felt a warm body. She screamed and jumped back, her eyes going wide with fear at the man she saw before her as he chuckled darkly, "going somewhere human?"

Kagome tried to run but Sesshomaru was next to her in a second, holding her arm in an iron grip as he pulled her against him. She struggled to get away from the demon lord but he was far too strong and she knew that he wasn't even trying to hold her and that fact frightened her beyond any reason. She tried stomping his foot but he simply looked at her as if she had tapped him, "it's no use trying to get away from this Sesshomaru, anywhere you go I will find you, your scent is strong with fear and that is very easy for me to detect."

"Let me go!" she screamed as she pounded her fists into his chest.

"No, you are mine tonight girl."

Sesshomaru leaned down and crushed his mouth to hers, biting and licking at her lips to try and gain entrance but Kagome's instincts kicked in and she brought her knee up into his groin as hard as she could. He groaned in pain and let her go as the air was forced out of his lungs. Kagome ran to the entrance but was stopped before she could even put her foot outside the cloth when a strong hand grabbed her wrist and jerked her back. She was spun around with dizzying speed and found herself lying on her back on the small bed. Before she could move to get away Sesshomaru was on top of her, pinning her wrists down above her head while he straddled her hips and sat on her flailing knees to prevent her from hitting him again.

In the back of her mind Kagome realized that Sesshomaru had her wrists pinned with two hands instead of one and she silently wondered where he'd gotten the other arm as she struggled against him.

Sesshomaru growled in his throat as his eyes tinted red with anger, causing Kagome to freeze in fear as he snarled and bared his wickedly sharp fangs to her, "don't do that again human or you will regret it understand?"

She nodded and turned her head away when Sesshomaru leaned down to try and claim her lips once more, struggling against the much larger demon the best she could. He shook his head at her, "stop your struggles girl you can't get away from me."

Kagome felt tears spring to her eyes as he leaned down to place heated kisses along her throat, "stop… let me go, Sesshomaru…" she whimpered.

Sesshomaru didn't answer instead he started nipping at the nape of her neck, earning a soft moan from the young miko as she tried to squirm away from his questing mouth. It felt strange to her, the feeling of his tongue and fangs against her throat felt so good but at the same time it disgusted her. The demon lord pulled back to gaze down at her and smiled at the fire that burned within her deep brown eyes, "are you going to stop fighting this Sesshomaru now?"

Kagome growled softly and tried to bite him getting a chuckle from the silver haired demon, "your choice human."

Sesshomaru moved her hands farther above her head to hold them in one strong hand as his free hand ventured down her throat to her breast, cupping the mound through her shirt and squeezing lightly. Kagome gasped as she felt his hands on her, wiggling to try and get away from those hands but what she didn't realize was that the more she struggled the more she rubbed against his hardening member, sending shivers of pleasure running through him as he held her still. His mouth ventured down to her collar bone where he place light kisses to her heated skin but this time he didn't hear anything from the small human beneath him.

He looked up at her and saw that she was biting her lip to keep silent, apparently figuring out that he enjoyed her reactions to his touch. He tried suckling on her nape again but only received a shiver from her as she managed to keep herself from whimpering or moaning. Sesshomaru felt a slight tinge of anger at her defiance but amusement at the same time, she had a strong will that he had to give her but he wasn't going to stand for silence from his lover. Once more his mouth found the junction of her neck and shoulder and bit down hard with his fangs, earning himself a cry of pain from Kagome as she started struggling against him once more, "Ow! Stop Sesshomaru… you're hurting me!"

"I wouldn't have to hurt you if you would simply cooperate with me… Kagome was it?"

"I don't want to cooperate with you!"

"So be it then, this will continue until you do."

Without another word Sesshomaru used his claws to cut away her clothing and Kagome was relieved when he paused to look at her undergarments; she was glad she'd worn them today. But instead of searching for the clasp of her bra he simply cut through it with his claw and removed the shredded fabric from her body, leaving her open to his hungry gaze. His hand came up to cup her breast once more, his thumb and forefinger toying with her nipple until it became taut.

Kagome felt tears spring to her eyes again as his ministrations continued, "This isn't right… this isn't Inuyasha!" she thought miserably as her struggles ceased.

Against her will she began to sob softly as she pleaded with her captor, "please stop Sesshomaru… please let me go… I… I don't want you…"

Sesshomaru halted his attentions and looked down at her, his golden eyes holding a hidden emotion she had never seen before. He searched her face and for the first time that night he felt a slight twinge of guilt as he watched the silver tears stream down her beautiful face. All of the sudden he felt the urge to comfort the girl and he looked down at the bite on her neck, wincing mentally at the blood there. Kagome continued to whimper softly as he leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips, "don't cry Kagome, if you listen to me you will like this."

"No… you're not Inuyasha… I don't want you…"

"True I'm not Inuyasha but I'm the one here with you now, where is he?"

Kagome didn't answer him and he took that as a sign to continue, "that half-breed brother of mine has never touched you like this, has he Kagome?"

"None of your business!"

Sesshomaru smiled when he saw a bit of the fire return to her eyes and he rested his forehead on hers, "if you would simply stop resisting this Sesshomaru and let him touch you it would be more pleasurable for both of us. Despite what you believe I really don't want to hurt you."

"Could've fooled me."

Sesshomaru leaned into her and began to lap at the blood on her neck, getting a pleasant shiver from her as he released her hands. He sat up and took Kagome with him, changing their position to where she was straddling his lap. His hands moved to find her wrists once more and manipulated them behind her back where he held them with a clawed hand as the other reached up to ball her hair in his fist. He pulled her head back to reveal her throat to him and he licked along the pale column, enjoying the soft coo Kagome let slip past her lips.

Kagome tried wiggling a bit to get away but for some reason her body didn't really want to move anymore, his touch felt wonderful but it wasn't her love and she didn't want it… did she? She sat still for a moment and paid attention to his mouth, finding that she enjoyed the feeling of his fangs grazing lightly against her skin before he suckled on the bite to soothe it. He found a particularly sensitive tangle of nerves just below her ear and she moaned, unconsciously arching into him and he smirked, keeping his mouth to that spot as his tongue and teeth assaulted her delicate flesh.

"Let me go… please stop…" she asked one last time, the last of her fighting spirit leaving her as she realized that he wasn't going to let her go.

Sesshomaru stopped the attack on her neck and he gazed into her tear filled eyes for a moment before he released her hair and moved his hand to her face. Kagome gasped and turned away, fearful he was going to strike her but instead of feeling the sharp sting of his hand she felt his palm rest on her cheek, his thumb lightly stroking her, "This Sesshomaru is not going to hurt you. Just relax and you will enjoy this."

"But… you're not my Inuyasha…"

"No, but I will prove to you that I am better than that half-breed if you'll allow me."

Kagome finally gave into him and he let her lean into his body, allowing her to lay her head on his shoulder and cry softly into his haori. He ran his claws lightly down her back, careful not to draw blood as he nipped at her shoulder. Soon her sobs ceased and he pulled her back to lick her cheeks, wiping away the last few tears with his tongue, "are you ready to accept this Sesshomaru now?"

Kagome nodded slightly and he claimed her lips with his own in a passionate kiss as he gently pushed her back onto the bedding. She didn't resist him this time as his lips danced against hers. She was surprised by the sudden tenderness of his kiss, the last time his lips met hers he was cruel and harsh but now he was soft and careful as if afraid he would hurt her, which didn't seem like Sesshomaru but she wasn't going to complain about it.

Sesshomaru ran the tip of his tongue along her bottom lip and pushed against her mouth, silently asking for entrance inside. Kagome responded this time and parted her lips to let his tongue slip inside and meet with hers. He kissed her greedily as if he were a man dying of hunger, nibbling and suckling on her lower lip and exploring every inch of her sweet cavern until she whimpered into his mouth.

Several minutes later the need for air forced him to pull away from the kiss and he leaned down to place chaste kisses along her jaw down to her shoulder, receiving a sigh from the woman underneath him. Sesshomaru lifted himself from her body and began to remove his clothing, feeling Kagome's curious gaze on him as he disrobed in front of her. Once he was undressed he returned to her, laying his full body weight on the slight human as he placed a kiss to her parted lips. He moved off of her just enough to run his clawed hands up and down her sides, causing her to shiver from the slight touch.

Kagome gasped when she felt his calloused hands glide over her body. They were rougher than Inuyasha's most likely from his many more years of sword practice but she didn't mind them as she had before, she actually enjoyed his touch this time. She reached up and laid her hands against his chest and lightly ran her nails down his front, getting a low growl from the taiyoukai. Startled, Kagome pulled her hands away, afraid she'd done something to upset him but Sesshomaru simply chuckled, "you can touch this Sesshomaru, he doesn't mind."

"But… you growled at me."

He smiled and nipped her shoulder, "because I liked it, you didn't hurt me, you needn't be afraid of this Sesshomaru."

Kagome nodded and put her hands back on his chest, feeling the solid strength of his muscles underneath his flawless, moon colored flesh. Sesshomaru moved his mouth down to her chest, capturing a rosy colored peak between his teeth before suckling on it gently. His hand moved to up her body to cup her other breast, rolling the neglected nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

Kagome gasped and arched upwards into him, feeling a strange heat pooling in the pit of her stomach and between her thighs. Sesshomaru switched his mouth to her other breast and repeated his ministrations until Kagome was moaning and writhing in pleasure beneath him. His mouth trailed down her body to her stomach, tracing his name with his tongue before briefly darting it into her navel. Sesshomaru traveled further down to her legs nipping lightly at her thighs, being careful to avoid her core as he moved back up her body.

Kagome whimpered, "S… Sesshomaru… I feel strange…"

"Where?" he asked as he laid his hand on her stomach, "here?"

She shook her head and his hand moved lower to cup her patch of dark curls, "here?"

"Y… yes…"

Sesshomaru smirked at the expression on her face, a beautiful combination of shock and pleasure and he found that he liked that look on her. He slowly ran his fingers over her womanhood, marveling at the wetness he found there, "well, well, it seems that you are enjoying what this Sesshomaru is doing to you."

Kagome flushed, knowing what he meant but she didn't have time to respond as his hand began to move over her, sending jolts of pleasure coursing through her body. The demon lord moved his hand away from her and gazed down at her lust filled eyes with his blazing golden ones, "part your legs, Kagome."

She silently did as he asked and parted her legs slightly allowing him enough space to place his knee between her thighs, spreading her even wider. His hand returned to her and slowly, being careful of his claw, Sesshomaru slid one of his fingers into her body, causing her to moan at the new sensation. He began to move his finger in and out of her in small circles, teasing her with a sensuously slow rhythm. He continued this until Kagome began to buck her hips against his hand then he inserted another finger into her, stretching her tight passage.

Kagome gasped and arched her back, causing his fingers to go deeper into her. Sesshomaru smirked as Kagome reached up and grabbed the back of his neck, bringing him down to her to kiss him hungrily as he continued to thrust his fingers in and out of her with that slow, sweet, torturous pace. The scent of her arousal spiked and he could tell that she was close to her climax, feeling her walls clamp around his fingers as he began to move his hand faster within her.

Sesshomaru's thumb came up to search for the bud of her pleasure that he knew would drive her over the edge and found it within seconds, rubbing it with rough, short circles. Kagome broke the kiss and cried out, moaning his name as he continued to pleasure her with his skilled fingers. Soon after that she felt a strange feeling build within her that threatened to consume her and she fought against that feeling, unsure of what it was. Sesshomaru chuckled at this and increased his pace, forcing a scream of pleasure from Kagome as her release consumed her being, causing her body to shake violently with the force of her orgasm.

Kagome was in such a daze from the pleasure she just experienced that she didn't really notice when Sesshomaru's fingers left her body. She felt lips brush against her eyelids and she opened her pleasure hazed eyes to look up at the man those lips belonged to. She looked down and realized that Sesshomaru had moved to rest his body between her legs, his member gently brushing against her core as he rested his weight on his strong forearms, "are you ready, Kagome?"

Kagome nodded and Sesshomaru pushed his hips forward, slowly easing himself into her until he reached her maiden barrier. He leaned down and captured her lips in a heated kiss as his hand once again found the jewel of her pleasure, stroking it with his thumb until she was moaning into his mouth. He continued this until he felt her muscles clench around him as her second climax hit her then he thrust forward, breaking her virgin barrier in once swift thrust, burying himself to the hilt in her velvety warmth.

Kagome gasped against his lips as a few tears trickled down her cheeks, feeling the slight pain that breaking her barrier had brought. Sesshomaru groaned from the wonderful sensation of being encased in her tight sheath but forced himself to hold still within her as he let her body adjust to him, not wanting to cause her anymore pain. A few minutes later she started to move against him and he began a slow rhythm, moving in and out of her in short shallow thrusts.

Soon Kagome was raising her hips to meet his thrusts, gasping and whimpering in pleasure as she wrapped her arms around him, "Faster! Sesshomaru… faster!"

Sesshomaru gladly obliged and began to thrust into her fast and harder until they were both moaning and shivering in pleasure. Human nails raked across tough demon skin, demon claws dug into delicate human flesh as their climaxes neared. Sesshomaru paused for only a second as he took her knee in his hand and placed her leg on his shoulder. The new angle caused him to thrust deeper into her, earning cries and coos from the young miko.

"S… Sesshomaru! I'm… I'm going… to… ah! Sesshomaru!"

Kagome screamed his name, her nails digging into his back hard enough to draw blood as the powerful orgasm ripped through her body. When Sesshomaru felt the combination of her walls tightening around him and her nails dragging across his skin he lost it. He growled deep in his chest and thrust into her a few more times before his own release consumed him, slamming into her once more and releasing his seed into her welcoming body.

Moments later the last of their pleasure dissipated into a wonderful, dull throb and Sesshomaru collapsed on top of Kagome, breathing against her ear for a short time until he regained control, "See? That wasn't so bad… was it human?"

Kagome smiled to herself too tired to speak her answer. He whispered something to her but she didn't hear it as the darkness claimed her.

"Kagome! Kagome! Wake up!"

Kagome awoke with a start as she felt someone roughly shaking her shoulder and she shot up to meet a pair of golden eyes, "'bout time you woke up, what time did you go to bed?"

She looked around and realized she was in her room not in the cave in the forest and there was no sign of Sesshomaru. She sighed and smiled at the angry hanyu, "sorry Inuyasha, I guess I was just tired."

"Well get up we gotta go, Miroku and Sango are waitin' for us."

"I'm coming just let me get changed."

Inuyasha nodded and headed to the door but Kagome called out to him and stopped him, "Wait Inuyasha!"

"What?" he asked in his usual arrogant tone, not bothering to turn around and look at her.

"Come here."

"Why should I?" he challenged bravely.

Kagome smiled, "Inuyasha! Come here boy!"

The enchanted beads began to glow softly and Inuyasha jumped over to her, sitting on her bed in front of her before he could stop himself. Once he realized what he was doing he flushed with anger, "why did you do that! Isn't it bad enough that I have to 'sit' for you all the time?"

"I just wanted to tell you something."

"What's that?"

Before he could move Kagome leaned up to him and pressed her lips to his, causing the hot headed young man to gasp before he returned the kiss in full. Kagome pulled away from him and smiled, "I love you, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha flushed ever so slightly and Kagome looked to her bed, a nervous giggle escaping her, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that."

"No you shouldn't have."

Kagome felt her heart sink into her feet at his words; she should've known that he didn't care for her in that way. That's why she had kissed him in the first place, she simply wanted to know after her dream last night, she just had to find out if he loved her as she did him and now she knew he didn't. Her fears vanished when she felt a clawed hand grip her chin, lifting her gaze up to meet tender golden eyes as he whispered gently to her, "I wanted to be the one to kiss you."

Inuyasha pulled her to him and kissed her tenderly on the mouth, getting a contented sigh from the young girl as she kissed him back. The need for air forced them to part several minutes later and he smiled at her, "now come on you stupid girl, we've gotta go."

Kagome silently watched him leave her room then an evil smile curved her lips upwards as she heard him heading down the hall, "sit boy!"

She couldn't help but giggle when she heard him shout and crash to the floor followed shortly by a soft, "damn you, Kagome!"

She laughed and got up to get dressed, the images of her and Sesshomaru flashing through her mind as she slipped her shirt on over her head, "so it was all just a dream? It felt so real… oh well, it's not like it will ever really happen. That's the last time I eat before I go to bed."

Kagome quickly brushed her hair out and started heading out the door but as she tossed her hair over her shoulder something caught her attention. She looked carefully in the mirror at her reflection and gasped in shock, for there on her throat where her neck met her shoulder was a bright red marking that was clearly left by two, sharp demon fangs.

That's all folks! This is a one-shot so don't expect another chapter anytime soon unless you just seriously want me to write one then I may consider making it longer, but as of right now it's a one-shot. I apologize is Sesshomaru is a little OOC, I tried really hard. Any ways, hope you liked it, thanks for reading!