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I will have many elements of stories I read in the last years in here. In fact I have been inspired by all those to try my own.

I am grateful to a lot of authors. Just a few, but never all of them are: Intromit, Kinsfire, Jeconais, Rorschach's Blot and many, many more. I dedicate this one to you all and to JKR. Thank you all for countless hours of tension, heartbreak and joy.

This story is AU, including a different time setting. Here Harry was born 1990.

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Oh, and romance will be H/G maybe with some ……

A whole new perspective

"Cold for a July evening, don't you think?" A voice broke the staring of a skinny boy, about sixteen years old, who sat on the swing, being located on the playground in Little Whinning.

Harry Potter's summer so far had not been what one would call "the best of times". He looked up with some reluctance, his eyes somewhat blurry from several hours of silent sobbing and repressed tears.

A man came into his sights dressed in a blue uniform with a peaked cap. Various badges and what Harry supposed to be decorations sprouted on his jacked.

"Quite so, Sir." Harry in some form of reflex replied.

"Well Sir, I was wondering if you could direct me to Pivet Drive?" the stranger asked.

Harry noticing a definite foreign accent and 'why would someone call him Sir?'

'He is some kind of soldier, not British.' He thought

Harry decided to live on Mad-Eye's motto "constant vigilance" looked like the appropriate approach to this man.

"You see Sir, I have been detached to a nearby base and have been offered a house there, which now I shall take a look at."

As he spoke the man casually looked around, Harry could feel an underlying tension. This man was like some of the large predators he had seen when visiting the zoo.

'More reason to be cautious.' Harry told to himself, slowly getting up from the swing and bringing his hand near his wand.

"Sure thing Sir, I will show you the way." Harry held out his arm in the direction of Pivet Drive and started walking.


Harry meet the new neighbour irregularly in the following two weeks. He always seemed kind and polite towards everybody. Once Harry even overheard Aunt Petunia mentioning something about him.

"Hello young man." Standing in a field uniform in his house's door, the man greeted Harry, walking his way to Mrs. Figg's.

"Good morning, Sir." Harry had learned that this man went great length to be as polite and friendly as possible, and he replayed in kind.

"Would you mind me taking a few minutes of your time?"

Harry stopped and turned to face the soldier. "Of course Sir, how can I help you?"

"I do know you are likely to figure me to be too old for such a thing, but well, you would not know any stores in the area selling role-playing games, would you?"

"Sir, I don't even know what a role-playing game is." Harry shook his head apologetically.

The man's eyes set off in an enthusiastic sparkle, which reminded Harry of Hermione finding a new, very thick book.

"Ever thought about, what would I do if I were Luke Skywalker, facing unfavourable odds? Or wouldn't it be great to be an elf or a wizard or a knight, undertaking adventures, freeing the fair maiden out of the evil King's dungeons? Fighting dragons?"

Harry struggled to suppress a slight panic attack. "Not really, and who is Luke Skywalker?"

A look of playful shock appeared on the man's face. "You never saw a STARWARS movie?"

"I am afraid so, I rarely watch TV."

"Well young man, I do owe you for your help. So, if you will have it, I shall introduce you to the world of fantasy and science-fiction starting tonight."


"I will speak to your parents for permission, ok?"

"Ehm, those not my parents, they died when I was very young. I live with my aunt an uncle."

"Well, your aunt and uncle then. Number four, isn't that were you live?"

'What do I do now?' Harry asked himself. 'It would be great to get out, but they will never allow it.'

Coming to a decision, Harry replied.

"That would be nice. And I do live at number four."

"Cool, I have to be off to duty. See ya tonight, oh, and if you are to bring a friend or two I would be delighted." The man jumped into his car, a four-by-four military type, and drove of, leaving behind Harry, somewhat startled.


Number twelve Grimmauld Place happened to be a quite unusual building. It was unplottable, invisible to muggles, it's interior was extremely dark and gloomy. And it housed the headquarters of 'The Order of the Phoenix' the prime resistance organisation to the darkest of dark wizards of the age.

People were sitting in the kitchen, reporting on events and activities, discussing steps to make the light victorious, or at least trying to do so.

"He has done WHAT?" Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody barked, annoyed.

"He invited Harry and what ever friends to spend the evening with him." Remus Lupin had been on watch, during the conversation and had reported back as he considered this an unusual event.

"Albus, this could be a trap, an attempt to lure Harry away and capture him." Moody had thought the boy would be more suspicious by now.

Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School for witchcraft and wizardry, and owner of even more useless titles stroke his beard in thought.

"What do we know about this man?"

"Nothing up to now. I will meet some people and see about more information."

Never-call-me-by-my-given-name Nymphadora Tonks had grown to like Harry, 'so far as to think of him of some kind of brother' she told herself repeatedly.

"Please do so Nymphadora." Dumbledore stood, still considering whether or not this event could be posing a thread to Harry.

The opening room door gave way to Bill Weasley. "Good day to all of you."

"Welcome William, anything on your watch?" Dumbledore wondered if Harry had figured him being watched.

The red haired man gave a slight and annoyed chuckle. "Harry knows he is being watched."

"How so?" Remus wondered.

"He stopped on his way to his aunt's house and asked me, well his guard, to check if it would be save to go to his appointment tonight. He even asked for company!"


Petunia Dursley was working in the kitchen of four Pivet Drive when the doorbell rang.

Upon answering the door she took sight of a young man in uniform. A soldier, not British the flag on his upper arm displaying black, red and gold horizontal bars.


"Sorry to bother you Mrs. Dursley. I met your nephew some days ago. He was very helpful to me and in order to pay him back I wanted to invite him to my place tonight for a movie, that is if you do not have any objections."

"That boy is nothing but trouble."

The man began to wonder. "I shall keep that in mind, madam."

"You do so. Anything he does I am not responsible for" She turned, walking upstairs.

A minute later Harry appeared. "Good evening Sir. Thanks again for inviting me."

"My pleasure young man, my pleasure."


"Sir?…" Harry started, entering the man's house which was furbished in a definitively non British stile.

Open selves filed with books, small figures of armoured soldiers, fantastic beasts and more lined the walls. Pictures of more magic creatures filled the open spaces. One wall displayed a collection of various swords, daggers as well as several bows and arrows with really vicious looking points.

"Could you please call me something else? You are not my subordinate and I do get this Sir stuff all day long." The man spoke from the kitchen. "What would you like to drink?"

"ehm, Coke please, if you have some."

"Coming up. I am setting some snacks for later. You look around a minute, but beware the blades, some of them have quite an edge."

Harry spend some time looking over the bookshelves, finding some that of the titles even he knew. Like 'The Lord of the Rings' beside an identical cover but in another language. Almost the entire collection sported a big F or SF on it's back, together with the author and title.

Harry peaked through some fairly thin booklets, most of them not in English but containing funny unrealistic pictures of dragons, fairies, goblins and more, when two books caught his eye.

'Those titles could be found at the Hogwarts library' he thought.

'Compendium artium arcanarum' and 'Liber Cantiones et theoretica magicae' printed in gold on the back of the thick books. Harry's fingers stroke the leather cover. 'A wizard?'

"Found them, didn't you?"

Harry jumped back, ready to apologise.

"Those were presents from friends, all rules, spells and texts concerning magic in my favourite game. Nothing one could by in a shop. They copied everything by hand, upgraded it with pictures, printed it and had it bound. One of the greatest gift I ever got."


"As you told me you never saw STARWARS I think to start with that." He placed a disc in the player.

"It is the special edition. Really even greater then the cinema cut, is that the correct word for the movie shown in the cinema?"

"Starwars is ok and I do not know whether the wording is correct." Harry had by now grown more then suspicious to this man. 'Books on magic, dragons, open and friendly to me! This just screams TRAP. Or Dumbledore's doing.'

Within minutes in the film Harry got caught up in the story, whether due to the film being very good or because he had really never been allowed to watch a full movie sitting comfortable on the sofa didn't matter. He took in the story of Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan and Queen Amidala, enjoying himself immensely.