Damn you Cupid

Damn you Cupid!

Chapter two:

One two three action!

It's been how many days? I can't even remember… every minute of the day seems an hour; an hour seems like a day…

"Hey, how long was it seems I became single?" I asked Ino with a very lousy voice. I feel like a thin paper walking around, wait, I feel like being blown by the wind. I gaze at nowhere with my puffy red eyes. She looked down on her wrist watch and look back up to me.

"Twenty two hours, forty-seven minutes and-"

"Okay stop! Jeeze, feels like you're counting the miserable minutes of my life!" I sighed. I know it's not Ino's fault, I've been really moody since that day. I even barked at a dog who kept on barking at me on my way home. Even he got scared off I had an urge to run and after him, grab his tail and swing him to the end of the earth. But Sasuke saw me barking and I felt dumb, but not as dumb when my loved one screamed the way he dump me.

"So you guys talked about it yet?" Ino asked. I don't know, after crying too much I almost gagged my heart out. I doze of into a dream; dreaming of my loved one and me… I shrugged and didn't add anything else. I heard a loud car horn not too far and it stopped next to Ino and me.

The black inked window of the car rolled down, "Yo," Sasuke called waving his hand.

"Ooh, Sasuke, nice wheels!" Ino exclaimed. I said nothing, wheels, funny, how come boys like them so much?

"Eeh? Saku-chan, how come you're not that impressed?" he asked. How? How? I laughed like a crazy woman, eyes red, clothes ruffled and hair untied and horrible. (Just imagine how she looked like lol)

"How?" I asked continue laughing. Then laughed so loud everyone on the street stared at me scared.


Thank God Sasuke and Ino threw me in the car; I might not make it alive. I sulk in my desk, not caring when my stomach growls and maybe hissing. I haven't eaten anything, the last thing I ate was the one Sasuke's chocolate he bought for me.

"Hey," someone called beside me. I looked up and saw Neji looking down. I stared. "Let's talk," Neji walked away giving me a signal to follow him. There is nothing to talk about… but I stupidly followed him. Some girls from higher years who have been stalking Neji said I'm his dog because I kept on following him around wherever he goes except at the comfort room. At first I didn't accept the insult, of course I for one am not a dog I'm his lover. But now, funny but I see what they mean. We walked to the school's rooftop. The wind is soft and the cloud is peeping from the cloud often. He used to hold the door for me but now I have to hold it for myself.

It was a long silence, I felt awkward but I feel like we really need this.

"TenTen is my fiancé." He started. I felt someone stabbed me in the back then a bullet from a shotgun then some bunch of bazookas flying and targeted me and tank grind my flat. I thought he would start slow and nice. "It was last summer when our father made the decision. I couldn't say no. I have to make this sacrifice. I knew you would understand but I couldn't bring myself to tell you the truth—"

"SHUT YOUR TRAP!" I cried. "You scallop!" I exclaimed.

"Scallop?" he asked. He didn't know a scallop since he's one? This is trash, he didn't even tell anything about this. Not even once he said her name.

"Yeah, you are…" I didn't want to tell him what scallop means. I hesitated to continue but the emotion of anger has won. "YOU ARE SELFISH!" I pointed my finger in his face. Neji is a scallop for keeping me as his girlfriend and TenTen as her soon-to-be-wife by himself.

There's another silence. Then I hear Neji keeping his mouth shut with muffles and his hands grabbing his stomach. Neji laughed hard as he could. What an asshole.

"Scallops? Selfish?" Neji manage to say between his laughter. What's so funny about that? Scallops are shell-fish, and shell-fish sound like selfish.

"That's not the point why we're talking here, Neji," I manage to say. "How could you keep this? How long were you planning to keep playing on me? To keep me holding on!" I shouted. After the statement I heard no laughter just my sobs. When I cry, Neji used to comfort me.

"Crybaby Sakura!" everyone teases me, it annoys the hell out of me. It annoys me so much I always cry. Every kids notice my forehead and every time I go out and play, they pick me last, they said because of my forehead is too wide and shiny it blinds them. I know my forehead is wide but it's not shiny. I felt alone.

"Hey!" someone screamed. I looked up and saw Sasuke running with a stick, swinging it violently to the kids who started running away. "Come back here losers!"

"Are you okay?" Neji asked me wiping my tears. Yeah, ever since we are kids I love this Neji.

I guess no one will ever protect me.

"Hey," someone said. I turned to look and Saw Sasuke sitting up from the tiles. He was obviously disturbed when he was sleeping. He stood and held my hand. "If you kept on making her cry, I'll make your parents cry in your very-soon-funeral," he threat. He held my hand tight and led me away from Neji.

Isn't it funny? I just felt unprotected a while ago then now he came back. It feels like I'm one of the girls in the movie.

"Are you okay, Sakura?" he asked.

"Are you okay, Saku-chan?" the little Sasuke asked panting, Neji and I nodded at him and I smiled. "You won't be seeing those losers for a while," he grimaced and made a funny cracking sound with his knuckles.

I nodded and hugged him. For now, I needed a friend. He hugged back. Knowing someone is there for you is nice.

"C'mon, let's make him feel what he lost, Sakura," he said. I looked up and saw his famous smirk. OMG, he's thinking of a evil plan.