OK, Sesshomaru is probably going to seem REALLY OOC in this chapter and I apologize in advance for it so just bare with me the best you can and try to enjoy the chappie, 'k? That's all for now, read on and see who Kagome's strange visitor is :) (hehe).

Kagome shrieked in terror when she saw the face of a total stranger sitting before her and she quickly jumped out of bed and ran to her desk, grabbing the dagger that was in the top drawer. Sesshomaru had given it to her awhile back so that she could defend herself when he wasn't around and she was so thankful that he had. She looked at the face of the stranger and couldn't help but notice that he was very handsome even with his slightly feminine features. He was tall, near six feet or so and he had exceptionally long ebony hair that fell to his knees like a black river, but what caught her attention for the briefest moment were his deep blue, almost black eyes.

The man took a step towards her and she held the dagger at ready, "Who are you and what do you want here?"

"Kagome don't be afraid it is only me…"

He took another step towards her and she stabbed at him but he easily caught her wrist and spun her around, pinning her back against his muscular chest as he held her arms at her side. The dagger fell to the floor with an undignified clank and Kagome struggled to get away from her captor but the harder she tried the tighter he held her but he never used enough force to actually hurt her. She managed to get one of her hands free and clawed at his arm, hearing his groan of pain as blood began to trickle from the small wounds, "Let me go!"

"Stop fighting me, Kagome…" he asked almost pleadingly.

"No! I don't know you now let go of me!"

Kagome elbowed him in the ribs and heard the air leave his lungs in a breathy groan but surprisingly he held onto her and grabbed her flailing arm in a strong, rough hand, stilling her struggles completely. Kagome began to feel panic build within her gut as she felt his hot breath brushing against her ear as he whispered, "stop fighting me, my sweet little human."

"My sweet little human!" Kagome's eyes widened with surprise, she recognized that name… it was the pet name given to her by…

Kagome slowly turned her head to look back at the man holding her and she carefully searched his face for the longest time. In her mind she placed pointy ears, stripes and white hair on the man and saw… "S… Sesshomaru?"

He smiled, "Yes, it's me, Kagome."

Sesshomaru released his hold on Kagome and smiled down at the confused miko as she turned to face him, "I'm sorry, this Sesshomaru didn't mean to frighten you."

Kagome just stood there staring at him in complete and total shock. This couldn't be Sesshomaru it just couldn't be! This wasn't the demon she'd grown to know and love, this was a human! Even so… she couldn't help but see Sesshomaru somewhere behind that flood of black hair and mesmerizing blue eyes.

Sesshomaru cocked his head to one side and patted her cheek lightly with is hand to get her attention, "Kagome? Are you alright?"

That shook her out of her dazed state and she began to stutter, "W… what happened to you! You… you look like a… like a…"

"Human?" he finished for her.

"Yes! This morning you were the demon lord Sesshomaru but now you're… you're a human! What happened! Did Naraku get to you!"

Sesshomaru shook his head, "No, this Sesshomaru felt badly for hurting you this morning so I… went to this demon priestess and she gave me a potion that would turn this Sesshomaru into a human."

"Why would you want to turn yourself into a human?"

Sesshomaru raised his hand and ran his knuckles over her cheek gently, "Because this way when we make love this Sesshomaru cannot hurt you."

"What do you mean? You didn't hurt me."

Sesshomaru turned his eyes down to look at her stomach and Kagome followed his gaze, remembering what had happened earlier, "Oh that, it's alright you didn't really hurt me you just…"

Sesshomaru cut her off with a light kiss, pulling her against him as he whispered into her hair, "It doesn't matter now I no longer have my claws or fangs so this Sesshomaru has no fear of harming you again. When I am in this form I can touch you and you will be safe."

He leaned down to kiss her but Kagome turned her head away, getting a confused look from Sesshomaru, "What is wrong?"

"I don't really understand why you did this… I mean… I know you don't want to hurt me but what happened this morning was an accident, you didn't mean to do it."

"I didn't even know I'd hurt you until you cried out. I had let my demon side take control of me and I injured you without even knowing it. That's why this Sesshomaru left, he wanted to find a way to protect you and this was the answer he came up with."

"To turn into a human?"

"Yes now you don't have to be afraid of this Sesshomaru."

Before Kagome could move away Sesshomaru kissed her but she quickly pushed him away and took a step back from him. Kagome looked up at him and for the first time she actually saw a look of hurt within his deep blue eyes. She didn't mean to hurt him but she really didn't want him to kiss her as he was now and she had to let him know that, no matter how much it pained her to do it. Kagome took a deep breath to calm her nerves and shook her head at him, "This isn't right."

"What isn't? Are you still frightened of this Sesshomaru even though he is a human?"

"That's what you don't understand, Sesshomaru, I'm not afraid of you! I never have been. If I were afraid of you I wouldn't let you sneak into my room and cuddle up to me at night. If I were afraid of you I wouldn't let you hold me and kiss me."

"But you pushed away from me just now when I kissed you."

"Because you're not my Sesshomaru!"

Sesshomaru's brow rose slightly at that comment, "What do you mean, Kagome? I am still Sesshomaru…"

"No you're not! My Sesshomaru is a demon with white hair, fangs, claws and a cute little crescent moon on his forehead. You're a human!"

"This Sesshomaru may appear to be a human on the outside but I assure you that I am still Sesshomaru."

"Not to me…" Kagome felt tears spring to her eyes as she lunged forward and hugged him around the waist, burying her face into his chest to hide her flushed cheeks, "Sesshomaru… I truly appreciate that you're willing to change for me but I don't want that!"

"I do not understand what is wrong, what did this Sesshomaru do to upset you so?"

"You changed… I know you meant well but… I don't like you this way, I like you much better as a demon."

"But as a demon I can hurt you."

"I don't care! I know you'd never hurt me on purpose… I don't blame you for this morning! Tell me, if I had hurt you would you blame me for it?"

"Of course not but…"

"Sesshomaru… you don't need to change who you are to protect me and make me feel safe. True you have the ability to kill me easily as a demon but I trust you with my life you don't have to change because of one accident."

Sesshomaru let out a frustrated sigh, "Kagome, this Sesshomaru promised to protect you and instead I hurt you, now that I am a human I can keep you safe and make you happy…"

Kagome silenced his next words as she leaned up and placed a kiss to his lips, looking up at him with tear filled brown eyes as she continued, "You don't have to be a human to make me happy, Sesshomaru. You make me happy by just being yourself, I never wanted you to be a human, trust me one human in this relationship is enough."

"This is only temporary Kagome, I will return to my demon form after we make love."

Kagome wiped the tears from her eyes and swallowed the lump in her throat before she asked, "Ok, say that you and I do make love right now and you turn back to normal, what will happen the next time we chose to?"

"Then… this Sesshomaru will find a way to stay a human if that is what you want."

"You mean… you would… become a human for me? But you hate humans how would you ever be able to live with yourself if you became one forever!"

Sesshomaru gave her a small smile and rested his forehead on hers, "This Sesshomaru could learn how to be a human if that is what makes his mate happy. True, I don't care for humans aside from you and Rin but… if it kept you safe then this Sesshomaru would do his best to be human for you."

Kagome's eyes widened at that and she searched his eyes and saw the truth behind his words hidden in that tender, dark gaze. He was serious! He would actually become a human for her…and he had! But this isn't what she wanted, she wanted her Sesshomaru back but how could she convince him that he was fine just as he was?

Kagome took one of his hands in her own and looked at it thoughtfully. His skin had darkened slightly and his hands seemed to be larger without his claws for some reason. These weren't the hands that she had come to trust, these were human hands… she had never minded his claws in the past but she could understand why he was doing this. She had seen him fight in the past and his claws were one of his most dangerous attributes, she had seen him cut numerous demons in two with a single flick of his wrist. Even knowing this fact she still held no fear for the fierce taiyoukai, she knew she was more than safe with him but how could she make him see that?

Her thoughts were cut short when Sesshomaru suddenly curled his fingers around hers, "Does this Sesshomaru's appearance bother you that badly?"

"Yes… you don't look anything like my Sesshomaru anymore…"

"Have I really changed that much?"

"Look in my mirror and you tell me."

Sesshomaru followed her suggestion and went over to her mirror, letting out a small cry of surprise when he saw himself. He hadn't bothered to see what he looked like as a human when he first transformed, he was so determined to get back to Kagome that he didn't really care what he looked like at that particular moment. He had never really cared for his appearance anyway, he always thought himself to be strange looking with his clearly masculine body and feminine face.

His appearance always gave off the false illusion that he was harmless when in fact he was one of the most dangerous demons around. But now that he was a human he looked nothing like he normally would. Gone were his unique stripes and crescent moon and even the pink on his eyelids had vanished. He could see now why Kagome had fought him when he first arrived, he truly didn't look like Sesshomaru anymore. He was now indeed a human… and an ugly one at that. In fact he looked very similar to… to… dare he say it? Now that he was human he looked a lot like…

He turned back to Kagome and gave her a disgusted look, "This Sesshomaru looks like… Inuyasha…" he visibly cringed as he spoke the last word.

Kagome couldn't help but giggle at the expression on his face, "You don't look like Inuyasha, but you do look totally different."

"I am sorry, this Sesshomaru did not realize that he made such an ugly human."

Kagome shook her head and gave him a reassuring smile, "You're not ugly, you're actually a very handsome human I just… like you better as a demon that's all. And answer me something honestly, do you like yourself more as a demon or a human?"

"Well… you…"

"No! For one minute forget me and think about which one you like more and be honest!"

Sesshomaru saw that familiar spark of defiant fire ignite in her eyes and he figured that it would be safer to appease her rather than to anger her, at least while he was in human form. He glanced at himself once more in the mirror and smiled, "This Sesshomaru likes himself better as a demon."

Kagome smiled and decided to rub him the wrong way, "Then that's who I want you to be, an arrogant, selfish, mean demon who enjoys tormenting me."

Sesshomaru's cheeks turned slightly pink with playful anger, "This Sesshomaru is not arrogant."

Kagome crossed her arms at him and he had to chuckle at the 'yeah right' look in her eyes, "I suppose this Sesshomaru is a little arrogant at times."

"Yes but that's why I love you, you're just Sesshomaru."

Kagome went up to him and kissed his cheek, sighing against his shoulder when he put his arms around her tiny waist, "So… when is this spell going to wear off?"

"I should return to my demon form in a couple of hours."

"Well let's rest until then. We'll decide what to do after you turn back to normal, ok?"

Sesshomaru nodded and let her lead him to the bed, she got in first and motioned for him to lay next to her. He slipped under the covers and settled down on his back, allowing Kagome to put her head on his chest to get comfortable, "thank you Sesshomaru."

"For what, Kagome?"

"For thinking of me… but next time you decide to do something like this warn me."

Sesshomaru chuckled and kissed her head, "I will."

A couple of hours later Sesshomaru awoke from a very pleasant dream when he felt a horrible pain rip through his entire body. He groaned and sat up, accidentally waking Kagome as he did so. She turned on her lamp and looked at him worriedly, "What's wrong Sesshomaru?"

"I don't know… this Sesshomaru's body feels like it's on fire!"

Kagome watched with wide eyes as Sesshomaru's body began to change right in front of her. His ebony hair slowly turned to silver, his short fingernails grew long and sharp, his small canines grew into wickedly sharp fangs, the stripes and crescent moon returned to his face and he gave a loud roar of pain before he hunched over and grabbed his stomach.

Kagome put her hand on his shoulder to try and comfort him, "Are you alright, Sesshomaru?"

"Yes… the pain is gone now… I must admit that you humans have very little pain tolerance."

Kagome smiled, "That's how our bodies are but you're back to normal now!"

"I am?"
He turned to look at her and she gave him a brilliant smile, "Yes! I have my Sesshy back!"

Kagome tackled him to the bed and Sesshomaru smirked, "I'm glad you're happy."

"I am, truthfully you kind of terrified me as a human."

Sesshomaru laughed, a real, unforced laugh that came from his heart as he rested his hand on the small of her back, "In truth this Sesshomaru frightened himself."

Kagome giggled and looked down at him, becoming giddily happy when she met bright golden eyes. All of the sudden she had the urge to kiss him and she gave into that temptation, leaning down to press her lips against his. He responded immediately and kissed back, holding her close as the kiss intensified.

Moments later Kagome pulled away and started a trail of butterfly kisses from his chin down to his throat. She slipped her hands inside his haori as she nipped at his nape, hearing his soft chuckle, "What are you up to now, Kagome?"

"We didn't finish what we started earlier and I was hoping we could."

Sesshomaru pulled her away so that he could look at her, his voice soft, "are you sure you still want this Sesshomaru?"

"If I weren't sure I wouldn't be here now would I, Sesshy?"

Sesshomaru felt his hair rise slightly at that name but he smiled all the same, "I suppose you wouldn't."

Kagome leaned down and picked up where she'd left off on his neck and Sesshomaru couldn't help but feel curious as to what she was really up to, "I thought I was supposed to do this to you, Kagome?"

"Well… I wanted to try and please you… if you'll let me."

She raised her head and looked into his impassive golden eyes with her pleading brown ones and he couldn't resist her request, "do as you wish."

Kagome gave him a bright smile and started to remove his haori. He sat up until she could slip the elegant garment off of him then she gently pushed him back down and let her eyes travel over his body. He was perfect. The moonlight that shone through her window gave his pale flesh a luminescent glow, making him seem like he wasn't of this world. He was lean and muscular and she could see the solid wall of strength hidden just underneath that flawless, moon colored flesh.

Kagome suddenly became nervous about being the initiator. She wanted to do this right but didn't know how to go about pleasing him. She was uncertain of how to pleasure a man… did they feel pleasure from the same things that a woman did? Suddenly she remembered what Sesshomaru had done to her in the cave and decided to try and mimic his actions. Kagome moved down to his chest and flicked her tongue tentatively over his nipple, hearing a soft sigh of approval from him as she did so. Feeling braver she continued to suckle on his chest as her hands moved lower, untying the sash that held his hakama in place. Once the knot was undone she tried to pull his pants from his slim waist but he stopped her by catching her wrists.

Sesshomaru was thoroughly enjoying himself as Kagome suckled softly on his neck. Normally he wouldn't even consider being the submissive one but the pleading look within her dark eyes made even his cold demon heart soften, and he couldn't deny her. At first he was unsure about letting her be the dominate one but once her sweet little mouth began to move over his body he decided that he could get used to this. She was careful and uncertain and he could smell her uneasiness as she began. The scent of her nervousness increased slightly when she moved to his chest but he reassured her by letting himself moan softly as she captured his nipple.

Her scent spiked and he could tell that he had just made her very happy by just that little sound of approval and as long as she was happy he would let her do as she wanted… for the time being any ways. When he felt her hands untying his sash he decided to take over, after all he wasn't the only one that needed attention. When he caught her wrists she gave him a confused look but he smiled and flipped them to where he was on top, kissing away the frown that had appeared on her pretty lips, "it's my turn, my sweet little human."

Before Kagome could protest he kissed her fiercely on the lips, muffling the moan that slipped into his mouth. Sesshomaru traced an invisible pattern with his lips from her chin to her ear, nipping gently at the lobe before taking it into his mouth. Kagome whimpered and arched her back, pressing herself into him as his hands ventured down her body.

Sesshomaru searched for the end of her shirt but found that she was wearing an evening dress and followed the sweet curves of her body until he found her thighs. There he found the end of her nightgown and slipped his hands underneath, pushing the thin material up her body until it reached her head. He let go of her ear long enough to pull the shirt from her entirely and tossed it to the floor before returning to his task.

His mouth found the ticklish spot on her neck and he attacked it mercilessly, biting the tender flesh there before suckling on the same spot. Kagome gasped in pleasure and her hands moved to run along the length of his strong back, feeling his muscles ripple underneath her fingertips as he moved around.

Sesshomaru put his full weight on her and they both moaned at the shear pleasure of having full body-to-body contact. Kagome felt something hard pressing against her thigh and she flushed when she realized it was his arousal. A small smile curved her lips, Sesshomaru was as lethal as they came and yet he was being so gentle with her, for some reason it was so… erotic knowing that she held the attention of such a dangerous man.

Her curiosity got the better of her and her hands traveled down the length of his body to the bulge in his hakama. Gingerly she let her fingers brush against his length and smiled at his quick intake of breath. Feeling more confident she let her fingers slip inside his pants and grasped the base of his manhood, marveling at how warm it was to the touch. She had never touched a man before and she thought it would feel weird but it aroused her instead.

Sesshomaru nipped more insistently at her neck and she took that as a sign to continue so she began to move her hand slowly up and down his growing length, smiling when he growled into her shoulder. But before she could explore further Sesshomaru took her wrists and placed them on either side of her head, a mysterious smirk gracing his features as he licked her lips, "don't try to give me pleasure, concentrate on what I am doing to you and keep your hands here. But if I am doing something you don't like just tell me and this Sesshomaru stop, however," he paused to lick her cheek affectionately before continuing, "if I am doing something you like don't hold back on letting me know it."

Kagome nodded and he released her hands, moving down her body until he found her breasts, capturing one of her nipples between his teeth and flicking it with his tongue. Seconds later the little bud became as hard as a pebble and he drew it into his mouth, suckling on it with enough force to make Kagome arch into him. When he was sure he'd done enough to that breast he switched sides and repeated his careful ministrations on the other one.

It didn't take long before Kagome was writhing and moaning beneath him and he glanced up at her and smiled. She started to move her hands towards him but she seemed to realize what she was doing and put them back where he'd placed them. Sessomaru's mouth ventured down to her flat stomach and found the markings left by his claws earlier that morning. He let his tongue glide over the wounds for a moment until they healed then he moved a little lower and nipped lightly at the flesh just above her navel before continuing his journey downwards.

Sesshomaru hooked his thumbs into the band of her underwear and slid them down her legs and off of her body, tossing them on the floor along with her nightgown. He then pulled her knees apart until he was able to nestle himself between her spread legs and kissed her inner thigh softly. Kagome moaned and unconsciously bucked her hips up, unknowingly telling him without words what she wanted. His mouth left her legs and he let his lips hover just above her sensitive entrance, taking in the sweet, intoxicating scent of her arousal, "you smell sweet Kagome, and this Sesshomaru can't help but wonder if you will taste just as sweet."

Kagome's eyes shot open at his words and she tried to close her legs but she couldn't because his body prevented her from doing so, "No… don't Sesshoamru…"

"Why?" he asked simply, glancing up at her with his lust filled gaze.

Kagome flushed, "you don't have to…"

"Yes I do, just hush and relax, you will like this."

Before Kagome could protest Sesshomaru's tongue slipped out and ran along the length of her womanhood, sending her off the bed in pleasure. Sesshomaru took his time and explored her slowly, being careful not to overlook any part of her as he tasted her feminine essence in long, slow licks. Kagome whimpered and tried to close her legs again, what he was doing to her felt so wonderful but there was something wrong about his mouth being on her down there, "S… Sesshomaru… stop…"

"Why, am I hurting you?"

"No but… it's… it's gross…"

Sesshomaru chuckled deep in his throat, "I don't think so. This Sesshomaru actually finds this very arousing."

Kagome gasped when his tongue began to flick repeatedly over the bud just above her opening, sending thousands of jolts of pure, hot pleasure coursing through her entire body. He continued this for several minutes and she could feel her climax nearing and when he slipped his tongue inside of her she thought she would faint from the pure ecstasy she was feeling. But just when she thought she would go over the edge Sesshomaru stopped and moved back up her body to kiss her shoulder, making her whimper from the loss of his mouth.

He smirked and whispered hotly into her neck, "I was right, you are so very sweet, Kagome, in fact this Sesshomaru would like to taste more of you."

After she calmed down from her high his mouth returned to her nether regions and he began his routine again, licking her slowly for a while before gradually speeding up. Soon Kagome felt the familiar pressure of her climax building stronger than before and knew that she wouldn't last long. She felt her body tense as her climax began to overtake her but again just as she was about to reach her peak Sesshomaru stopped. Her body shook uncontrollably from the lack of release, she was so tense and sensitive right now that even the air around her felt like thousands of little needles pricking every inch of her skin.

She was so confused, why did he keep stopping just as she was about to reach her climax? Out of nowhere she suddenly remembered his words from the other night in the forest, "I promise you this, human, this Sesshomaru will make you pay for calling him 'Sesshy'."

All of the sudden Kagome understood why he kept stopping… he was punishing her by bringing her so very close to release and just stopping! Anger welled up within her and she tried to pull away from the taiyoukai but he was quicker than she was and moved up her body to hold her in his strong arms as she tried to push him away, "Sesshomaru… you're a jerk!"

"Why is that, Kagome?"

"You're torturing me!"

A slow, dark smile spread across his lips and he leaned down to kiss her softly on the mouth, "you figured out this Sesshomaru's plan I see."

"Why are you doing this?" she asked almost tearfully.

"I told you that I would make you pay for calling this Sesshomaru 'Sesshy', didn't I, my sweet little human?"

"Yes but… this is being cruel!"

"I will stop… if you tell this Sesshomaru what you want."

Kagome understood what he meant, he wanted her to beg for him to take her but her pride wouldn't allow her to do that, "not in your life!"

Sesshomaru smiled at the defiance in her eyes, oh yes he would definitely enjoy this evening. She wouldn't give up without a fight but neither would he, "We will see, won't we, human?"

Kagome tried to hit him but he caught her wrist and chuckled darkly, "None of that, Kagome, you need to behave if you want this Sesshomaru to be kind to you."

Kagome snarled at him slightly, "What will you do if I don't, tie me up!"

An evil sparkle suddenly came to Sesshomaru's eyes and her own went wide as she realized she'd hit the nail directly on the head, "You wouldn't?" she asked softly.

"I would."

Sesshomaru leaned down and crushed his mouth to hers in a breathtaking kiss, moving her hands above her head as their tongues waged war on one another. Before Kagome knew what was happening Sesshomaru pulled away from her and smirked. She tried to follow him but discovered that she couldn't move. She looked up at her hands and saw Sesshomaru's sash around her wrists, securing them to the bars in her headboard so she couldn't get free, "Sesshomaru! Let me go right now!"

"I can't, this Sesshomaru can't take the risk of you hurting him." He replied in his usual cocky tone as that arrogant smirk of his returned to his lips.

Kagome growled, "You wait, I'll get you for this, SESSHY!"

"Maybe but for right now I have the upper hand, Kagome."

Sesshomaru leaned down to kiss her but she stubbornly clamped her teeth together, denying him access inside. He wasn't the only one who could play dirty and she wasn't going down without a major fight! But deep in the back of her mind she noticed that she was actually quite enjoying this little game and made a mental note to tick him off more often.

Sesshomaru chuckled and pulled back just enough to whisper against her lips, "open your mouth."

Kagome shook her head and Sesshomaru couldn't help but smile at her futile attempt, "you go ahead and continue to be stubborn, but this Sesshomaru will win out in the end."

Kagome quickly stuck her tongue out at him and he tried to capture it but she was faster and managed to escape his questing lips, giggling at the glare he gave her. His annoyance faded away as quickly as it had appeared and he purred deep in his chest as he kissed her throat, "you will give into this Sesshomaru. I am going to pleasure every inch of your beautiful body."

He moved down and took her nipple into his mouth once more, suckling on it until she whimpered and arched into him then he moved to the other one, "I will make you scream my name until you cannot speak."

His mouth trailed lower to her stomach where he swirled his tongue around her navel, enjoying the squirm he evoked from his willing captive, "I will torture you until you can't take anymore and then I will let you have your release, you can be sure of that, my sweet little human."

Sesshomaru's mouth once again found her secret entrance and he blew a hot breath across the jewel that was the center of her pleasure. Kagome gasped and couldn't help but buck her hips up towards his mouth, seeking more contact. Sesshomaru smirked and lowered his lips to her and began to torture her with his skilled mouth. Kagome was writhing underneath him in seconds, moaning and whimpering his name as her pleasure began to escalade once more.

She could feel that familiar warmth beginning to envelope her, but once again Sesshomaru pulled away at the last moment and she couldn't help the tear of frustration that fell down her face as the pain flooded through her. It wasn't actual pain it was more annoying than anything else. Even so, she so desperately wanted release but didn't want to swallow her pride and ask him to finish but she didn't know if she could last another session of this sweet, horrible torture.

When she calmed down a little Sesshomaru once again started to tease her womanhood with his mouth and tongue. This time he carefully slipped two fingers into her tight passage as his tongue flicked repeatedly over her jewel. Kagome thought she would leave this earth, the feelings he was creating within her were absolutely amazing and she didn't want him to stop but she knew he would unless…

She felt the tension within her body beginning to build once again and she knew she couldn't take anymore, "S… Sesshomaru… please… don't stop… please…"

Sesshomaru chuckled and began to work his fingers and mouth faster, causing Kagome to cry out and her breaths to come more quickly. This time he didn't stop and the most powerful orgasm she'd ever felt tore through her, making her body arch up into a graceful bow and her throat to clamp shut as she let out a silent scream of pleasure.

When she finally came back to earth she cracked open her hazy brown eyes and looked down to see Sesshomaru smiling up at her, "again?" he asked softly.

Before Kagome could answer his fingers began to move within her once more. With her body being as sensitive as it was it didn't take long for him to work her up into another frenzy and soon she was crying out his name, begging him to continue. Sesshomaru thrust his fingers into her a few more times as he suckled on the little nub above her opening and sent her over the edge, relishing the soft scream that escaped her throat as her climax consumed her.

Several moments later she finally came back down from her clouds and looked up to see Sesshomaru above her, a gentle smile playing on his lips as he kissed her cheek, "are you still sure about this, Kagome? It's not too late for this Sesshomaru to stop."

Kagome smiled and shook her head, leaning up the best she could to whisper in his pointy ear, "never stop… please make love to me… make me yours, Lord Sesshomaru."

Sesshomaru smiled slightly at her and positioned himself at her entrance, slowly easing himself into her until he was completely enveloped by her wonderful warmth. He stayed still within her until she bucked her hips up, signaling him to continue. Sesshomaru started out with a slow and steady rhythm, being careful not to cause her any pain or discomfort, but when he looked down at her he only saw her face contorted in pleasure not pain.

Soon Kagome was raising her hips to meet his thrusts and whispered against his throat, "S… Sesshomaru… faster…"

Sesshomaru answered her request and began to thrust deeper into her, groaning at the pleasure he felt when her walls clamped around him. It was almost too much for him to bear. Even though he had taken her once before she was still so very tight, she fit him perfectly like a custom made glove. He loved how warm and slick she was, it created the perfect irresistible friction between them and drove him to thrust harder and faster into her welcoming body.

Kagome moaned and gasped as Sesshomaru hit that wonderful spot within her over and over again. She tried to free her hands to touch him but she couldn't find the knot so she gazed up at her lover and asked, "Sesshomaru… please… let me go… I… I want to touch you…"

Sesshomaru didn't pause in his thrusts as he reached above them and grabbed his sash, freeing her in one swift jerk. The second she was free Kagome wrapped her arms around Sesshomaru and put her face into his neck, enjoying the way their sweat-slicked bodies rubbed erotically against one another as they made love. His deep, husky voice broke her train of thought, "Kagome… look at me…" he commanded softly.

Kagome pulled away from his neck and looked up into his flaming gold eyes, seeing the pure unleashed desire within those depths but she could also see the silent love he held for her within that tender gaze. She smiled and kissed his chin lightly before Sesshomaru leaned down and claimed her lips in a passionate kiss. It was no ordinary kiss by far it was hot, fierce, careful, all consuming, it was a kiss that was shared only between two lovers in the moment of pure, true passion.

Sesshomaru's long hair fell around them like a silver curtain, shielding them from the rest of the world as they continued their intimate dance. Soon Kagome felt that wonderful pressure building within her and pulled away from Sesshomaru to breathe as she gazed up at him with loving eyes, "Sess… Sesshomaru…"

"With me… Kagome… come with me…"

Kagome nodded and kissed him once more before her climax took over her senses. She screamed a broken version of her lover's name as he continued to thrust into her a few more times before he too let his release consume him. Sesshomaru thrust into her once more and released his seed into her womb as he leaned down and sunk his fangs into the junction of her neck and shoulder.

Kagome gasped at the slight pain his fangs caused but held still as Sesshomaru's body shook with the last throws of his orgasm. Moments later he collapsed on top of her and they tried to calm their ragged breathing as they held one another. Sesshomaru was the first to recover and he licked at the wound on her neck, sealing it instantly before he moved to kiss Kagome's closed eyelids, "Kagome?"

She slowly opened her eyes and gazed up at him sleepily, "Hmm?" she asked.

"Are you alright? Did this Sesshomaru hurt you?"

"No, it was wonderful."

Sesshomaru smiled and pulled out of her, retrieving the blanket before returning to her and covering them both up as she rested her head against his chest. Kagome traced the marking on her neck thoughtfully and asked, "So does this mean that we're officially mates now?"

"Yes it does and this time the mark will not fade."

She smiled and snuggled against him, enjoying the feeling of his claws running lightly up and down back. She could feel sleep pulling at her but she somehow managed to find the strength to tease him one last time, "Sesshomaru?"


"Promise me something."

"Anything Kagome, what is it?"

Kagome giggled and kissed his chest, looking up into his eyes before she replied, "never turn into a human again."

Sesshomaru laughed and kissed her forehead, "I promise, this Sesshomaru will never turn into a human again."

"Good, oh yeah… I don't mean to be a pain but I've been wondering about something."

"What's that?"

"You remember our first time?"

"Yes, why?"

"Well… I woke up here in my room and I remember going to sleep with you in the cave… how did I get back?"

"I'm not sure, you fell asleep on this Sesshomaru and he went to bed as well and when I awoke you were gone. I assume you came home on your own."

"Oh… I must've been sleepwalking again…" she muttered to herself


"Nothing… don't worry about it, I'm just talking to myself."

Kagome laid her head back on his shoulder and began to drift off to sleep but then she remembered that she'd forgotten to do something, she'd been meaning to do it for awhile but she didn't have the courage to do it until now. She cleared her throat and softly called to her mate, "Sesshomaru?"


Kagome raised her head up and locked eyes with him for the briefest moment before she leaned up and placed a tender, loving kiss to his lips, smiling as she whispered against his mouth, "I love you, Sesshomaru…"


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