Fluffy, plotless, pointless post-game one-shot featuring Lloyd and Colette.

Warning: this fic contains very very mild hints of adult stuff in it although not enough that I thought it needed an M rating.

Spoiler warning: this fic contains spoilers for events that happen during and at the end of the game.

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia, as far as I'm aware Namco own it.

Lloyd smiled softly and tenderly as he twirled a stand of Colette's hair around one of his fingers. She was sleeping peacefully, a content and satisfied smile on her face. Lloyd grinned, knowing he was the one who had put the smile there.

He liked watching her sleep. Zelos had teased him about it on several occasions, saying that it seemed such a clich├ęd, lovey-dovey thing to do. Lloyd didn't care though, to him it was always special to see Colette sleeping serenely. It might have been something to do with the fact that he knew she had, at one point in her life, been unable to sleep and that slipping into slumber was something that she appreciated now the ability to do so had been returned to her. Or, perhaps, it was because she looked so cute and angelic.

He grinned mischievously as he picked up one of the feathers that lay scattered across the bed and tickled her nose. She made a little noise of protest and lethargically flung an arm in the general direction of the feather, missing it completely, too deeply asleep to bother opening her eyes to aim properly. Lloyd chuckled and stopped tickling the little angel, not wanting to wake her up.

He turned his attention to the other feathers on the bed, pinkish purple ones mingled with others of a shade of greenish blue. He gazed at her wings, the ones from which the purple feathers had fallen, still glowing softly on her back, fluttering occasionally as she dreamt.

He thought that her wings were beautiful. He also found them pleasant to touch, although trying to describe the sensation of doing so to anyone else was difficult. Most of the time they were solid-but-not in a similar sort of way to cobwebs, but not with the unpleasantness that cobwebs seemed to have, and warm. Sometimes she would make the feathers in them solid, as she done so often in battle, but now without aggressiveness in the gesture, now it was something she did simply for a different sensation when being touched, to give him one when he touched her.

He liked it best of all when he touched her wings with his own. There wasn't, he thought, a word that he knew of that described how wonderful that felt.

Shyly, softly, he brushed the very tip of one of his wings against hers. She made a gurgling, purr-like noise that she made when she liked whatever he was doing and wanted him to continue. He did so, marvelling at the feelings of warmth and closeness he was experiencing.

Slowly Colette opened her eyes, yawning cutely as she drifted back into wakefulness. She continued to purr and the loving look she gave Lloyd made him feel wonderfully melty and gooey in a way that only Colette was capable of making him feel.

She picked up a feather, one of hers, and tucked it behind his ear before picking up another and running it along his neck, causing him to close his eyes and make his own contented purring noise.

He made a slight whimpering noise of protest when she stopped which she silenced by placing a soft, tender kiss on his lips. Then she snuggled closer to him, making little content noises of pleasure as she nuzzled his chest, and closed her eyes once again. He placed a kiss on the top of her head and wrapped his wings around her, a gesture that made them both utter noises of blissful pleasure, then she contentedly drifted off into sleep once more, Lloyd this time following her into the peaceful world of dreams.