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Plot: ever think the guys are always so cool? All I can assure you is that they're always funny but before the program begins, here's a Commercial brought to you by the Sanzo-ikkou with your host; "Niku"


Commercial: Intro to the group

(loud applause)

Niku (sarcastic host/ reporter): Welcome again everyone! I'm here to introduce the one and only Sanzo-Ikkou! We're here for a short interview and clips with them before the real show begins

Niku: here's a question for Mr. Gojyo, so, do you find fighting a youkai a nice work out?

Gojyo: Well, I'm not much into working out right now, my recent philiosophy is, "No Pain, no pain."(coughs)

Awkward silence….

Niku: Oh that was interesting uhuh, that was well, anyway who am I trying to fool?


Up Next...Interview with Goku (applause) and on his right; "Hakkai!" (applause)

Niku: you know Hakkai, seeing how reckless you drive, you should drive slowly. When you drive fast, accidents catch up with you.

Hakkai: Well, actually Ms. Niku, I drive fast so the accident cannot catch up with us

Niku: I see…moving on...


Niku: here's a smart simple science question! For a not so smart simple…uhm well

Goku: Don't worry Hakkai thought me science.

Hakkai: you can do it Goku, just remember what you learned.

Niku: good, listen carefully I know it is hard for you to understand but I'd be fired If I don't get this shoot. Well, here it goes. Why do you think electricity is important?

Goku: If it weren't for electricity we would all be watching television by candlelight

Awkward pause...

Hakkai: I never taught him science

Niku: Yep, that's great mister Hakkai, dignity first!


Next up: Sanzo!

Niku: what is the difference between a bigfoot and an intelligent Goku

Sanzo: There have actually been sightings of Bigfoot


Niku: Now there's some smart decent answer!


Niku: Now that you've heard them, its time to see the clips of my last week's experience with the Sanzo ikkou

(the big screen started playing the clip)

In an inn...

Niku: Hey Gojyo, I see your cough is better this morning

Gojyo: Why not? I've been practicing all night

Niku: I'd better ask somebody else for the shoot (leaves)

Niku: Can't you do anything else Goku, besides eating and fighting?

Goku: well, I can get money from Gojyo. Come on I'll show you

Niku sneaking behind a tree…Goku approached Gojyo

Goku: Gojyo, will you lend me 20 dollars if I asked you?

Gojyo: Well, I've got nothing to do with it yet, so yes, I suppose so.

Goku: Alright then, lend me 20 dollars but just give me 10 first

Gojyo: Okay, but why?

Goku: Then you'll owe me 10, and I'll owe you ten, and we'll be square


Niku: Smooth move!

Goku: I know, he never realized it


Niku: now you've heard them and seen them. There's no need to introduce them further. And that's it for this commercial now get back to the show

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