M : I want you to protect Sarah.

B : Who's Sarah ?

M : She's my ex-girlfriend. We broke up last month. I really loved her and I still do. I don't want her to be in danger. It's really important. I won't tell you anything until I'm sure she's under your protection.

B (of course thinking of Van & Deaq) : Okay. I can have two guys looking after her.

M : When ?

B : Now. I can call them right now and explain them the situation. But first I have to know where she is. Tell me more about her.

M : Okay. It's the evening and she loves to party. She and her best friend Anna usually go out.

B : In what kind of places do they go ?

M : Nightclubs, parties organized by friends, bars… a bit of everything.

B : How old is she ?

M : 20

B : What does she look like ?

M : Blond hair, blue eyes, very slim, really pretty, she's the most beautiful girl on earth.

B : Okay. Why do you think she could be in danger ?

M : Cause the guys I work for know about her, saw us together, and know how important she is to me.

B : Okay, I get the picture. Look, I'm going to call my officers right now and you think about what you could tell me next about the big dealer I'm trying to bust… I'll be back in a minute.

Billie was ready to leave when she asked Matty a last question.

B : I don't understand if she's so important to you then why aren't you dating her anymore, why is she your EX-girlfriend ?

M : Long story.

B : Okay, it's none of my business anyway. Is there anything else I should know about her ?

M (lying) : No.

Of course there were other things but Matty didn't want to ruin Sarah's life by telling a cop too much about her.

B : Where does she live ?

M : I don't know.

B : You love her to death but you don't know where she lives ?

M : Um… She doesn't want to see me again or even hear about me so she left and I don't know where.

B : Okay.

Matty of course knew she was still living at the same place. But if the cops were coming in there and find drugs or other things like that they would bust her and that's the last thing he wanted.

B : Do you have a picture of her so my guys can see who they have to look for and protect ?

M : Sorry. I burnt everything for her protection. That way others can't find anything about her when they search me or spy on me.

B : How are my guys supposed to find her ?

M : I told you what she looks like. She's the most beautiful blond girl in the world so unless your guys are queers they can't miss her.

B : Okay, I think they'll be okay.

M : I hope so otherwise I won't tell you anything.

Billie nodded and left the room. Another cop was staying with Matty. Billie went at her desk to call Van and Deaq. At their respective place Van was looking at himself in the mirror and Deaq was watching tv. Both of them never knew how to enjoy a day off. They didn't want to be together cause being together almost 7 days a week was a lot, and enough for them, but once they weren't working and not together they didn't know what to do. Van was smiling seeing how cute he was. Deaq was changing the tv station every second searching for something interesting to watch. They were both happy when Billie called to ask their help but they didn't want to show it. They were at the candy store 30 minutes after Billie's phone call.

V : What's up Billie ? Do you realize it was our free day ?

B (smiling) : Yeah, I'm really sorry. I'm sure you both were doing something really exciting.

D : So what's up ?

B : Are you in a bad mood Deaq ?

V : Yeah you seem…

D : I seem what ?

V : Okay. I didn't say anything. You had a bad night ? No date ?

D (thinking that Van won't keep his mouth shut) : Please no ! Billie could you please make him shut up.

B : Come on guys this is serious. Josh was busted.

V : Who's that ?

D : A small local dealer.

V : How do you know ?

D : I'm cultivated, unlike you !

V : Hey !

B : Let me finish ! So Josh was busted and he gave me Matty's name. Matty's a bigger dealer in town. I busted Matty this evening and he's in the examination room right now. I wanted to force him to speak and give me the big dealers, the leaders and he asked me a favor first. We made a deal and I told him I could avoid him the jail if he speaks. He agreed but won't speak until we do something for him.

D : Doesn't he think avoiding him to go to jail for a long time is enough ?

B : It's exactly what I told him.

V : What's that favor ?

B : Sarah.

V : Um, such a nice name !

B : Be serious Van !

D : So what is it with this girl ?

B : She's his ex-girlfriend but he still loves her very much and I guess he'd like to be with her again. He asked me to protect her cause those big dealers knew her when they were together and know how important she is to Matty. When he asked for cops to protect her I thought about you guys.

V : It's too nice Billie ! But babysitting isn't really what I had in mind.

D : Don't you think we did enough babysitting for the week ?

B : Wait a sec, I didn't tell you guys what she looks like.

D : Let me guess : 17, small, fat.

V (thought about the same think) : You have a picture of her ?

B : No picture. She's 20, blond hair, blue eyes, very slim.

V (smiling) : It's okay, I don't need to hear more.

D : Yeah she doesn't seem too bad and I guess she'll be mister Van's next victim.

V : What you talking about ?

D : Hombre you can't help falling in love with every girl you meet.

V : It's not true !

B : Let me clear this thing. Your mission isn't to hang out with her and seduce her but to stay in the shadow and look after her.

V : Billie why do you always have to clear things in a sad way. Let me dream !

B : Sorry Van but none of you will have any physical contact with her or even talk to her ! What do you think Matty will think if you date the girl he loves ?

V : Pfff he'll be in jail.

B : Not for sure if he really helps us. Enough jokes. Sarah and her best friend Anna usually go to Nightclubs, parties organized by their friends, bars and places like that. They love to party and have fun.

V : So do I.

D (more seriously) : How are we supposed to find her without a picture ?

B : Matty told me she's the most beautiful girl in the world and if you couldn't find her with you must be gay.

V : Sure we can find this cute girl !

B : Enough talking for now. Time for work ! You go and find her.

Van and Deaq left the Candy Store and Billie came back in the examination room with Matty. Anna and I were now ready to go. There was a party organized by some friends of ours and Matty's. I was wearing a small skirt with a nice low-cut blouse with long sleeves.

Van and Deaq went into some bars and nightclubs but not at the right place. It was kind of hard for them to find a girl without having her picture, which is quite normal. Even if Matty said she was the most beautiful girl on earth there were lots of beautiful girls. They finally came in the right place, a private nightclub. They had to say their girlfriends were already inside to be able to come in. Luckily for them, it worked.

D : We've been searching for an hour and we still haven't found her. Billie will kill us !

V : C'mon. Don't tell me you're already bored of searching a cute blonde !

D : It's not the point. We have to protect her before it's too late and we don't even know where she is.

V : I know. But look at all those ladies. I'm sure one of them is Sarah.

D : Yeah, you already said that in the 10 bars and nightclubs we visited !

V : I know but I have a good feeling with this one.

D : I hope you're right.

They were at the bar looking at all the girls dancing. It wasn't such a hard work for them to look at all the nice girls in small sexy clothes. It was like the paradise. They were being paid to look at them, to eyeball chicks.

V : Man, this place is so nice !

D : I agree with you for once.

V : If this is heaven then I'm ready to die.

D (shrugged) : Yeah me too.

V (pointing at a blonde girl) : Do you think this one is Sarah ?

D : Don't know.

V : How can we know anyway ? We can't even approach her. This is ridiculous !

D : Yeah man this is stupid.

They were drinking a soda while looking at the girls. If they'd been drinking beers or stronger alcohol at all the previous places they'd be drunk by now, that's why they were drinking sodas. A girl approached the bar and stopped near the boys. Van and Deaq looked at her. She was blonde and cute.

The girl : A beer and a Martini, please.

V : Hey, are you Sarah ?

"Nice and discreet" Deaq thought sarcastic.

The girl : Sorry, I'm Natasha.

D : Nice to meet you Natasha. I'm Deaq and this is Van.

V : Do you know a girl named Sarah ?

Natasha : Um, maybe.

D : We're looking for Sarah.

Natasha : Why ?

V : Long story. It's a friend of a friend, well you know.

Natasha : And you don't know who she is ? This is weird. Well I'm sorry this is not me cause I'm sure we could have had fun together.

D : Sorry.

The girl left and Van was kind of sad he couldn't stay with her.

V : Billie said blonde, nice, very slim and cute. Natasha was.

D : You said it ! But try to be more discreet ok. Oh there's another one coming.

They examined her. She ordered a beer at the bar and gave money to a guy next to her. The guy gave her a small bag of white powder in return. Van and Deaq were mad not to be able to do anything to end this. They couldn't bust the guy or their covers would be blown. The girl and the guy left the bar and went sitting.

D : It wasn't her !

V : No she wasn't that slim and Billie said she's very slim.

D : It depends on how you think a very slim girl is.

V : I don't know. There's a girl coming, she's blonde and seems to be very slim. And she's definitely the prettiest one in here.

D : She's too slim like if she hadn't been eating for months. Well, by the way keep your mouth shut cause you're almost slobbering.

V : Don't try to say she's not one of the sexiest girls in here.

D : Sure she is but if she's Sarah don't forget she can't see us.

V (as the girl was coming closer to the bar) : I think it's too late for that !

They tried to move away as discreetly as possible while the girl was reaching the bar and ordered 2 Martinis. Another girl arrived near her. A guy followed. Van couldn't keep his eyes away from the girl.

The guy : Hey girls, how you doing ?

Me : Good and you Steve ?

Steve : Me too.

Anna : I feel great and ready to party.

Steve : If you need anything and you have money for it you know I'll be around !

We nodded smiling. Most of our friends were dealers or junkies, or both, like Steve. Van and Deaq could barely hear what we were saying. Another friend approached us almost running. It was Aaron one of Matty's best friend.

Aaron : I got some bad news guys.

Me : What's that ?

Aaron : Matty's been busted.

Me : F, Josh must have given Matty's name.

Aaron : Don't worry Sarah I'll take care of him as soon as I can.

Anna : Great idea.

Aaron : Well, I gotta go. I have some business to take care of while Matty's not there. See ya later guys.

Van and Deaq now knew who Sarah was and Van seemed happy to have found out.

Me : Anna I can't believe it.

Anna : I thought you didn't love him anymore.

Me : I don't but…

Anna : Oh shit I know what you're thinking… this ain't gonna be as easy without him.

Steve : Don't worry girls, there's enough people who can help.

Me : Yeah but we'll have to pay and we didn't have to pay with Matty.

Steve : You shouldn't have dumped him !

Me : He cheated on me, remember ? He should have thought twice before doing that to me.

Steve : You're right. Well, try to have fun and I'll see you later. I have some other friends to say hi to.

The cops hadn't really heard everything but only parts of words and names, that's it. Anna and I took our drinks and sipped before going to dance.

V : Oh my God, she's gorgeous.

D : And not yours !

V : Don't act like Billie and kill my dreams ! I'm just saying she's really cute and hot, that's it.

D : No Van, what you're saying is that you'll die to dance with her and I'm sure you'd try if I wasn't by your side like a master who keeps an eye on his dog not to jump on all females.

V : What ? You don't know me Deaq. I know what the mission is. I… I really feel something for her.

D : But you don't even know her. I agree to say she's really sexy but she's our mission. We gotta stay here at the bar and look after her to protect her. By the way you feel something for every cute girl !

V : It's not nice to say that ! You know it's not true !

Anna noticed that two hot guys were looking at us. I didn't really notice. She decided to tell me about it.

Anna : Hey Sarah there're two guys looking at you !

Me: Hot guys ?

Anna : Yeah.

Me : Okay tell me where.

Anna pointed the guys and Van and Deaq looked away. I told Anna she was right they were cute. Deaq was mad at Van for looking at me all the time. We danced a bit more before going at the bar once again for another drink.

D : It's your fault if we're discovered !

V : Don't say that. We had to look at her to not loose her.

D : You didn't have to look at her every second !

V : Shut up they're coming.

We didn't stop near them but a few steps away. We ordered other Martinis. While we were talking together a guy put something in my glass. LSD. I didn't notice and neither did Anna. But the cops did. Sure it wasn't a problem for me but the cops didn't know what Anna and I were on.

D : We gotta do something, hombre.

V : We'll be definitely blown after that.

D : We have no choice but find a solution, you know that right ?

V : Yep. Okay you're gonna jostle me so I'll jostle her and the glass will fall.

Deaq doubted it was a good idea but he had nothing better to propose. They came closer to us as I took my glass on hand. I wasn't facing them. I was ready to take a sip when one of the cute guys jostled me. My glass fell on the bar and the alcohol nearly slipped on my clothes. I made a few steps away from the bar and looked at the guys.

Me : Hey pay more attention. Look what you've done.

V : I'm really sorry. My friend jostled me and I hurt you. Tell me your clothes aren't dirty because of me.

I took a better look at my clothes and it was okay.

D : I'm sorry too.

V : Let me offer you and your friend another drink.

A : Okay but tell us who you are first.

D : I'm Deaq and this is Van.

V (smiling to ears) : Nice to meet you.

A : Yeah, same for us. I'm Anna and this is Sarah.

Anna and I nodded. Van was looking at me I was looking at him in return. I was thinking 'Dawn, he's so cute !'

V : So what do you girls want to drink.

Me : Martini for both.

Van and Deaq ordered a beer to seem normal. We drank our drinks together talking about all and nothing and how great this place was.

A : Wanna dance guys ?

D : No thanks. I'd rather not.

Me : Why ?

D (searching for an excuse) : I'm a bad dancer.

Me : We don't care, c'mon it'll be fun.

D : Sorry I don't feel like dancing right now.

A : Okay, Van ?

Sure Van wanted to dance but Deaq gave him a warning look. "Man they already met us so we could dance" what was Van had in mind. Deaq could read what he was thinking.

V : Sorry.

A : Don't tell me you're a bad dancer too.

V : Hell no.

Deaq gave him a warning look again.

A : Then what is it ?

D : He hurt his foot yesterday and the doctor said he can't move it for a while or it could get worse.

A : Okay.

V (giving Deaq an angry look) : Yeah. I hurt myself. You both go dance and we'll be staying here so when you wanna talk to us you know where to find us.

Anna and I nodded and went on the dance area again. I was kind of sad the guys, and especially Van, didn't want to dance with us. Anna told me she liked Deaq a lot but was sad cause he wasn't really looking at her but at me.

During that time Van and Deaq were also talking about us.

V : Hey dude you could have thought about another excuse for me.

D : Sorry it's the first thing that came up to my mind. Hope I didn't make too much bad advertising for you !

V : This isn't funny Deaq. I told you I really like this girl. Don't even try to say I don't even know her cause I…

D : I know Van, you'll get to know her one way or another.

V : Exactly ! Now shut up we have to keep an eye on her.

D : You dare ask me to shut up when you're the one talking all the time ?

V : Yeah.

D : I won't even talk more cause this conversation could last forever.

Van just gave Deaq an angry look but then looked at Sarah and he was all smiling and happy again. Deaq was mad at Van for being interested in her. They were almost arguing.

After a few more dances Anna and I went downstairs to use the restroom.

Coming next... the girls get high... Billie wants some news... Van, Deaq, the girls...