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Andrea sat in the warm room, pissed off at…well…it was life there was everything to be pissed off about it.

"Before you leave today class I'll be passing back your science test," The female teacher announced as she took up a stack of papers on her desk and handed them out. Andrea rubbed her temples. Ever since they had gotten back life seemed even worse. Brianna, obviously, had gotten back got all the attention from the school. She was one of the most popular students after all, she was rich and pretty, life seemed to come all too easy for her. On the other hand Andrea has been called freak girl, life sucked.

"Andrea," The teacher said as she slipped the test on Andrea's desk. Andrea hesitantly peaked at it as she lifted it up. She instantly dropped her head hitting the desk, why couldn't anything go smoothly for her.


I exited the building silently grateful to finally get out. The crowd of students got bigger as more students exited. It was hard to see which way I was suppose to actually go to get back to the orphanage. I sighed. I pushed her way through the crowd and accidentally bumped into some one, they dropped their books.

"Watch where you going freak!" He yelled. I twitched; I really didn't need this right now. I grabbed his arm and in one swift movement it was behind his back. I whispered in his ear.

"Don't mess with me punk I'm not in a good mood," I whispered dangerously low as I let go of his arm and made my way through the crowd only to bump into some one else.

I was a bit surprised; people were usually scared of me…like from that incident a couple of years ago. I was in middle school, some guy asked me out. I said yes, we went out, yadda yadda…I found out he was two timing me, got pissed at him, he ended up in a coma…and is still in one. That had actually gotten out to the newspaper…and after that…I was pretty much labeled freak girl.

I sound like I should be in the circus or something

"What the hell do you want!" I scowled. I turned to see a warm, smiling face. I looked at him surprised for the second time since 5 seconds ago.

"I'm sorry I wasn't looking at where I was going," He said as he picked up his books. "Hi my names Ulrich I'm new to the school."

"Uh…I-I'm Andrea…" I said quietly marveling his features. He had blonde hair and blue eyes…he was…pretty cute I had to admit. He had a slight build and was a couple of inches taller than me. He wore saggy jeans and a long black shirt. I think I've been fawning over anime characters so much I never really realized how good looking the human race was.

Then again the human race was made up of stupid people. For instance me, clumsy, stupid, a freak, and George Bush…him too. Yes the human race was very stupid. But on to more important matters…

I picked up the last of his books, maybe we could be great friends…?

Or maybe I can go die in a dark corner or something

Choice two sounds easier.

"You need help with anything? About getting around the school…and opening your locker? I'm here if you need me," I smiled.

"No…I think I'm doing okay so far…" He said looking away, "Where do you live?"

"Uh…" It was silent for a moment as he awaited my answer; I thought it'd be a bit awkward… "Um…I kind of live in the orphanage place, you know…a couple of streets from here…"

"You're an orphan?" He said as he frowned a bit, "I'm sorry."

"Well it's not that bad…" I lied, "My two brother lives far away from here, and there kind of poor, and can't fund me if I come, plus we can't afford the plane trip."

'Poor my ass, the guy has enough money to buy his own city…or even state,' I thought.

"You want a walk home?" He asked, "It's not really safe walking home alone."

"U-um…sure," I answered shocked at this boy. He was just plain weird.

"Come on," He said grabbing my wrist as we squeezed through the crowd


Saturday morning came faster than Andrea expected, and she was going to the mall with Brianna and her new friend today. Andrea put on a white tank top and jeans and set off into the sunny day planning to take the bus. She had just been fired from her job for missing work for a week, so she had to look for a job at the mall also.

"Jade! I'm leaving!" I yelled as I closed the door behind me and headed toward the bus stop.


The mall was huge as we all agreed to meet up at the fountain in the middle of the mall. As I arrived, Ulrich and Brianna were already there.

"So where shall we go first?" Brianna asked as she got off the bench she was sitting on.

"Waldenbooks!" Brianna and me both exclaimed.

"Waldenbooks?" Ulrich said raising an eyebrow.

"Well we only go there for the manga and anime junk," Brianna explained, Ulrich nodded.

"I think I'll skip, I feel like going to the food court," He said smiling as he laughed nervously.

"Again?" Andrea said skeptically, "You just ate 30 minutes ago, fine, whatever, we'll meet up here in a half and hour."

We split up and Brianna and me took the escalator up to the store and entered. The store wasn't that big, but we didn't care, as long as it had anime in it. We went to the back of the store were a couple of shelves stood full of manga, action figures, DVDs, and other goods.

"Um…Andrea…are those action figures of…us?" Brianna said pointing to two dolls enclosed in plastic, it was true, and they looked like us…well what we looked like back then.

"We…were in the series?" I mouthed.

"Looks like it," Brianna said in a 'Duh' tone. Brianna's phone rang playing Hips Don't Lie, as I looked over the Yugioh products. I looked at the action figures at myself and I saw how many were still in the store compared to the others, it looked like I wasn't that popular. I turned back to Brianna as she hung up her phone.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"My dad…" Brianna said as she looked at the ground as it suddenly became interesting, "I-I'm moving…"

My life could've just shattered, we had been friends for 8 years and now she was moving, I was going to be alone in the orphanage again…