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I've told you before
To just get off my case

This isn't happening stop this now
And I where was I?

I have to be somewhere

-Frou Frou

Breathe In


A figure in dark clothes stood in the dark, an aura of authority emitted from her. She wore baggy black jeans and a plain dark brown shirt. She had black hair streaked with red and brown eyes.

"This isn't going as you planned Kimiko," She growled.

Another person stood near her in brighter clothes as they looked at the many TVs currently showing the end of Andrea and Brianna's duel. She had blonde hair, and green eyes. She wore a pair of khaki shorts and a camouflage shirt.

"I thought for sure Brianna would win…" Kimiko said to herself, "Ah, jeez Mikoto chill a bit, Takara brought Yami and everyone else to help, everything's gonna be okay now."

Mikoto glared at Kimiko and scowled.

"She brought them here and dropped them then in a random alleyway, if Kaiba wasn't there, then they never would've gotten a decent place to stay."

"Hey, it's harder than you think you know," Another figure said entering the room. She had messy short blonde/brown hair, and matching brown eyes. She wore jeans and a white polo shirt.

"You could've brought any of their belongings with you," Mikoto said matter-of-factly, "You don't expect them to become hobos or something did you?"

"Anou…" Takara said thinking of a good excuse, "It's not fair you guys rushed me…"

Mikoto gave her a skeptical look.

"Just go help them or something…" Mikoto mumbled, "Explain to them about the situation…and everything else you can think of."

Mikoto looked over to Kimiko, "You go too, I'm afraid she's going to make and idiot of herself…I'll follow Andrea to find out where Ulrich and his brother are hiding out."

Mikoto threw a pair of keys to them.

"Cya," Mikoto said before she disappeared in a small flash.

"Hn, I wanted the teleporting powers…" Takara said pouting as she crossed her arms.

"Come on let's go…" Kimiko said dragging away her childish friend.


'What the hell am I doing… ' Andrea thought to herself as she played with the gold tiara in her hand. She pocketed it and set the lifeless body on a plane seat. She looked at it, tears threatened to fall out. What the hell had happened to her, what? Everything seemed like a lie now.


Yugi sat on his bed in his new hotel room he was sharing with Joey. He was now absorbed in his own thoughts as he polished his puzzle. After they had all finally realized that they weren't dreaming, the problem now was what to do next.

"AH! Where da hell are we!" Joey screamed almost pulling out most of his hair. Yugi smiled and laughed to himself as Joey went on panicking.

"I…think they're here," His yami said as he looked out of the window to the strange looking world.

"We'll see them again," Yugi thought as he examined the strange world as well. "I'm sure of it."

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Joey, who had already calmed down a bit, went to answer the door. A blonde haired girl stood there with a smile plastered on her face.



"It looks like the mission went well. Do you have the tiara?" Ulrich said flashing a smile. Andrea only glared as she walked up to him, and with all her might, slapped him.

"What was that for?" Ulrich snapped.

"For lying to me!" Andrea screamed.

"How do you know that Brianna girl isn't lying to you!" Ulrich argued back.

"Because…" Andrea started thinking of something to back her up, only to miserably fail, "Well how do I know you're not the one who is lying to me!"

"I'm your friend, trust me," Ulrich said smiling warmly as he pulled her into a hug, "I'll let you in on a secret. Yugi and everyone else are here."

Andrea just stood there frozen for several seconds before finally coming to her senses. She pushed him away.

"Get the hell away from me!" Andrea screamed before she ran off.

"You're acting's gotten better Ulrich," Jiro said smirking as Andrea's figure disappeared from sight.


Andrea stopped finally, breathing hard, where she thought was far enough. She sighed, maybe Ulrich was telling the truth maybe Yugi and everyone else was here, but how would she find them? She stared down at the bracelet.

'Might as well give it a shot,' Andrea thought sticking out her arm. It gave off a faint glow before it tugged at the collar of her shit and started pulling her forcefully, nearly choking Andrea in the process.

Mostly everyone she passed by had stopped what they were doing to just stare at her, Andrea tried to ignore them. How long was this thing going to drag her around? Finally it stopped in front of a hotel; Andrea ceased the power of her item. She entered the building, where in the middle of the room was a mediocre sized fountain, flowers were decorated all around the lobby, and bellhops move around busily with luggage. Andrea went to the front desk.

"Excuse me?" Andrea asked to the nearest person.

"Yeeesssss," A woman said in a tone that was just too friendly, I read her name tag, her name was…Shirley.

"Um…" Andrea started out unsurely," I'm looking for a hotel room under the name Mouto, Yugi?"

"I'm sorry there are no rooms under that name."

"Wheeler, Joey?"


"Taylor, Tristan?"


"Kaiba, Seto?"

"Hm…" Shirley said typing on her computer, "We have 3 rooms under that name, are you one of their guests?"

"Um…" Andrea thought for a moment, "Yes."

"What's your name sweetie?" She asked.


Shirley picked up a phone and dialed a number.

"What do you want?" Kaiba's cold voice said through the phone.

"You have a guest."

"Tell him to go away."

"Her name's Andrea."

"…" Kaiba paused for a minute, "Send her up."

He hung up.

"He's on the 2nd floor rooms 27, 28, and 29." Shirley said as she hung up the phone as well.

"Thank you," Andrea said and made her way towards the elevator. As the elevator doors shut a bing! Sound was heard and proceeded upwards. A bing! Sound was heard once again and as the doors snapped open Andrea was tackled down by a hyperactive raven haired boy.

"ANDREA!" He screamed excitedly.

"Hey Mokuba," Andrea said ruffling the kid's hair, "I've missed you."

Mokuba gave an ear to ear grin. Andrea walked out of the elevator to be faced with Yugi and co. Joey gave her a huge bear hug which them turned into a headlock as he gave her a noogie.

"We've missed ya'. Where da hell have ya been?" Joey said as he ranted on choking Andrea.

"Get you hands off my sister mutt," Kaiba said glaring as they got into another fight.

"Grow up…" Tea mumbled as she tried to free Andrea out of Joey's grip. Yugi's puzzle gave off a faint glow, and Yami appeared. Andrea was finally freed from Joey's evil grip and smiled at Yami. It's been too long…

She went over to him and gave him a hug. Yami looked surprised at first, but his expression softened and hugged her back.

"It's been too long…" Andrea muttered. She broke away from the hug.

"Hey Andrea…" Mokuba said walking over to her, "Where's Brianna?"

Everyone stopped what they were doing as the thought finally crossed through their minds…well except for Kaiba, frankly, he didn't care.

"She…" Andrea started unsurely.

"Yah tell us Andrea," Kimiko's voice said tauntingly. Andrea rose an eyebrow.

"Who…are you?" Andrea asked.

"We're-!" Takara yelled as Kimiko put a hand over her mouth.

"Acquaintances," Kimiko finished. Joey gave a sour look.

"Da nutcases are back," Joey sourly.

"We're not nutcases!" Takara yelled defensively.

"Yah like Andrea would send Brianna to da shadow realm." Joey said as he gave a laugh.

"You did send her to the shadow realm! We know all about it!" Takara yelled.

"You don't know anything about it!" Andrea snapped back. Joey blinked a couple of times and gave a halfhearted laugh and a grin.

"Of course you didn't send her to da shadow realm!" Joey said. Andrea growled.

"I did okay! But it's not like I knew I did!" Andrea yelled as her eyes watered. Joey's expression immediately turned to shock.

"Andrea- You- What?" Joey stuttered.

"I didn't mean to! I didn't know!" Andrea said as she slumped down to the ground sobbing. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry…"

Yami bent down to try to comfort her, everyone else was still in a state of shock as to what the hell was happening. Abruptly, in one of the rooms glass could be heard being broken.

"Yugi! Watch out!" Joey yelled as he tackled Yami and Andrea down to the ground. As soon as Andrea's eye opened from blinking blood had gushed out of Joey's shoulder, Yami and Andrea's eyes widened at the sight.

"Joey!" Yami yelled as the blonde fell limp, his blood smeared all over the floor and his friends.

"Joey!" Andrea yelled after Yami as she shook the blonde's body, "Joey!"