Title: Bound

Rating: T

Summary: One night, one horrific ordeal...and one decision: she wanted to be numb.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my original characters.

Author's Notes: This is my first attempt at a new ship. I adore the ship, so I wanted to give it a try! Also, I know this idea has been done many times before, but I wanted to give it a shot and see where I could go with it. I really like writing angst and drama! ;) Hope you guys enjoy it!


Shit, how did I end up here? she thought to herself.She remembered something...a bus. That's right. She got out of the bar after a few drinks and got on the bus to go home. She must've gotten off on the wrong stop, she wondered.

What was she going to do? God-only-knew how long until the next bus arrived, and needed to get home. It was late, and she had heard more than enough stories to be paranoid about what went on at night. And she was alone, so that only made her feel even more edgy and frightened.

She couldn't just call one of her coworkers, what was she going to say? This was her week off, and she was going to call them and ask for a ride to her apartment because she had 'a little too much to drink'? No. They couldn't know she was at a bar, her alcohol problem was gone. At least that was what they had thought, that was what her PEAP counselor had told Grissom.

She felt a shiver run down her spine as she brushed a strand of brown hair out of her eyes. Sara tucked her jacket around herself tighter, looking around for any sign of life. No one was in the distance, not even a parked car. It was if she were the only living being left on the planet. It was starting to make her feel uncomfortable.

A cab. She could call a cab, she thought to herself. Reaching into her pocket for her cell phone, she cursed as she discovered she didn't even have it with her. Well that was just great. She couldn't call for a cab or for a friend to pick her up from this damn place, she was stuck. She was going to have to walk if she wanted to get out of there right this minute.

Sara just sighed, looking around. The place really was deserted. It looked like an area of Vegas she had never been around, it didn't look familiar to her. There was a rusty metal trash-can leaned up against a wall of an old building, absolutely covered in graffiti. There was an empty lot across the street from her, surrounded by a menacing-looking metal gate. Posters were plastered all over the place, probably by people trying to promote themselves on the streets, Sara thought.

And then something else crossed her mind- was it possible no one was here because...this was one of the more dangerous parts of town?

As soon as the thought crossed her mind Sara's heart started to beat faster. Now she really had to get out of there. She didn't hear or see anyone in the distance- not even a cat- but now she was really spooked.

Especially when she heard footsteps behind her.

Sara quickly turned herself around, panicked. The person who had been behind her was a tall man, dressed in baggy black-jeans and an over-sized white tank. He was bald and had a thin mustache going-on-beard that encircled his mouth. His lips were moist as they curled into a sadistic grin, curling over his green teeth. This man was not shy at all. But he didn't have to be, Sara thought, because...there was no one to help her, nowhere to go.

The man took a step closer to Sara and she backed up. She saw a tattoo on his right arm, looking to be a gang symbol. This guy was a gang member, she concluded. She wasn't sure if it could get any worse than this.

"Unlucky bitch," he cackled. His laugh was hoarse and crackily.

"I don't...want any trouble.." Sara cautiously said. She looked around for a weapon. There was a piece of wood next to her. If only she could get it, she could try to hit him to knock him out.

"Who said anything 'bout trouble?" he asked. His voice had that street accent to it, confirming her suspicions about him being part of a street gang. "I'm just gonna have a 'lil fun is all."

Why did she have to have those drinks? Why did she have to get off the bus on the wrong stop? Sara immediately regretted even waking up this morning as she disovered what sort of situation she was in. "...I just want to get home," Sara said quietly, mentally cursing as the fear she felt inside of her was evident in her voice.

The guy just grinned. "I'll take you some place even better," he told her.

Sara quickly threw herself to her left, grabbing the piece of wood she had seen before in the alley next to her. He was close behind, though, and when she made a move to swing it at him he grabbed her arm before it could hit him. His grip was tight and unmerciful; his nails were digging into her skin even through her jacket and her skin was on fire.

Dropping the piece of wood to the ground from the pain his hold on her was causing her, Sara looked up at him in terror. He knew he was going to be able to win this battle, and that was what angered her the most. He knew he was invoking so much terror in her, he knew he was going to win. And the worst part about it...

...was that he was enjoying every second of it.

He slammed her against the alley wall, pushing her body to his. She could feel his erection grinding against her through his jeans. "You're gonna enjoy it," he whispered to her. "Hear me? You're gonna enjoy it," he repeated. Shifting the grip he had on her, he immediately grabbed her other arm to stop her from flailing. He carried her toward the old building she had been standing in front of.

"Let me go!" Sara screamed. She knew it wouldn't matter how much she screamed, it was clear that no one was going to hear her.

Her attacker ignored her, and instead of doing as she asked, kicked the door to the old rotting building and shoved her inside. It was dark, the only light coming into the building was from the stars and the moon. She couldn't see much-- she almost tripped over an old cardboard box and she saw some trash and broken glass in a corner. She was unable to scan the room further as he shoved her onto her back and she landed on an old dirty mattress.

He quickly threw himself against her, slamming her wrists above her head. Her cries for him to stop only spurred him on even more. "Keep talking," he encouraged her. "Make it good for me.." he whispered into her ear, his body straddling her waist as his hands travelled up to the collar of her jacket. Without warning he ripped it open, staring down at her chest through her shirt. Throwing the remains of her jacket off to the side, he slid a hand onto her stomach, roughly kneading the skin.

"Stop it," Sara whispered. "That hurts.."

"I don't give a damn," he hissed, sliding his hand up her shirt. Feeling her bra, he reached into his pocket and removed a pocket knife, sliding it under her shirt. She shuddered as she felt the cold metal against her skin as he slipped it underneath her bra and sliced it in half. The pocket knife seemed to vanish as he ripped her shirt opened like an animal devouring its dinner and she felt him sink a tooth into her breast.

Sara couldn't help it and screamed. Her mouth was covered with his, muffling her cries and finally stopping them altogether as he pushed his tongue into her mouth. He unzipped his pants quickly, moving his hands down to the waistband of her own pants, unbuckling them hastily. He slid them down her legs and she whimpered as his hands brushed against her bare flesh.

Sara looked up at the ceiling. She thought of a cartoon character. She did anything she could for her subconscious to not be present during what she was going to have to endure. She tried to think of the boys at the lab sitting down playing Playstation as Greg whined about his coffee and Catherine and Grissom just rolled their eyes. She tried to think of a puppy, anything to keep her mind away from what was about to happen.

Trying to invision Bugs Bunny eluding the ever-stubborn Elmer Fudd did not keep Sara from feeling the pain of her assailant's forceful entry. He tore into her, first once, and then twice. Each time he entered her sent a new wave of pain throughout her entire body, each same and yet different from the last. His hands were on her shoulders to hold him up and he pushed her down as he ground her into the mattress.

Sara was crying, her cheeks were tear-stained and her hair was matted down. When he was finally finished with her, he got up off of her and reached into one of the cardboard boxes in the building to retrieve something. Sara stared up at him, completely helpless against anything he was going to do.

Grabbing her arms, he slammed them together, one over the other in a criss-cross formation as he held up what he got from the box. It was rope. He wrapped it around her wrists and tied a knot so tight that it ripped her skin. Looking down at her, he leaned down at kissed her cheek before he slammed her head against the cold, hard floor.

And then the world turned black.