A/N: This is a Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica 2003 crossover, No Ori! But There is Jack O'Neill, lots and lots of Jack.

Stargates and Battlestars


Deep inside Cheyane mountain general Hank Landry sat looking over the newest recruitment reports for the stargate program. Since the discovery of Atlantis much had changed in the last decade, for starters the technology gained from the expedition won the war against the Goauld, gaining freedom for the Jaffa nation. Unfortunatly, the remaining system lords attacked Earth, and only the disclosure of the Stargate Program and the formation of the United Earth Alliance made victory possible. General Hammond was now the Secretary of Defense in the new government, which was based in Washington D.C. General Jack O'Neill was in charge of all off world operations, including the new UEA Starfleet. With the new technology from the Atlantis team and help from the Asgard, the fleet was quickly becoming the most advanced in the galaxy. Now that the unification of earth was complete and because the people of Earth had become accustomed to their new way of life, colonization efforts had started in earnest, New Earth was the first planet with a new colony. The city of Atlantis had also been recently opened, as well as the large continent nearby. The wraith had yet to return after the supposed destruction of the city, and no significant battles had been fought with them since. A number of other worlds had been opened up for expansion, and the response from the people had been both enormous and favorable, there were currently 30 trillion off world citizens of the UEA, about half were worlds that joined the UEA when the colonies became more like states, allowing them to mostly govern themselves. This persuades the worlds of Tollana and Langara to join, more soon followed. The UEA was currently in negotiations with the population of Euronda, where the "Breeders" as they had once been known had finally triumphed in their civil war. But Hank never was very good at negotiating, he was however, good at organizing, which was why, in two weeks he would be taking command of the UEA army, things were going well for the new universal republic.

Onboard the Galactica:

Admiral Adama was also reading reports, and what he saw was not good. The fleet was low on fuel and food, with out those essentials they would soon fall to the Cylons. Picking up another one of the reports the man smiled for the first time in days, his scouts had reportedly found a planet with plenty of food, it would do the fleet well to stop for a while, still smiling he signed the order to take the fleet to that particular planet…..

A/N: The ship designations will be as follows, The largest class of vessels will be named after former countries (France, Morroco ect.) they are much larger than motherships (more on these later), the next class down will be after famous people, (Lincoln, Kennedy ect.) these ships are about as large as motherships, the next class ar eslightly larger than the Dedaulus class and will be named after battles (Saratoga, Lexington ect.), the smallest class is slightly larger than Prometheus and will be named much like the british navy (the Indestructible, things like that). The fighters will be like upgraded F-302s.