It wasn't about Duncan Kane. Scratch that, begin again. It was about Duncan Kane. Kind of. He was, had been and probably would continue to be someone important to Veronica Mars. First love, first kiss, first heartbreak, first possible incestuous relationship… the list got weirder as it got longer and perhaps that was a good place to stop. So, seeing him with someone else was going to be strange and cause tension and create that weird feeling in her stomach whenever she saw them together. But that was just run of the mill ex-girlfriend reactionary behavior.

The real complication came from the hand that was attached to the arm that connected to the shoulder of the body that belonged to Meg Manning. The metaphorical hand that offered a pat on the back when Meg had told Veronica that she still had friends at Neptune High. The generous hand that extended a chance to get out of the house and go to the Total Eclipse of the Heart dance, rather than spend an evening brooding like some kind of immortally burdened soul. The physical hand that touched all the right places as giggles gave way to heavier breathing on a swanky ten-dollar yard sale waterbed before they'd even left for the dance.

Before Veronica realized it was Duncan who was Meg's mystery admirer, not some vapid jock or overly sentimental drama type.

So, when Meg finally confronted their lack of communication since that night, it seemed easiest to peg it on the social hierarchy. It wasn't a lie. It wasn't in her to just forgive and forget all the cruelty from the last twelve months. She was tired of being treated like she didn't hurt just as much as the rest of them, as if she hadn't loved Lilly as much, if not more than her former friends. She knew how they worked and she didn't expect them to change.

She also didn't expect Meg to sacrifice the 09er buddy list for her.

Veronica was pretty sure that when Meg suggested they start their own social circle, she wasn't implying that they lock themselves in the girl's bathroom that so often served as a makeshift interrogation room. Yet, there they were, the cold tiled wall pressing against Veronica's back, causing a slight shiver on the bare skin where her shirt had been tugged up higher than it should be at this point in the school day. There were those complications just making things more muddled, more hazy, more dizzying than before.

Duncan who?