Chapter 5. Katie Tezuka

It is a sunny morning, a fresh new start for lots of people, but that definitely do not include our Ryoma –Sama. It is almost raining harder than ever in his heart, how could she ever reject him.

"Now, students, settle down, we have a new student today, some applause for welcome please."

He did the lousiest clap ever, to say it is clapping hands, which are more like swinging hands instead.

The door slides open he saw the girl from yesterday, something Tezuka. It is already pretty good for him at least to remember someone's last name.

"Konichiwa Minna san. My name is …………"

Ryoma couldn't even be bothered to listen to the introduction of her, he just starred blankly outside the window, looking for something, something he couldn't get his hand on, something he doesn't even have a clue how to handle, suddenly there is something coming into his vision, it is the reflection of her, the new girl.

"Ohayo, is anyone sitting there?"

"Ohayo, no."

She sat there quietly, taking out her books and starred at Ryoma's wrist for a little, she whispers, "hm, you are pretty good at disguising, but I know that you are a leftie, right?"

Ryoma is so surprised, she had never seen him playing and she knows that he is a leftie; he pulls his hat down more so she can't see his surprise.

"And you pull down your hat, because you do not want to show your surprise." She stated.

"You are still mada mada dane, at disguising." She copies his famous saying.




Time passes quickly, it is already lunch, and he took out his racquet and walked to one of those empty half fields.

Pok, pok, pok, pok, pok,

He hit those balls harder than normal, he want to release all his anger on the ball and the walls.

"Excuse me, may I watch you play," someone calls out to him.


"Um, I mean left hand."


"Well, if you don't mind, just move your hand 0.8 cm closer to the net on your racquet, the ball you hit is going to be 1.3 times more stronger."

Ryoma darted a look at her, 'wow, who is that girl, she knows I am a leftie by looking at my hands and just gave me a highly standard advise.' He was thinking about her while trying out her advise. Soon she walked away as an unsolved mystery.