Full Circle


I don't own the characters of The Worst Witch or Weirdsister College. I've just borrowed them for the purpose of this FanFic.

Chapter 1 –Back to school

Seated securely on her broomstick, Mildred Hubble floated slowly down into the school's courtyard. A group of girls in school uniform looked at her curiously as they passed by, wicker baskets in their hands.

"Going herb gathering I expect," thought Mildred.

She walked towards the entrance, feeling more and more anxious as she did so.

"Why on earth did I let myself in for this," she wondered. "I must have been crazy to apply for a job here, absolutely crazy."

Nervously she took a small mirror from her pocket and tried to tidy her hair, which was rather windswept from the long flight. She wondered if she needed a bit more lipstick, but decided against it.

"What does it matter," she thought. "I'm not likely to get this job anyway."

Returning the mirror to her pocket she continued to walk towards the entrance. She noticed an elderly man in overalls applying varnish to the door.

"Excuse me?" she said timidly.

The man took no notice but went on patiently with his work

"Excuse me!" repeated Mildred in a slightly louder voice. He looked up at her enquiringly. "I have an interview this morning with the Headmistress," Mildred explained nervously, "about the vacancy?"

"Oh yes," said the old man, "you must be Miss Hubble?" Mildred nodded and he continued, "you'd better follow me, the Headmistress is expecting you!"

He went in through the doors, and set off down the corridor, and Mildred, after leaving her broomstick in a small side room followed in his wake. He was a small man and Mildred was almost a head taller than him, but he took such rapid strides she almost had to run to keep up. Eventually they stopped outside a door with the legend 'Headmistress' engraved on it, with the name underneath. He rapped sharply on the door.

"Come in!" replied a voice from inside and opening the door, he stepped to one side for Mildred to enter.

"Miss Hubble is here for the interview Headmistress."

"Ah yes," said the Principal as she rose from behind her desk and came towards Mildred. She shook her hand warmly and then pointed to a chair facing her desk.

"Please have a seat, Mildred." said Miss Cackle