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Makeshift defenses the like of which had not been seen on the ancient city since the first wraith siege nearly a decade ago had sprung up. In the case that no help arrived in time to help those on the mainland, Atlantis herself would be the last outpost on the planet, and because the wraith had no doubt reported their success to their superiors, the new improvements would be needed if another fleet were to appear. Rail guns and rockets had been set up to complement the already massive reserve of drones, puddle jumpers and other fighter craft were being prepared all over the floating city. Another company of marines was set to be sent through the gate as soon as they were ready. Hopefully they would be able to handle and wraith that made it onto the city itself.

Unknown Planet:

Apollo coughed violently as he sank back into the rough wall of his small cell. His latest interrogation session had ended minutes ago, the torture that these men had subjected him to was both physical and mental, something Tigh had never truly grasped. He could hear Starbuck's uneasy breathing across the small hall, she was on a different schedule than he was, soon she would be taken back to the burly colonel that asked the questions that neither knew the answers to, he wanted to know about the UEA, something that neither pilot had much experience with. He knew that his captors were not having any better luck with the captain or any other crewmember, he had been forced to watch as a small number of them were executed for their 'insolence' and resisting questioning. The fact that they were being kept alive meant that this new enemy still lacked the answers that he sought, but how long could they keep him in the dark?

Onboard the United States:

Jack sat in his office, unhappily going over reports when there was a knock on the door. "Enter" he said.

"Sir, there is a woman to see you, her ship just pulled into the hangar bay.".

"Show her in." Jack replied, wondering who would need to see him on such short notice. The door opened again and in walked a woman of average height and slim build, her long black hair was braided tightly, giving her a very feminine look, which was offset by the empty weapon holsters at her waist.

"Hello Jack". she said.


"Its nice to know that you remembered my name." she replied, throwing herself into the comfortable chair across from the General.

"Of course, but why are you here?" he asked.

"Because Jack, you have a very big problem heading your way and you don't even know it." she said, studying her fingernails.

"What exactly is this unknown problem?" Jack asked.

"Do you know that the Ark Royal was destroyed in a fight with a wraith ship?" Vala asked.

"I know it has not reported in but that is all." Jack answered, taking on a pensive look.

"They landed on a planet occupied by the Genaii. You need to get them out of there." she said seriously.

"I will report it immediately, but how did you get this information?" Jack asked, hungry for information about where she had been after she had left Stargate Command.

"I was working with a decidedly shady character, when he got drunk he started bragging about how the Genaii had captured all these UEA soldiers." she began but was cut off by Jack.

"How did he know this?".

"I don't know, he died shortly after in a bar fight. He tried to muscle in on another man's smuggling operation and the assassins sent to find him caught up at the cantina we were drinking in." she answered.

"Thank you for the information, but I need to know if you are going to see Daniel." Jack said after a moments thought.

"Why would you care whom I visit, if anyone.".

"Because out of all of us, he missed you the most, even if he didn't show it." O'Neill answered.

"Then maybe I will." Vala said before quickly leaving, her anger did not go unnoticed by Jack, not much did. O'Neill had always hid his intelligence to some extent, although Carter was much more knowledgeable than he was, he could read people better than anyone else he knew, except perhaps Teal'c. The reasons that Vala had left were not well known, officially it was because she hated having restrictions placed on her activities, mostly selling anything she could find off world that was even remotely valuable. The true reasons revolved around Daniel, the two had been dating, and were fairly serious, all Jack knew was that they broke up in a spectacular manner and one of them left. Now that Vala was back Daniel may finally snap back to his old self, because he had been 'off' so to speak since Vala's disappearance. Smiling to himself, and muttering about the obscene amount of paperwork he had to do, O'Neill turned back to his files and started the report on what Vala had told him.

New Atlantis:

Ronan Dex strode silently through the underbrush of the continent. He had been dropped off by Puddle Jumper fifty miles outside of the New Atlantis perimeter, they needed information, and to get that, they needed prisoners. He silently approached the small clearing where four wraith were sitting, three regular soldiers and one officer. Ronan crept up behind the officer and smashed the butt end of his pistol into the back of his head, effectively knocking the beast unconscious. He then turned and fired a fatal shot into one of the soldiers faces, dropping to one knee he noticed the blue jet of energy that signified a wraith stunner go over his head, two more shots came from the end of his own weapon, both hit one of the wraith in the chest. His last enemy opted for a killing shot, which collided with a tree before it reached its mark, allowing Ronan to finish his opponent with a well placed shot between the eyes. Glancing down at his new prisoner Ronan signaled the jumper, mission accomplished.


The orbital defenses had been mostly cleared of the wreckage that was a result of Tigh's defection and betrayal. Work on completing them had restarted, workers were turning up in greater numbers than were needed, with the war everyone felt that they had to do something to help, what was better than building the defenses above the jewel of the alliance. When completed, the defenses would rival anything that came before them, including the ancient defenses around Atlantis.

A converted ancient beam weapon that had been copied from the satellite stations that dotted the solar system that contained Atlantis had been tested. They had been worked on by the alliance's best scientists, including Samantha Carter, and while they still had a large cool down time between shots, they were no less effective then their original counterparts. Another weapon, which was based off the ancient device on Dakarra was being constructed on Earth's sole moon, this device was designed to either scan ships or unleash a wave of deadly energy at an oncoming fleet, unfortunately it could not be fired when and enemy was engaged with a UEA fleet, or when they were too close to the rest of the defenses, so one shot was probably the most they would get. Construction had just started on the device, and there was a lot of work to complete before it was given priority as the majority of the Joint Chiefs of Staff wanted the 'traditional' defenses completed first. With the war approaching its peak, the defenses needed to be finished as soon as possible.

Onboard a Jaffa Mothership:

Teal'c had just received word from O'Neill, and had altered his course to travel to the planet where the Ark Royal had crash landed. He still hoped to reach New Atlantis in time to save the city, but apparently this was also an imperative mission to accomplish. His Jaffa would make short work of the under trained Genaii warriors, if any of the soldiers taken prisoner were still alive he would rescue them and return in time to fight the wraith in the Pegasus galaxy.

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