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Title: Control

Summary: Between X2 and X3. Bobby cheated on Rogue with her best friend Kitty. She runs away to find a life of her own and, in the process, falls prey to the darker side of the world.

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The tears wouldn't stop. They filled her eyes with a blur that made it difficult for her to see as she clumsily threw clothes into her bag. Her hands were shaking, and she had to physically prevent herself from screaming at the injustice of it all.

Bobby and Kitty.

She had not thought it capable. She had watched them with their inner jokes, their sideway glances and sometimes flirting conversations and she had kept quiet, believing herself to be jealous and foolish for even indulging in such wayward thoughts.

Obviously her naïveté was not as truthful as her instinct.

Flashes of them drifted into her vision. Bobby's exposed chest covering Kitty's barely dressed form-a tumble of cotton sheets hiding their gyrating bodies and the smell. Sweat and the thick intoxication of sex around them. The moans and the gasps, the heated whispers in the dark.

They had probably been doing that behind her back for weeks and she had deceived herself, blinded herself and lowered herself to a pitiful convenience. And to think, the only reason she had found out was because they thought she was gone.

It was customary for the residents of the mansion to go on a three week skiing trip during the holidays. Xavier believed the vacation was necessary for the students to unravel, and most of the mansion, including all of the adults, either went on the vacation trip or visited their families.

There were those who decided to stay from time to time, but that was usually uncommon. Rogue herself loved skiing and the snow. The layers of clothing she wore seemed natural in the forever cold environment.

Bobby had decided not to go. He was going to visit his family like he always did, perhaps try to fix what had happened before during John's rampage. Kitty wasn't going either. The school girl was obsessed with having all her homework and class projects in perfect condition before returning to school.

Or so they led her to believe.

She had returned a week early on account of a knee injury, and behold! To her surprise her suspicions that she had been full of guilt for were confirmed. She didn't know if they had seen her, because she had turned swiftly on her heel and began packing.

It was an epiphany. Everything she wanted thrown in her face! Writhing beneath the sheets! To touch! To feel, just to be able to be close to without the possibility of death. Xavier had promised to help her, but she had found no control in his methodology or his strict rules and ideologies.

She thought she had a family, but she now realized how foolish the idea was. Bobby was not content with a fruitless relationship. The inability to even hug her was probably driving him mad. Kitty had betrayed her. Smiled in her face and lied so profusely.

And Logan. Wolverine had abandoned her, Wolverine had understood the truth of the world, in the end, you're on your own.

"Rogue!" The knock was followed by incessant pulling on the doorknob.

Rogue stared at the door for a moment, her tears dried and her face turned to stone. Anger was mysterious. It burned like a hole in her soul and yet she was calm, in complete control. It gave her control. Something she had never had.

"Rogue, please! Let me explain!" He was pounding on the door, and then it suddenly stopped.

Rogue picked up her suitcase, her mouth in a grim line as she wrenched the door open.

Bobby was standing their wide eyed, his shirt hurriedly tucked into his jeans, his hair in disarray and his face still flushed with perspiration. Kitty was leaning against the wall with her arms wrapped around herself. Her pink blouse was incorrectly buttoned, her belt was missing and she wasn't wearing any shoes.

Rogue noticed with some apathy that her large brown eyes had turned blood red with tears.

"Rogue! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry. What you saw was-"

"Don't talk to me, Drake." She said coolly, though her eyes flashed venom.

"God, Marie it was an accident we-"

Rogue's head snapped towards Kitty's sobs and her limited control snapped. Throwing down her luggage she screamed out the vented frustration she had pulsing within her for years.

"You're sorry? You're fucking sorry?" Rogue screeched.

Kitty flinched; she had never before heard Rogue's voice reach such a tremendously fierce tone. Bobby's eyes were wide with uncertainty.

"Y-you're supposed to be my best friend, Kitty! And you-you sneak behind my back and sleep with my boyfriend? And you're sorry? Y'all bettah be sorry! But it doesn't matter! It doesn't fucking matter!"

"Marie please!" Bobby stepped forward.

Rogue didn't know what came over her. It was not only her own rage but Logan's as well as several others building up within her.

She slapped him with a loud scream.

"Don't you dare call me that! Don't you dare! Ah thought y' cared, Bobby. Y' tol' meh it didn't matter if Ah couldn't touch you. Y' lied, lahke everybody Ah've ever known. My foster parents said they loved meh until they found out what Ah was. Wolverine said he'd stay and protect meh but he never stays. Xavier said he'd help me with m' powers but he can't! And you said you didn't need for meh to touch. And you," Rogue turned towards Kitty with eyes beginning to fill with tears.

"Y' said we were friends. Ah've had enough o' lies." Rogue picked up her suitcase.

Bobby stepped in front of her, his hands lashed out to push her suitcase away.

"Please! Rogue don't do this! It was an accident! Rogue!"

"Y' keep saying that," Rogue began, pushing him out of the way and walking with a redefined purpose, "but Ah don' believe y'. Should've seen the signs. Should've known."

Kitty sobbed and ran forward, both hands wrapped desperately around Rogue's forearm.

"Rogue! I'm so sorry. It was so stupid, please forgive me."

Rogue didn't listen. She was tired of listening. She unhooked the keys of the truck off the wall and threw her stuff in the back seat.

It was time to become her own person.

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