Ai Shiteru

By Clorinda

Rated: PG

Category: Romance

Summary: A collection of drabbles featuring various canon, and underlined-in-canon ships. Unorthodox ones too.



The door slams behind her, and Miki flings herself on the bed, sinking into the pillows, the letter crumpling in her clutch. Five days.

Outside, it pours. Dully, rain hits the window panes. Her eyes fall closed, letting it soak through her.

Letters were only ink, words, always never real enough. She wished for the feel of his arms around her, his deep, steadying breath.

Pitter patter fell the rain.

Thud, thud went her heart in perfect rhythm; the sky echoes threefold; the tears of uncontained happiness slipping down her cheek. Five days...

And he was finally coming back...

Author's Note: First attempt at KyosukexMiki, so feedback will be really appreciated. (And drabbles too, hope you like them, especially since I got a total of one review/opinion for the Inu Yasha ones.)