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Chapter Six

Everything Ends in Tragedy


I should never have stayed.

Why the hell did I do that in the first damn place?

Well, you got to learn from your mistakes is what Mystique always says before she goes on a tangent about my inadequacies.

Carla was staring at me with those pretty blue eyes of hers, and Logan, the man I had a crush on and had saved my life on more than one occasion, was staring at me like his daughter had come home….

I mean really, I can fall out of a skyscraper and kick an Immortal's ass-so I should damn well be able to say no.

"Alright. But just for tonight. I have to get going in the morning." I slipped out and simultaneously winced.

I'm an idiot.

Logan smiled and Jubilee squealed joyfully. I winced as she gave me an awkward hug with her face carefully away from mine. In confusion I suddenly realized with great amusement that she thought I would suck her dry if she touched me. I almost laughed at that and the sudden sinking feeling that a lot had changed and they would be expecting someone who had been dead for years.

"Where have you been all this time, Rogue?" Jubilee was ecstatic, chewing on gum as usual and pulling me forward.

"Traveling. Uh-where are you taking meh exactly?" I asked and tried to pry myself from Jubilee's hold.

Logan gave me an apologetic shrug and followed the Professor as I was led almost aggressively upstairs.

"To your room, duh. Anyway-so traveling, huh? That's soo cool. For four years? Did you start when you were in Ireland? When you went to see Taggart? The Professor told us you decided to go searching on your own and-"

"Jube," I stopped her as she opened the door to one of the spare rooms.

Her gloved hand was still on my elbow and she seemed shocked that I could talk when I interrupted her. Geez, she still talked too much.

"Ah need to get some rest before dinner, if y' don't mind, darlin'." I asked.

Jubilee blinked and then nodded emphatically, popping her gum as she continued to talk and slowly close the door simultaneously.

"Oh yeah, sure-pop-I'll see you in two hours, Rogue! I'll tell you - pop- about everything that's happened including all the juicy -pop - details about our new students -pop- and-"

"Thank you, Jubes, bye." I forced the door shut and then, with a sudden thought locked it.

What a day this was becoming.

I sighed and realized I would need to tell Tess that I wouldn't be back until the morning. I also needed to outline my plans to find the shipment in the morning.

Sighing I pulled off my sweater. Underneath was a simple black tank top that showed slight midriff. I turned to the vanity and pulled my hair back from my face. The purple scar was still there, a distant reminder of past deeds. I fastened my hair into a ponytail and pulled out my cell phone.

Rogue? Where are you? Tess stoically answered.

"Hello to you too, Sunshine. Look, somehow the X-men got me stranded at the Institute."

You're at the Institute? How did you-?

"A long story, shugah, and let meh tell ya Ah don't understand half of it mehself. First thing's first though, in the morning Ah'm going to need to speak to the guys pulling the shipments in. They came back today raght?"

Yes. I'll tell them immediately to wait for you.

"Good. Alraght, Tess, Ah'll see y' in the morning unless they got another excuse t' keep me hea'. Bye, Tess."

Tess confirmed, and as usual hung up without what she called the "excess of vocal irrelevance", a simple polite goodbye or show of politeness.

I chuckled and put the phone back in my back pocket.

What a day today would be.

"Yes, what a day, Rogue."

I winced and sighed, not needing to look up to know who it was. The figure, lithe and dressed in a black gown crossed my peripheral sight and I gritted my teeth.

"You're a very strong psyche, Selene." I grounded out and I wished she would become real for just a moment so I could ram her face into the ground.

"You have no idea, Rogue." She snorted and her very real but not there form perused the room, searching with beautiful black eyes into my own green.

"Did you think you could really destroy me, Rogue?" She asked.

I scoffed and drew myself up on the bed, preparing to at least meditate and try to clear the chaos of a deeply damaged brain.

"Ah did destroy you, Selene, you can play whatever games you want but I defeated you."

"Foolish girl, I let you beat me. I wanted to test you. You're greater than you know, do you think I would be defeated that easily? No! I had plans."

"I felt you life energy fade. I felt your death."

"You don't know the extent of my abilities, Rogue." She purred dangerously.

I began to breath in an out, starting the rhythm of meditation. Trying to purge my mind of sound and thought. Listening only to the peace of my inner self-to the-

"I am a powerful psyche because I am a powerful mutant, Rogue. More powerful than you could imagine. But I can reveal my power to you, Rogue. If that's what it takes."

I sank deeper into meditation. One breath, two, three. The psyches clear away. Allow me to stretch my mind slowly…

Selene had plagued me for several months now. After absorbing her, I had only felt her energy but not her presence. This was strange to me, but I did not dwell on it. Instead I rejoiced that I did not feel her presence, one less power mutant to wreak havoc in my mind. But then, several months ago, I began to see her.

She came to me in dreams, in thoughts, and then in person. A fully fleshed person before me; not a transparent figure but a corporeal form that hid its memories and powers from me. She was practically another being living separately in my mind. I felt her but could not touch her powers. It was as if she was really present sometimes-and not just in my mind…

"You can't ignore me, Rogue. You will understand my intentions, soon,"

She disappeared and I sighed.

I didn't need any more complications, not today.



Rogue yawned as a knock woke her.

"Up, kid? Dinner time."

Rogue thanked Wolverine and rolled out of bed, yawning and foregoing her sweater as she pulled open the door. Logan stood there in a wife beater and tight jeans. She could smell his scent-cigar smoke and what smelled like trees in the wind. He was a wild creature, Wolverine, and an extremely appetizing one at that.

"Ah'm not a kid anymore, Logan," She purred and gave him a smirk that screamed Mystique.

Logan looked at her almost aghast and then nodded with a sincere smile.

"No you're not. You're what twenty now? It's been so long, darlin'. I'm just glad you're alright."

"Yes," Rogue almost frowned as she moved forward, placing a hand teasingly on Logan's chest and forcing him to look her in the eyes.

"Are you really glad…Logan…" She purred, something that would have made any other man hers in an instance.

Logan's eyes widened and he stepped back hurriedly frowning.

"Alright, let's go kid." He gave her a half smile.

Rogue let her eyes roam his body and sighed with a slight pout. The man thought of her as a daughter, even while she was staring at him like an appetizer he still couldn't seem to fathom she possessed a certain amount of female sexuality.

"Let's…" She huffed in irritation.

Four years on the road in several different countries-establishing herself as a man-eater as well as the best assassin in Europe and the instance she came back to the Institute she was once again a girl.

She needed a smoke.

"So what happened to the Professor?"

Logan grimaced and didn't say anything for a moment. When he replied it was a thick, broken whisper.


Rogue stopped.

"Jean? Ah meant t' ask y' earlier about that. Ah haven't seen her anywhere. Why is that?"

Wolverine sniffed and started walking, his hands clenched and unclenched.

"I killed her."

"What? You-"

"Yes. Apparently her powers are greater than any of us except the Professor and Magneto knew. She was suffering from a mental illness when Xavier first met her- it's called I think borderline personality disorder or something. Xavier tried to use his powers to help her along time ago, and he also buried her abilities. But a couple of months ago she…" Wolverine stopped and moaned.

"Logan? Logan are you -"

"Graaaagh!" Wolverine unleashed his claws and drove them into the opposite wall. Enraged he turned and sliced through a Romanesque statue.


"I-look, I'm alright. Sorry, darlin'. I don't want to talk about this. She killed a lot of people. Including Summers. I didn't have a choice."

"Scott?" Rogue blinked almost in tears.

It had been four years. A small time truly, but apparently a lifetime for her to become something her former self would have feared, and for the Xmen to have suffered a blow from their own member. Dead. Scott? By the love of his life?

That was a Shakespearean tragedy if she had ever heard one.

"Logan, Ah'm sahwry I wasn' there. Ah could've been there for y'…or helped to stop her…"

"There was nothing you could have done. This talk is over. Come on."

Ah, but you could have helped. You're not so defenseless anymore .Magneto.

Shut up .Rogue.

I'm supposing it bothers you that you weren't here due to selfish reasons of your own .Magneto.

"Go to hell." Rogue hissed under her breath.

Wolverine frowned and looked at her in confusion.


"No, not you, sorry, Ah-"

"Alright, look Gambit this is the last straw." She heard Bobby ahead of them and stopped in her tracks.

"Don' know what y' talkin' 'bout, mon ami. Gambit just be minding hiz business…"

Something in her froze. Deathly quiet listened, ignoring Wolverine who was questioning her.

"I don't know why you think you're so damn high and mighty, but you're not! I'm tired of you pretending like you're a God among insects or something, Gambit!"

That accent. She knew that goddamn accent anywhere!

Enraged Rogue started moving forward towards the voice, Logan followed behind her yelling out her name as she rushed by.

"Mon ami! How dare you accuse me of pretending!"

She had to admit. She wasn't prepared for this even when she knew what she was going to see. Entering the main hall she had not been prepared to see her ex-lover and reason for leaving the X-men with her former enemy-Remy Lebeau.

Remy, as usual, was leaning suave and calmly against the wall. His lean frame was pinched in a tight black shirt and dark blue jeans. His famous trench coat was tossed flippantly over one shoulder. He was gorgeous as ever, the prick. Roguish features accentuated by the prettiest bow shaped lips and seductive red on black eyes and auburn hair, longer than she remembered it, pulled back into a neat ponytail.

Bobby was taller than she remembered, still boyishly handsome except he seemed to be more of a man now than before-a formed square chin and eyes somehow calmer even in their anger. His blue eyes were glinting steel and he was lean, leaner than the Cajun but not without his own collection of sinewy muscles underneath a white shirt and light blue jeans.

Right now the blonde bombshell was particularly enraged.

"Look, Gambit I just want them, back."

"Can't say that Gambit know what y' talkin' 'bout, but if-"

Before he could speak another word she had charged forward. Green eyes half mad with anger her right hand flew out and Remy was levitated some five feet above the ground, sputtering and holding at his neck as he was jostled about in the air uncomfortably.

"Remy LeBeau." Rogue entered the room stoically, taking on the role of the Black Queen. She may have played Marie for a moment, but this, this was business down to the core. The Club had a price on LeBeau's head.

"Ah, mon cher, Remy was wondering…ack…when…ugh….you-would-get here." He choked out.

"So you're the cheeky little bastard that's been stealing my cargo?! You presumptuous fool. I am not one whom you would wish to provoke into enraged action!" Rogue spat and felt herself channeling Magneto's villainy eagerly.

"Non, cher. Wasn't me, but Remy heard y' was the Queen now. The Boss Lady, eh? And Remy heard about the cargo problem in New York. I was hoping you'd swing by." His face was starting to become a shade darker as he flailed helplessly in the air.

"You sure do know how to piss people off, huh, Gambit?" Bobby shook his head and looked and Rogue with a frown.

"Hi, I'm Bobby, have we met before?"

Rogue looked at him and scoffed.

"Yes, Bobby. You cheated on me four years ago."

Bobby's eyes widened.

"Rogue?! Oh, wow, you look…great. I'm sorry about four years ago, I'm a lot older now and not as stupid-"

Rogue's other hand shot out and Bobby was propelled backwards, his mouth suddenly closed and his limbs glued to his body.

"Quiet." She commanded.

"Rogue. I don't like Gumbo either but you put him down before he dies, darling." Logan said cautiously.

"That's the point. I want him to die."

"What the hell did he do? Marie this isn't like you-"

"That's because I AM NOT MARIE!" She spat and glared at Logan cruelly, her eyes flashing yellow and the windows in the room suddenly bursting inwards.


"Come on, mon amour, don't tell me y've fo'gotten ev'ything Remy done fo' y'."

"Oh no I haven't. That's exactly why I'm going to enjoy your death, especially for what you did to Julien."

She dropped him suddenly. Remy fell to the ground almost gracefully, regaining his composure and sucking in air as he stared up at her cheekily.

"You're still gorgeous when you're pissed off, mon amour."

"What is going on in here! Probably Bobby and Gambit as usual-" Jubilee stopped in the doorway and looked around at the fallen glass. Behind her entered Storm and the Professor, both of whom seemed equally shock.

"Alright you two, I think this is too far! Remy!" Storm sighed.

"You think it's always my fault! Remy did not'in' but greet dis hea' cher, and what he get? Screaming and almost choked to death, non?" He coughed and leaned against the wall.

"Bobby!" A slight squeal and a pink clad Kitty Pryde ran into the room kneeling besides the blond in earnest.

"He's not moving! Robert!"

"He'll be fine. He just talks too damn much." Rogue scoffed, her eyes still on Gambit.

"Remy know what y' thinkin' cher and no, didn't do it. And that whole wedding thing not mon fault. Remy not the type."

"You betrayed your own family. You started a war Ah thought Ah had stopped! You almost killed Julien y' damn fool and Belladonna was broken hearted b'caus' o' y', so don't tell me it ain't y' fault Cajun. Ah can't wait t' take y' back t' N'awlins so Marcus can deal wit' y' himself."

"Rogue, what's going on here?" Xavier asked frowning.

"Nothin', Professah. Just got business t' settle with yo' resident Cajun. And how pray tell-did ya get yo'self hea? Who helped you escape sentencing? Goddamn it Remy Ah looked like a fool b'cause of y'!"

Rogue almost screamed. Instead she flicked her wrist and sent Remy flying into the opposite wall.

"Ah should just kill y' here and send a message to the Assassin's."

Kill him and get this over with .Emma.

The presumptuous fool thought he could get away with it and mock you. .Mystique.

Xavier's a fool, he let himself be overcome by Ms. Gray when she could have been used .Magneto.

I told you I could show you my power. The power I hid from you when you tried to kill me. Do you want to see it? Want to see it Rogue? .Selene.

I don't understand what's going on .Logan.

Since when did this-

You should kill him, rip his heart out-

No, we're peaceful we-

So much blood, you muties, I don't under-

How did this happen? I was in Germany one minute and then-


Rogue stopped and shook her head, her right eye twitched and she felt a migraine blind her, crippling her thoughts as the psyches began to pile up.

"Rogue? Rogue what's wrong?" Storm asked.

"Her psyches are going haywire. I'll try to-AGGGHHHH!!" Xavier screamed and started to convulse in his chair.

Storm screamed as well as her mentor's eyes began to roll in his head.



"What the fuck are y' tryin' t' do? Ah killed y' goddamn it, get the fuck ovah it." Rogue spat and felt another wave of energy ripple across her body.

"Rogue, cher, is it y'r powers, amour?" Remy picked her up and held her protectively.

"Rogue? Get your slimy hands off her Cajun."


Rogue felt something in her lurch.

It was a familiar feeling, a feeling she had before when she…absorbed others. But no one was touching her no one was-LURCH!

"Oh my Gahwd." Rogue whispered and felt it pulse through her and out before she could stop it.

The draining feeling pulled around her and she felt Gambit fall away from her as he screamed in pain. Next fell Logan, and then Kitty, and then Storm and then Xavier and suddenly screams filled her mind, screams that multiplied as this tremendous pull pulsated throughout her mind and throughout the Institute searching for sentient beings and pulling….

"AAAAH!!!" Rogue stumbled forward, running as she tried to both leave and stop herself from draining without touching the people in the Institute.

Before her blurred vision she could see a woman there, a woman dressed in black smiling black lipstick. A woman who wasn't a powerful psyche or an illusion.

"Ahh, Rogue, my dear, hello again. Remember me? Selene?"

Rogue screamed as her nose and ears began to bleed and she fell into darkness.


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