As you have probably learned by now, it isn't always the wisest to trust someone else so completely. And boy was Meredith going to have that one hit in her the face later on.
Some nights, they would spend at his trailer, sitting on the porch wrapped in blankets, gazing at the stars, sipping a beer. Meredith loved waking up at the trailer to the sunrise over the water. Other times they went to Joe's with the gang, and laughed and joked and drank, before heading back to Meredith's house for the night. Derek fit in surprisingly well with the other interns, and they had started to get comfortable with him. He wasn't Dr Shepherd out of the hospital, although they still called him Dr Shepherd. Even Meredith called him that at work, and sometimes in the middle of the night when they were playing doctor. Derek wished that all his past issues could up and vanish, and he could commit himself to this amazing woman that had brought so much laughter and happiness into his life, at this time in his life, being forty. Life had gotten very stagnant and he had lost a lot of the luster out of life. It had been more about the money and the success and boring dinner parties. And his wife back in New York.. He hadn't been able to bring her up yet, although it was killing him not to tell her. He needed to get his attorney to draw up divorce papers, but he was still at the point of denial and pretending the issue didn't exist. Addison had tried to call him a few times, and then stopped for a few weeks. But recently she had started calling again, several times a day. He knew he would have to tell Meredith soon. She was so different from anyone he had ever been with. It wasn't just being thirteen years younger than him. He'd never felt so attracted to someone in his entire life. Just seeing her coming out of a patient's room could take his breath away. Watching her sleep in the middle of the night, the look she gave him right before he kissed her, the sounds she made during lovemaking. He knew he had fallen HARD for her. She was a spitfire too, but not in an overbearing, emasculating way. She was so delicate and tiny, and he felt this overwhelming urge to protect her. And intelligent.. She was very intelligent, and very gifted. She was going to make a fantastic surgeon, and she seemed to be leaning towards neuro. Meredith was just as smitten as the good Dr was. She felt like she needed to pinch herself sometimes. She was really debating telling him about her mother, because she knew he would be supportive, and frankly the secret was overbearing. She didn't want there to be any secrets between them.