Last time on Curiosity Killed the Cat,

Last time on Curiosity Killed the Cat,"Gojyo, I heard about prison, it ain't fun and can I still eat seven times a day?" Goku cried.

"Here we go again"

Chapter 2: Gojyo Sneaks

At The Precinct…

"This two were the ones I reported to you this afternoon about the traffic," A cop said arrogantly.

Goku stared deeply with the surroundings of the jail. He pouted and made face, looked up at Gojyo as if he was so insulted. A few seconds later a loud grumbling noise was heard, followed by, "I'm Hungry, let's go home!"

Gojyo scratched his head. The cop let them inside the jail. Gojyo was speechless. He was actually thinking how to explain this to Sanzo. Sanzo's temper would be uncontrollable especially because of the racket yesterday and this morning at their breakfast. Before any of the two can say anything a police cop approached them and said, "You two each get one phone call." They got up and dialed.

Not much after that, a man came for the two of them. Before the man approached them, the police asked, "So are you a friend of this two?"


"Well I suppose you're their lawyer," The Police came closer.

"Nope, I'm just here to deliver their Pizza. So, who ordered the pepperoni and the choco shake?"

…Awkward Interval…

Well, Sanzo and Hakkai heard about the news and bailed them out of jail. Good thing, the precinct accepts credit cards. Sanzo didn't even dare to say a word. This day is much horrible than he expected. That caterpillar ruined his meal and two idiots ruined his rest. Well, they got home safely with no more bad luck. The precinct isn't that far from their apartment.

At the apartment…Again…

"That chimp's pissing me off. Can't you keep him quiet?" Sanzo put down his newspaper angrily at the living room table.

Gojyo paused for a moment, "Ask him to add three plus two."

Awkward silence…Again

Sanzo stared badly at Gojyo. Sanzo grunted, he stood up angrily and wailed a few pieces of paper then took his gun. He marched towards Goku, about to confront him as if he's gonna scold him. "Oy Goku, do me a favor and answer this math questions for me." Sanzo soften his voice.

Gojyo really wanted to laugh he really did but then, Sanzo reloaded the bullets of his gun.

Hakkai was also about to laugh when he saw Goku silent and very confused. He also thought that Gojyo suggestion worked.

That same night…

Gojyo got really bored. Sanzo came with Hakkai in his shopping since, he doesn't want to be bothered by their noises. Goku got tired of solving the first math problem then eventually gave up. Gojyo let him play outside with some other folks.

Gojyo thought of something. Well he sneaked up to Hakkai's room and searched for something interesting.

"Come on, there must be something in here, Something funny and worthy of blackmail." Gojyo whispered to himself. Suddenly he picked up a small bag full of papers. He instinctively thought it was those resolutions and letters they make judging from the appearance.

"So Let's take a look" He grabbed a piece of paper then read:

2004: I will not make Goku angry

2005: I will not take food from Goku

2006: I will not make fun of Goku

2007: I will not make Goku believe that I do my resolutions

'Pervertedly', Gojyo

"So, this is where Hakkai keeps these. I thought these papers were long gone. Hakkai must have took this from the trash," He took another piece of paper and read:

My inventions

The water-proof towel
Glow in the dark sunglasses
Solar powered flashlights
A book on how to read
Inflatable dart boards
A dictionary index
Powdered water

Inflatable anchor

Double-sided playing cards

Mechanical Pencil sharpeners

A black highlighter pen
Pedal powered wheel chairs
Water proof tea bags
Reusable ice cubes
Do it yourself roadmap…

"Judging from the Idea, this is written by that monkey. I won't read it through. Well, well, what do we have here?"

2004: I will try not to be competitive in card games

2005: I will not be irritated in being defeated in card games

2006: I will not cheat in card games

2007: I will not let my opponent win

Impatiently, Hakkai

Gojyo folded the letter, "Whoa, scary Hakkai!" He took two more papers

2004: I will not get upset when that Kappa makes jokes about me.
2005: I will not get annoyed when he kids me about my diet.
2006: I will not get angry when that kappa tells the guys I am an ape.
2007: I will not speak to Gojyo.

Genuinely, Goku

2004: I will not smoke for this year

2005: I will not smoke for this month

2006: I will not smoke tomorrow

2007: I will not smoke near gas stations

Insincerely, Sanzo

"These people don't have anything to write!" Gojyo took a small piece of paper then said, "Finally something funny, What's this? Wait til' Sanzo hears this. That monkey will be my personal slave! A perfect blackmail!"

Gojyo was about to continue reading when he heard Goku greet Hakkai and Sanzo. He tossed the papers inside and put back every single thing that he checked on. Unfortunately that small piece of paper was forgotten. Gojyo had to fold it and keep it in his pants. He got out of Hakkai's room on time. The other three entered the apartment. Gojyo grinned weirdly at Goku. Gojyo Got distracted as Goku showed hakkai...

Goku pulled on Hakkai's shirt. "Hakkai! I've been stung by a wasp"

"Quick put some ammonia on it!" Hakkai took a look. "I think I have some in my room.

"But I can not, it is gone, it flew away." Goku replied.

…Awkward silence…

Sanzo raised an eyebrow in surprise with Goku's answer. Hakkai ignored Goku and applied the ointment. Gojyo stared for a while, excused himself and laughed.

"It flew away? He thought the Ammonia was for the wasp. Ha, I thought he could think better than that." Gojyo roared with laughter.

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