Summary - Yuna was most certainly beside herself with grief upon losing the one whom she loved, the one who was her soul mate, her true love, the one she was destined to be with. Did anyone stop and question her inner most feelings that she was hiding behind her display of false smile? Let's take an in depth look into Yuna's heart. Let's go beyond that smile she forces herself to place upon her own face and find out exactly what it is she is experiencing inside.

Casualty of Essence

Life goes on

I am lost in mournful sorrows

of this little thing known as my past.

I call to you, but your voice I do not hear

I look to see your face, but each that meets my eyes is not yours

I search to find you, but I am lost in my own sea of sorrow

I am drowning in this raging sea of sorrow

and no one comes to my rescue

father and farther I am being pulled under

I reach out to grab onto someone, but no one is there

I am losing

I have nothing to gain

should I just let go

just give in and not try anymore

death awaits me inside my mind

the thoughts of losing you are slowly killing me

my inner strength has succumbed to my deprivation

my inner joy destroyed by melancholy

what reason do I have to go on

do I want to face a life without you in it

do I even want what is called my life

I wish you would come home to my heart

then we shall never be apart

I know one day I will see you again

one day I will feel your arms around me again

one day I will hear your laugh and see your smile again

but until that day comes all I have are my memories

memories are nice, but that's all they are

memories are just memories right?

I think so because nothing compares to the real thing