Under protection

Summary :

20 year-old blond hair, blue eyes, slim, Sarah has lots of secrets. Her 25 year-old ex boyfriend Matty, a drug dealer still in love with her, is in trouble when busted by Billie. Billie makes a deal with him... he asks something in return. A new mission for Van & Deaq while Billie stays with Matty… Seems easy... but it's not !

Funny stuff, drug use, romance, … … …

As always... I own nothing... exceptthe charactersI created myself


Author : Maryline

Date : I started writing this story in December 2004

English isn't my first language...


I'm Sarah and I'm 20. I love to party, hang out with my friends… Unfortunately I'm single for the moment but I'm sure I'll find someone soon. My ex boyfriend Matty gave me a credit card when we were together. I'm glad cause I can buy lots of stuff with it. There's lot of money on it. My days are made of shopping, parties and a lot of fun of course. My best friend Anna and I are almost all the time together. We enjoy life as much as we can cause we know it's not going to last forever. One day we'll be old and we'll die…

This morning, Wednesday

I was in the kitchen when my cellphone started ringing. It was Anna telling me that Josh, a small dealer, had been busted and was for sure about to give names. Matty was on his list.

Yesterday. Tuesday, 8:09 a.m at the Candy Store

Van and Deaq were sitting at their usual places at Billie's desk, waiting for her to arrive.

V : I'm wandering what she's doing. She's never late.

D : She might haven't heard her alarm-clock. She's a human you know.

V : Billie ? Late ? Noooooo.

D : Come on hombre, she's been working so hard she can sleep sometimes, don't you think ?

V : Sure but she's never late.

D : It's only 8:10, give her the time to arrive.

V : Okay. Maybe she's not alone.

D (thinking Van's about to speak for ages and won't shut up) : Please God kill me.

V (smiling) : What ? She might be with a guy… or a girl.

Deaq gave him the "what other stupidities are you gonna say next" look.

V : What ? You said she's a human.

D : She wouldn't be late at work for a date.

V : You sure ?

D : Give it up man.

V : Are you trying to say I'm bothering you ?

D : You said it yourself !

V : I can't believe it !

D : Van !

V : What ?

D : You can never stop talking, can you ?

V : What's your problem today ?

D : It's not only today but everyday.

V : Me ?

D : You.

V : What did I do ?

D : You're talking all the time. It's like you always have something to say and I can't even think !

V (angry) : Oh, sorry to disturb your little thinking. Anyway what would you think about ?

D (angry either) : Shut up Van !

V : Don't tell me to shut up, you shut up !

D (getting up) : You know what ? We're gonna settle that with basketball, ok ?

V (getting up) : Okay. What if you win ?

D : If I win I want you to shut up for an entire day except when I ask you a question.

V : What about eating ?

D : Van !

V : What ? I need to eat you know to stay the strong cute man I am.

D : Okay you'll be also allowed to eat but that's all ! And you'll shut up while eating. I want to hear nothing but my voice. So no sound will come out of your mouth for an entire day !

V : Easy.

D : Yeah right, we'll see. You can't even keep your mouth shut for 30 seconds.

V : It's not true.

D : See you're still talking. You can never stop.

V : Am I making you crazy ?

D : Yep.

V : Well, what if I win ?

D : I don't know. What do you want ?

Van thought for a moment and then smiled. Deaq was preparing himself for the worst.

D : What ? Why are you smiling ?

V : If I win I want you to ask Billie if she was with someone at night.

D : You're not serious, are you ?

Van nodded, smiling. Deaq couldn't believe it.

D : Hombre how old are you ?

V : You know how old I am so stop it. And stop looking at me like I'm a kid.

D : But Van, you're a big kid.

V : I'm not.

D : Yes you are.

V : No I'm not. So can we play now ?

Deaq took the ball and was ready to throw it when Van opened his mouth again.

V : I'm not a kid !

D : You really can't shut up, uh !

Van smiled. Deaq and Van didn't see Billie was there listening to them. They threw a few balls and then saw her.

V : Hey Billie, how long have you been there ?

D : Hey Billie.

B (smiling) : Hey guys. Oh I've been there for a few minutes but I didn't want to disturb your important conversation ! I never ask kids to stop to play you know.

D : Billie, it's not …

B : You're like kids but I'm sure you know that.

V : Billie, Deaq has something to ask you.

Billie turned to Deaq to listen to what he had to say. Deaq frowned embarrassed by Van once again.

B (arms crossed) : I'm listening. What did you want to ask Deaq ?

D : Nothing but I think Van does.

Billie turned to Van who stopped smiling.

V : No I don't.

B : Well, then we can begin to work.

Billie walked towards her desk as Van and Deaq were whispering to each other.

V : Why didn't you ask ?

D : Because I don't care. You're the one who wanted to know if she was with a date so why didn't YOU ask ?

V : Yeah but I was gonna win the basketball game so YOU were supposed to ask.

D : I can't believe it ?

V : What ?

D : You know I always win at basketball.

V : It's not true. I won last week, remember ?

D : It was the first time.

V : I'm sure I was gonna beat you today.

D : Shut up Van !

V : You shut up !

Billie was sitting at her desk looking at them.

B : Are we ready to begin ? What's the matter with you today ?

D & V (looking at each other) : Nothing.

B : Great. I feel like working with 2 kids.

D : Van just has a big mouth and he can't stop using it.

B : It's true ! I know that.

V : Hey, remember I'm right here.

B : Deaq did you hear something ?

D : No.

V : Great, ignore me ! Who's acting like kids now, huh ?

B : Come on guys, take a seat.

They sat angry at each other but not for long.

B : Your new mission is easy and you should be done with it by the end of the day. See that man on the screen ? It's one of the Minister's assistants. He's in town today. I want you to be his bodyguards.

V (non enthusiastic): Great !

B : I hope this means you're happy to do that Van ?

V : Sure. It's the best mission ever.

Deaq didn't say anything but he agreed with Van. This mission was going to be boring as hell.

B : It's also your job you know. And I got a surprise for you.

Billie stood up and walked at the end of the Candy Store. She went back a few seconds later with things on hand. Van and Deaq couldn't believe it. She first gave them their police badges.

V : No, you must be kidding, right ? You're not asking us to wear the police uniform ?

D : Please no !

B (smiling) : Yes. You have your badge and you wear the uniform. I hope you didn't eat to much recently and you can still wear it or you'll have to wear new ones.

She pointed at the new ones and they were horrible.

V : It's okay. I didn't eat that much and I'm not hungry at all right now, well not anymore !

D : Me neither.

B : Great. It's time for work now. You go change upstairs and you come back here before leaving.

They went upstairs and got changed. They made fun of each other. The funniest thing was the cap on their head. Once they got changed they went near Billie downstairs. She was waiting with her camera and took pictures as soon as they were in front of her. They didn't have the time to react before she took the pictures. She was smiling and of course they weren't.

B : Well, those uniforms really suit you guys, especially the cap.

V : Is it an obligation to wear the cap ?

B : Sure.

D : I agree with Van for once. The cab is just…

V : It doesn't make us feel good.

B : It's part of the job. You're not paid to be cute all the time, dressed in nice clothes, driving nice expensive cars… and ruining them.

After a pause…

B : Are you scared the girls won't look at you dressed like that, Van ?

He didn't answer but that was what he was thinking about and Deaq was kind of thinking about the same thing. The uniform was okay but the cap wasn't.

B : Do you hear that ?

V & D (trying to hear something) : No.

B : Well, that's normal, the silence of you going away, you're not here anymore.

V : Very funny Billie.

She smiled in return and they left the Candy Store complaining about the way they looked. They talked till they reached the hotel they were going to pick the Minister's assistant at.

V : I can't believe Billie did this to us !

D : Me neither.

The day wasn't too difficult for them. They had to follow the guy and pay attention that nobody was carrying a gun or another weapon and would try to hurt him. During that time Josh had spoken to the police officers and had given Matty's name. Billie was planning on busting him tomorrow evening. When Van and Deaq came back at the Candy Store Billie told them they were off for the rest of the day and tomorrow. They thanked her.

Today, Wednesday, 7:06 p.m

Matty, one of the biggest local drug dealers, was selling his dope to lots of people. He didn't know Billie had been spying on him for the last days. She was working on that case without Van and Deaq because they had been on another case and they were off till the next day. Once Billie saw Matty giving drugs to a teen and taking his money in return she said in the talky "let's go" and the police cars arrived near him. He tried to run but he couldn't as there were police cars everywhere around him. Billie walked towards him, gun on hand, and said "Police, freeze, drop your gun". Matty looked at everything around him and saw he couldn't get out of the situation. His first thought was for Sarah. He knew he couldn't try to see her again if he was busted but being dead would be worse. He dropped his gun. Billie kept pointing hers on him as she walked near him to handcuff him. She then put her gun away and made him sit in one of the police cars.


I was living alone in a nice house Matty offered me last month. We used to live there together but I threw him away when we broke up. He cheated on me so I didn't want to see him again and it was still the case now. I wouldn't want to see that jerk again. He left me the keys and left. I didn't know it would be that easy to have the house for myself but he agreed. Maybe because he had money to have a place on his own. I didn't know and I didn't care. The only thing that had changed now that we were not together anymore was that Anna and I didn't have the dope for free anymore. We were all drug addicts, we always got high together with Matty and some other friends. Now Anna and I had to buy it. But when you have money wasn't a problem. I was waiting for Anna to arrive. She was always coming to my place so we could prepare ourselves to go out together and talk. There was always a party somewhere or we were going to nightclubs. There was always something fun to do or a place to have fun. We had lots of friends everywhere. I heard someone knocking on the door and I opened. It was Anna.

A : Hey Sarah, how you doing ?

Me : Great and you ?

A : Good. Let's hurry to get dressed and ready to party.

Me : Yeah.

We went to my bedroom and then the bathroom where we got dressed and applied make-up to our faces… Then, we found some heroine, got high and had a rest. Then we took some ecstasy before going.

At the Candy Store

Matty was sitting in the examination room and Billie was standing alone in front of him. Her boss was looking and listening from the other room where Matty couldn't see him. Matty was beginning to shake a little bit and sweat. Billie knew why. He'll be in a serious lack of drugs and going through bigger withdrawals within the next 2 hours.

B : So Matty, how's it going ?

M : What do you think ?

B : Okay listen to me carefully. You tell me who you're buying your drugs from and you won't go to jail.

Matty couldn't believe it. It was impossible to think she was going to let him leave. The truth was that he never killed anyone, he only sold dope.

M : Are you serious ?

B : Of course.

M : Who gave you my name ?

B : You don't think I'll tell you, do you ?

M : You don't have to, I think it's Josh. He's got a big mouth and can never keep it shut.

Hearing that Billie laughed inside thinking of Deaq saying that about Van.

B : So are you ready to cooperate with me ?

M : I can't tell you who this is.

B : Are you sure of that ? You want to go in jail for 3 or 4 years ? Plus, you don't seem in good conditions right now. I guess you'd rather be anywhere but here.

M : You don't understand !

B : What ? Tell me.

M : I'll be a dead man if I tell you.

B : We'll protect you until we bust that guy. I want to bust that guy can you understand that ?

M : Okay, I'll tell you. But I want you to do something for me first.

B : Don't you think avoiding you the jail is enough ?

M : Yes but I won't tell you anything before you do something for me. You really want to bust this guy, don't you ? He's the biggest dealer in town. I know his name and where to find him.

B : Okay, tell me what you want and I'll see what I can do. So what do you want from us ?

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