Gunning down Romance

Notes:This is a song fic, yes I know don't groan...This my first REAL attempt,
so please don't laugh. And a forewarning, Don't like Ryoga/Ukyo pairings? Like to flame? Don't read this.
Its on trial and error that I get better, and chapter 3 of Lonely no more is in progress, sorry to all those who
are waiting!!

Copyright:I don't own Ranma ½...So don't sue? Please? I'm flat broke, I can't make a 1$ bet!! Rumiko
is the goddess who owns this series. I don't own Savage Garden or any of their songs...though I might add
they have to be one of the best groups, and I'm a "gardener".

Genre: Sort of sad, so its Romance/angst.

Rating: PG-13, this warning I know won't be much help. But there is some *Lime* content, nothing I'm not
allowed to write though lol.

Summary: I won't tell you the story, but A lot of Gunning down romance made me think of Ryoga. Sorry
if you are offended by Depression, says a lot about the author huh? ^_~;;

Love and other moments, are just chemical reactions in your brain...

Ryoga Hibiki walked slowly down the street, the wrong way of course. The Tendo Dojo was the other way.
But he didn't care, no, not anymore.

And feelings of aggression are the absence of the love drug in your veins...
in your veins...

He punched a nearby wall...sending it to splinters, he heard voices behind him, probally the owners of the house,
yelling at him. Ryoga closed his eyes, blinded by tears. He shook his head, trying to clear out the
maddening memories...

Ranma and Akane, holding hands and kissing by the Koi pond.
Ranma and Akane, lying in bed with one another, P-chan moping in the corner.
P-chan, watching Ranma and Akane fall deeper into love every second passed.

Ryoga clenched his teeth, grinding his fangs together. His heart was breaking, he knew there could be no more
pain then this. He pulled out his umbrella as it started to rain. On his cheeks trailed sparkling tears, each one seemed
to be a painful reminder that Akane wasn't his. Sure he conemplated suicide, but then he thought it would give Ranma
too much pleasure to know he killed himself over something he never could have. Ryoga trailed through puddles, barely
missing the water each time. He didn't care. He pulled out a small picture from his pocket, and looked at it. Akane DID
look tomboyish he decided, even though his heart still raced for her. He took one glance, then threw the
picture in the puddle. The water finally penetrated the glossy finish, and the contents rivered on the street, Akane's face
wilting away, just like Ryoga's dreams.

Love come quickly
Because I feel my self-esteem is caving in.
It's on the brink
Love come quickly
Because I can't keep this monster in.
Its in my skin

Ryoga sighed, his hair a tangle, wet from rain that turned him into P-chan one or twice. His eyes were red and swollen.
Never the less he could smell GOOD food. He looked up, Ucchan's stared back at him. He walked in quietly, the place was dead. Absolutely no one, thats why Ukyo seemed so supirsed and her head snapped up when he walked in. "Hey Ryoga
Sugar...hold the pork right?" Ryoga nodded dejectedly. Then he noticed her red eyes too, he had to smile weakly, the
woman of steel turned to rust apparently. She noticed his rather psyco grin and sighed. "You heard too? Ranma and
are a couple." She spat out the word couple as if it were a curse. Maybe it was to her. He watched her flip the
on the grill fast and furious. She covered it in sauce and handed it to him. He stared down at the
Okinamiyaki for a moment.
Here sugar, one broken heart to another. Was written on it in sauce in cursive along with to small hearts with
cracks in them on it. He smiled up at her softly for a moment. Then realized she was his only friend. She whistled quietly to herself while cleaning her grill. She smiled to herself, watching him out of the corner of her eye. 'Those fangs are awfully
kawaii' She thought to herself.

Love and other socially acceptable emotions are morphine
Their morphine
Cleverly concealing primal urges often felt but rarely seen
Rarely seen

Two weeks at Ucchan's, Ryoga noted to himself, he had gotten to know the real Ukyo. The very female and very attractive
Ukyo. He realized with horrible emotions that he was falling for his friend. Falling face first into her soul, wanting her. Ukyo smiled at him from her grill, walking slowly over to where he sat on the red couch in the other room. She sat beside him, giggling at his lost expression.

Love I beg you
Lift me up into that priviledged point of view
The world of two

Ukyo leaned in close, placing her hands on his shoulders, invading his personal space. He liked it, he wondered what was going on but he liked it. She placed her lips quickly on his, wrapping her arms around him and drawing him against her. His body shivered for a moment, reveling in the pleasure he felt, before he finally got the courage to kiss her back. Holding her close,
feeling her body against his, it was so arousing he could hardly breathe.

Love don't leave me
Because I console myself that hallmark cards are true
I really do
I'm gunning down romance, it never did a thing for me,
but heartache and misery Ain't nothing
but a tradgedy

Ryoga dropped a ripped up hallmark card into Ukyo's trash, one could make out "To Akane" on it.

Love don't leave me

Take these broken wings
I'm gonna take these broken wings
And learn to fly
And learn to fly away
And learn to fly away

Ryoga lay with Ukyo in his arms, holding her naked form close, breathing hard and uneven. His eyes were closed. Her own breathing was fast and quick, she gripped him tighter and lay her head against his chest, slowly drifting off to sleep. He smiled softly to himself. He never thought that..that...would happen to him, especially with Ucchan, but he loved it, he loved her too, more then he could explain. His fangs showed when he smiled a blissful smile of complete content and pleasure.
'No more broken hearts' He thought to himself. No more tears. No more tradgedy. No more depression. No more need to
Gun down romance.