Full Circle


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Chapter 6 – Full Circle

Mildred was waiting again, this time outside Miss Cackle's office, seated on a chair with Ethel next to her. Cackle and Hardbroom were inside, making their decision. She glanced to her left. Ethel was doing her best to ignore her, but seemed rather less confident than before. She still wasn't sure about the way she handled the class. It had worked, but had hardly been orthodox teaching practice, and she had no idea how Ethel had done.

The door opened suddenly and HB appeared, her face expressionless. "Miss Hallow, would you step inside please?" she asked.

With a triumphant glance at Mildred, Ethel got to her feet and followed HB inside. The door closed and Millie buried her face in her hands. It was all over then; she had failed. All that effort had been for nothing. Suddenly she got to her feet; there was no point in hanging around any longer.

She had just decided to magically transport herself back to the castle entrance to collect her broomstick and then go when she heard Ethel's voice shouting angrily from behind the door. A moment late Ethel burst out of the office. She turned to look at Mildred; a look filled with rage but also with shock and disbelief. Mildred had only seen that look on Ethel's face once before, when she had been elected Head Girl instead of her.

"Would you come inside now, Miss Hubble?" said Miss Hardbroom.

Confused, still unsure what was happening, Mildred followed HB into Cackle's office. Miss Cackle came towards her smiling, her hand extended.

"Congratulations Mildred!" she said. Mildred was still confused and didn't take the hand so Miss Cackle seized and shook hers anyway.

"But," she said uncertainly "you appointed Ethel... didn't you?"

"No Mildred," replied HB "We appointed you!" Mildred looked stunned and they both laughed at the amazed expression on her face.

Miss Cackle put her arm around Millie and led her outside where Ethel was still standing. She came up to Mildred, her face full of hatred and spite

"This isn't the last you've heard of me Hubble! Somehow I'll make you pay for this, you'll regret this day I promise you!" She turned to face Miss Cackle "And so will you!" Then she marched off down the corridor.

Without comment, Miss Cackle took Mildred back to the Staff Room where Crotchet and Drill were waiting. They had a bottle of champagne ready and poured glasses for everyone. The staff of Cackles Academy all raised their glasses and toasted their new colleague. Trembling a little, still unable to believe what was happening, Mildred sank into a chair and sipped her champagne. Everyone round her was laughing and joking, even Miss Hardbroom and suddenly she found it unbearable.

"Excuse me, " she said getting to her feet "there's something I have to do, I'll be back in a moment." And folding her arms she abruptly vanished.

"Where on earth has she gone?" asked an astonished Miss Cackle.

"I think I know," said HB with a small smile. "I'll go and get her," and she too vanished.

Mildred stood at the end of the courtyard. They were still there. Four galvanised metal dustbins; the kind that almost everywhere else had been replaced by plastic wheelie bins. Her mind drifted back. "Nine years ago," she thought, "I crashed into these on my first day at school." She remembered the furious look on HB's face, Maud running across to help her up. "Some start to my career as a witch! Who would ever have imagined that I would one day be a teacher here? I really have come full circle!"

"Still dreaming, Mildred?" She turned round at the unexpected interruption to find HB standing there, looking quizzically at her

"Oh Miss Hardbroom," she said, "I was just remembering…"

"Your first day at school?" HB completed the sentence.

"Yes!" Mildred laughed ruefully. "If anyone had told me then that I would one day be Head Girl and go to Weirdsister College, much less be a teacher here I would have thought they were raving!"

"Well Mildred. I can't say I'm all that surprised by any of those accomplishments." Mildred must have looked astonished for she continued, "I always knew you had great talent, Mildred, that's why was so hard on you, but until your Fourth Year you never seemed to live up to it."

Thoughtfully Mildred replied "I think maybe I had too much talent, Miss Hardbroom. I needed to do a lot of growing up to catch up with it!"

Miss Hardbroom nodded. "Yes that might well be true." She smiled. "But now Mildred," and she took the younger woman's arm, guiding her back towards the castle, "I think it's time we rejoined our colleagues."

And together they walked back through the doors of Miss Cackles Academy for Witches!

The End

A/N 'Full Circle' was the first fanfic I ever wrote and in many ways it's still my favourite. I've just finished revising and editing it and I have a sequel called 'A Cause for Concern' which I hope to start uploading soon.