This was written for a challenge at Look Over Here

Author: Lady Casper

Rated: PG-13 (adult rated humor)

Disclaimer: Don't own em', wish I could keep em.

Look Over Here

The day started out like any normal day. Wakening up at the rise of the sunshine, a girl would fall out of her bed, muse with her hair and start the day off with a smile. Pulling at the edges of an unmade bed, she quickly fixed the bed spread and whisked away through the house, tidying up everything that could or would be out of order.

Finishing up the house cleaning, she walked down towards the kitchen where she planned to make everyone breakfast, when she found an unusual character standing in front of the stove.

"Kyo-kun, what are you doing here?" She asked coming up from behind him to see what he was trying to make.

The boy flinched and nearly dropped the whole shaker of salt into the batch of eggs. "Nothing, just making something."

"It smells delicious." Tohru waved the aroma towards her nose with her hands and smiled. This made Kyo, the hard ass smile as well.

"It isn't even cooked, goofy." He snorted and started to mix the batter of raw eggs with a fork.

"Yes, but all your food is delicious. I can smell it before it is cooked because I know you make magnificent food. It's all memories." Tohru smiled up at him as he looked at her dumbfounded. Sometimes, you just didn't know what went on in that head of hers and it was obvious Kyo was coming to no breaking new discovery of it either.

"Is it alright if I help out?" Tohru went to grab for the spatula but Kyo grabbed it before she could touch the plastic handle.

"No, this time you go sit down and rest. You work too much sometimes. You'll over exert yourself before you ever get out of high school." Directing the girl to go to the kitchen table and sit down, Kyo turned back to his cooking and poured a bit of cream into the batch then stirred and beat it all together. The room seemed clean enough for her to actually sit down and relax without having to get up for something miss placed and irking on her nerves. So maybe she was a neat freak, but it was something she was quite proud of like Kyo's martial arts, she too had something to look at as accomplishment: Keeping the house clean and taking care of the Sohmas.

It wasn't exactly something you could state to the world as an accomplishment but it kept her happy. Her mom would be proud.

Seeing a magazine on the table with a woman straddling a man, Tohru couldn't help but blush. "Shigure-san was in here?" Her quivering question made the cat turn.

"Yeah, why?" The obvious was staring dead at him. Redness crept throughout her face and she had to turn her head towards the wall to keep from turning beet red.

"Tohru-san what's wrong?" It became apparent she wasn't going to say anything and just continue like nothing was wrong. Time for the Kyo-kun, detective to figure it out on his own, as usual.

But it seemed he didn't have to pull out his magnifying glass when he saw the magazine sitting dead center in front of her. "He is disgraceful." Then his head tilted and took the flimsy mag and walked over towards the stove again. Watching with curiosity, Tohru wondered what he was thinking. Maybe he was going to throw it away? Yeah, that would be the best place for it. Oh, wait. It was Shigure's he might be upset, if he did that.

Contemplating on whether or not to get rid of the dirty thing and deal with a mad dog or keep it and be dirty herself, Tohru wasn't paying attention to what Kyo was doing.

"This is an old one." Kyo stated reading the side for the date marking. "Yep. Wonder why he's reading old ones. He gets them every month." Sliding his finger under at the corner of the magazine, he flipped it open and started to look at the pictures of the women bearing it all.

Tohru's jaw dropped. "You read that stuff! Even Kyo, God forbid if…

"Yeah, even Yuki snags them sometimes and runs off with them in his room." He laughed, seeing the little rodent with the dirty magazines, blushing on his bed as he started to get hot.

"But didn't you just call Shigure-san disgraceful?" Kyo, still observing the pictures replied with an over the shoulder, "So?"

Tohru, turning redder by the moment, stumbled over what she meant. "Well then wouldn't you be disgraceful as well?"

The magazine slammed shut and was put to the side on the counter with a thump, making Tohru almost jump out of her skin. "He left it out for you to see, that's why I called him disgraceful. Men looking at that stuff in general aren't disgraceful."

Now she was curious and confused at the same time. "It isn't?"

Kyo grabbed a bit of oregano and started to chop it in bits before throwing it into the batter. Opening the fridge, he grabbed a stick of margarine and closed the door to see a very red faced Tohru staring at him strangely.

"What?" He barked, annoyed and a little embarrassed.

"N-nothing." The girl fidgeted in her seat and had her hands around a spoon she didn't realize was being death gripped.

Kyo made a snide remark under his breath that couldn't be heard before he dropped what he was doing. Snatching up the forgotten magazine, Kyo turned off the stove and walked over to where Tohru sat; sitting in the seat right across from her, he plopped the dirty thing in front of her.

Wincing at the magazine's impact on the table, Tohru looked at Kyo's face and realized he wasn't really showing any signs of anger in his composure. In fact, he had a smirk across his face and she was getting butterflies in her stomach.

What was with the look?

"Umm…Kyo-kun? Is something wrong?" Asking might have been the best solution to the problem but it seemed it only made Kyo's smirk grow more.

"Have you ever looked at one of these before?" He said, pushing the magazine a bit towards her.

"NO! I mean…uhh…look over here!" Throwing the magazine at Kyo, Tohru tried to make a dart for it but failed miserably when the tips of her left foot caught on to thin air and tripped her flat on her face.


"Tohru, you okay?" A gentle hand rested on her hip and guided her off the floor.

"Yeah, just a bump." She said, rubbing her nose where there was a bit of redness and winced. Sighing, Kyo walked back towards the frig and opened the freezer door. Sit down and I'll get you something to put on that. And be careful." Tohru giggled and walked back to the chair she had fled a moment before.

Grabbing a handful of cubes from the ice tray, Kyo threw some into a rag and wrapped it up. Kyo, walking back said, "You know, you are about the klutziest person I know." The coldness from the ice stung a bit but gradually Kyo managed to keep on her eye without her swatting it away. "Here, hold it." Motioning Tohru, she grabbed onto the towel and held it while Kyo sat back at his seat.

"Thank you very much Kyo-kun." Her bright smile lit up her face and again those feelings he had felt since the day he met her flew threw his whole body. Smirking, he leaned in. "So, was that a no on your part about reading these." He smacked the magazine back up on the table like a detective would with evidence proving the suspect was guilty and there was no way out of it.

"Yes, no wait I mean no. I mean, no I haven't read them and…" She trailed off when a magazine flipped open and a picture of a girl with a blushed face had her head back and was enjoying service from a man, who seemed "cute" to Tohru, smile with pleasure.

Tohru smiled.

"Why are you smiling?" Kyo lost his own smirk.

"He's making her happy."

"Yeah but…"

"Kyo-kun…have you ever done this to Kagura-chan?"

The cat's face must have dropped more than a few feet to the floor when the question was asked.

"Of course I haven't. Where would you get such bull-" He was cut off when he saw the innocent look on the girl of his dream's face. "No. People only do this or at least should do this when they like each other. I don't like Kagura in that way. I like someone else…"

Tohru automatically became giddy with happiness. "Still that's great that you like someone. Do they know?"

"No." Kyo said quietly and started to stand back up and walk towards the stove.

"Well why don't you tell them? I'm sure they would like to hear that. I know I would."

"I rather not."

"But!" Pretty much slamming her foot to the ground, Tohru walked over towards Kyo with a determined look in her eyes. "Kyo, everyone loves you. Why wouldn't you wanna tell them?"

"Because…I don't think they have the same feelings for me."

Tohru thought for a moment and realized Kyo had a blush creeping on his cheeks. "You're shy?"

"Like Hell!"

"Then, why don't you." Tohru did her famous smile making Kyo want to literally take her.

"Because. She doesn't feel that way for me. She likes…someone else?"


"Yeah, I guess." Beating the batter harder than necessary, Kyo burned a hole in the oven with his stare, trying to keep himself from looking at her.

"Kyo?" The tiny voice called, making him turn towards her against his will.

Before he had a moment to say anything of knowing what she wanted, she instead showed it to him. Standing on her toes, she reached up to him and placed a sweet kiss on his lips leaving him dumbfounded.

The moment seem to pass to quickly and Kyo only wanted to stay like that forever. Eventually she pulled back with the familiar blush and the famous smile on her face and waited for a reply.

"So…it seems you like someone too heh?" Kyo said, a bit of breath.

Tohru giggled and tilted her head.

Leaning down, Kyo kissed her back this time and she willingly accepted it. No regret, no shame, no rejection. Just one simple pure kiss.

After pulling away they 'together' made breakfast for everyone, with both having a smile worn throughout the day.