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Note: this is a Natsume-Mikan pairing. Ruka and Hotaru would remain only friends (in their own twisted, blackmailing way).


Summary: It has already been one year since she stayed in the Alice Academy. Mikan's all the way pretending to be the stupid, young girl she really isn't. But, unbeknownst to the knowledge of a chosen few, Mikan possesses the TWO most powerful alices of all. And the Academy will use her to defeat the anti-alice organization that is threatening to bring down the school. Mikan isolated herself from other students and trained for 5 years to be strong. What will change after 5 years? Will anyone recognize her when she returned to the school she planned to protect?


'What to do? What to do? AARGH! I'm confused…'

'Since I learned the real truth about my mother, I just don't know how to act with the others. I mean, my mother left me… just to join the organization that's responsible for Natsume's kidnapping!'

'Why did I have to ask Narumi-sensei why the teachers, especially Jinno-sensei, hate me so much? Why did I have to know the real truth about matters that would eventually hurt me? Why must I need to quench the thirst I felt about matters concerning my mother? Why, why, WHY!'

The day started like all the other days.

"Oh no! I'm gonna be late for class! Gotta run faster!"

Yes, this is Mikan Sakura. On all the other days, she would purposely be late for class. But this day is not like 'all the other days'. In fact, she would be late for real if she didn't run faster.

But then, even if she put all her will in running, she would still be late.

And being late for Jinno-sensei's class is one thing Mikan Sakura would never purposely do.


The sound of door hitting a wall was heard.

"Glad you could join us, Ms. Sakura," sneers Mikan's most hated teacher… Jinno-sensei.

"Good morning, Jinno-sensei. I'm sorry I'm late. I didn't mean to. My alarm clock didn't ring so I didn't wake up the usual time I do," explained a very agitated Mikan.

"Yes, yes, Mikan. And yesterday, I was late because I got lost in the road of life. Of course, it's understandable. I couldn't expect more from a stupid, careless, obnoxious girl like you, could I? I wouldn't be surprised if you turned out just like your mother. I wouldn't blame you though… because it's expected."

The words stung. She didn't know her mother. In fact, she hadn't seen nor heard from her mother since she was born. She didn't saw hide or hair of the woman who brought her in this world. And the same could be said for her father. She lived alone with her grandpa before she was accepted to the academy. The students teased her the first few days of her stay in the academy, but later on, she made friends with some of them… somewhat drowning the feeling of loneliness in her.

Mikan is not 'the always happy girl' everyone knew she was. But she figured that her friends like the 'happy' Mikan they knew, and for their sake, Mikan pretended to be happy even if she wasn't. She's a great actress. So far, she has fooled everyone, except Narumi-sensei. Narumi-sensei is the only one who knew the real Mikan. Oftentimes, he's the one comforting Mikan when she feels depressed.

Mikan has one big secret she kept and only Narumi-sensei knew what the secret was. Mikan, does not only have the nullification alice but is also the holder of another alice… a much more dangerous one. The ability to copy, steal or even permanently erase the alices of others.

In fact, it was Narumi-sensei who trained her to use the two alices to their full potential. So, it can be said that Mikan had already copied Narurmi-sensei's alice. Narumi-sensei didn't mind much. It can be said again, that he was truly happy for Mikan's achievements. Only, he would be much happier if Mikan revealed her true self to her friends.

'I wasn't late because of the alarm clock. Mr. Narumi trained me later than usual. I couldn't blame him though. Having two powerful alices without limit, which will not alter your life force and defies the four types of alice really needs extensive mastering.'

"Ms. Sakura, how dare you daydream when you have been late in my class again? Double detention for you!"

It seems like Jinno-sensei takes favor in punishing her for every single mistake she ever did. Oh well, as if he knew how much of a genius Mikan really is…

"Narumi-sensei, I wanna know more about my mom. Jinno-sensei told me that he would be expecting me to become my mom. What exactly did my mom became?"

"…" Silence greeted Mikan's question.

"Narumi-sensei? What's wrong?"

"Do you really want to know about your mother, Mikan?"

"Of course! Who wouldn't want to know about their parents? I wanna know everything!" a very excited Mikan said.

"Mikan… remember the time Natsume was kidnapped? Do you know the organization responsible for it?"

"Yeah, I remember the event. But I really don't know the organization's name. Why? Is it important to know?"

"Mikan, that organization, your mother is part of it. Like you, she too, has alices. Take note: alices.You remember your other alice? The one that could copy other alices? Your mother has that alice too. In fact, your alices is exactly the same as hers. Although, she had mastered her alices, that she had greatly improved, and maybe added more capabilities in her alices."

"Narumi-sensei, I'm confused!"

"Well then, let me start from the beginning…"

"Your mother, Mikan, had started from only one alice. It is the nullification alice. She had greatly mastered her alice that another alice was born from it. It wasn't noticed… not until the accident that occurred in one of the classrooms of this academy… your classroom…

Your mother was having emotional problems that day I don't know why but one of her classmates had been teasing her with his water alice, making her dripping wet from head to toe. I think your mother lost her patience and eventually used her with sheer anger, she used her nullification alice to nullify the alice of her classmate. What happened next was unexpected. She copied, or rather stole, the alice of her classmate and used it against her classmate. Remember when I told you she mastered her alice well, Mikan? Your mother, she fully nullified the alice of her classmate and used it for her own good. That's why I told you earlier, that she stole the alice of her classmate; her classmate no longer holds the alice of water, your mother did, though. After that, she felt that the school wasn't good enough for her and joined the organization that is against this school. Her alice is powerful, way powerful than my alice or the alices of your classmates combined."

"Narumi-sensei, are you saying my mother is bad?"

"No, Mikan. Your mother was good. She was really sweet and she eventually became my friend too, you know. But she was blinded by the hunger for more power that's why she detached herself from this school. Mikan, understand that one day, you will meet your mother. And if she had been fully poisoned, you will have to fight her, or end up dead. You must know that it is only you who could beat her. You naturally have two alices… she has only one. With perseverance, you can top her and beat her. Remember this Mikan, if you can't beat her, no one can.



"Narumi-sensei, tell me. Are you also expecting me to be like my mother? To end up like her, as Jinno-sensei told me I would? Do you believe that I would be bad like my mother? Huh? Do you?"

"Of course not, Mikan. I have full faith in you that you would do well. You are a good girl by nature and you always will be."

"Thank you, Narumi-sensei. I will never let you down! I will never let down the only person that believes in me! I'll do my best! I promise you that!"

"Good. Now let's train."

'Why? Why does this have to happen to me? Why can't it happen to Hotaru? Or Ruka? Or even Natsume? Why does it have to be me?'

'But come to think of it, I kinda LOVE having two alices… good thing I have mastered them real well now. Narumi-sensei's really proud of me when I stole his alice, although, I have to give it back eventually. Not that I don't want to. It's just fun watching him begging me to return his alice. And no. I am not becoming my mother by doing that. We were just joking around and joking around is totally different from what my mother had done to her classmate… though, I think that classmate of hers clearly deserves what s/he got from mom. '