The first time Axel wakes up in that bed, his mouth tastes like exactly how much money he doesn't have. It's as if he'd minced up what little money he did have, rolled it in cigarette paper, lit it up and then smoked it. His mouth tastes like something burning and ass. Burning ass hairs. That's all there is to it: cheap hash tastes like shit.

So, his mouth is dry and he feels sort of like he hasn't slept for a week, even though he's just woken up. He's too sluggish to try moving, so the redhead stares at the ceiling. It's plain white, maybe a little gray from lingering dust and spider webs. There's a paisley-looking border in various tones of red, green and blue. It's kind of gaudy, but since it's the only color in the room, he supposes that it's a nice touch in its way.

He shifts a little, situating his head on the pillows and smacks his lips a bit, trying to overcome his cottonmouth and weed/morning (disgusting) breath. He longs for a piece of candy a peppermint or…what he really wants is one of those Atomic Fireballs.

He falls asleep again thinking about it.


The blond wakes up at a quarter to ten, glances at his clock, which displays not only the time but also the date, and establishes that it's Saturday, so he doesn't have any classes. He blinks slowly at the ceiling and considers scratching his leg, but promptly forgets he's thought it within seconds. He's very warm and comfortable, so the idea of doing anything is absolutely ludicrous. He pointedly ignores the way his mouth tastes, keeping his lips firmly glued closed and breathes in through his nose.

He feels his eyes slip shut.

He wants iHop for breakfast…

He falls asleep while contemplating how much money is in his wallet.


The next time his eyes open, Axel wonders where he is. His head feels a little less clouded and his body isn't quite so listless, so he gets up. He jostles the body next to him and gives his bedmate a clinical vet.

Well, that explains something, he supposes. He went home with somebody last night. That's what he'd planned on, but he'd also planned remembering it. He wonders if the other guy was a good lay or not. Oh well, what's done is done.

The bed is in a corner, pressed up against the wall to his left. He disentangles his naked limbs from the blankets and sits, back to the surface. He bridges his long legs over the other's body. From there he surveys the floor, wondering where his clothing is. Actually, what he wants more is a cigarette.

He sits there, watching the motorized fan twirl. Once again his stare is on the ceiling and he notices that the clock projects the time in red numbers. It's almost noon, even though the room is dark. He looks for the windows. They're covered with Venetian blinds and thick red curtains. Only one slim beam of light comes through at the edges, making a thin trail of yellow on the wall several inches to the right of his shoulder.

The ceiling fan is old and it shakes dangerously and the motor clicks. Axel begins to count the clicks and the next time he glances at the clock it's almost one and his companion is finally stirring. Blue eyes look at him, still dull and groggy with sleep.

Axel smiles and asks for a cigarette. The other makes a noise of ascent and flops over, reaching blindly at his bedside table. When his hand finds nothing but the clock and the light, he lifts his head and scowls. He opens the drawers of the table and finds nothing there either. So the blue-eyed stranger stretches his body off the bed towards a gift bag on the floor full of letters. Axel watches the muscles in his back move as he sorts through the bag.

"It's fine if you don't have any," Axel smirks, thoroughly amused and slightly aroused.

"No, I have them," grumbles the blond. He leans upside down, reaching under the bed. He comes back up with a half pack and a lighter. He tosses them over "There."

Axel winks at him, but the blond doesn't notice. He's already lying back down in the bed and closing his eyes once more. Axel just smokes his fag because he hasn't been asked to leave. Before long his bedmate sighs and opens his eyes. He reaches up towards Axel's face and snags the cigarette.

He takes a deep, ribcage expanding, lung filling draw and holds it. Axel watches the lights flash behind those azure eyes as the nicotine storms through his body. The other guy rolls over and breathes out the smoke, holding the cigarette back to him. They smoke in amicable silence until it's nearly two.

Noises from the surrounding neighborhood, breathing, and the clicking of the fan are the only sounds until the blond rolls over and stares at him.




The blond takes him out to eat after gently refusing to have sex with him again. Axel finds that just a little unfair, so he grins and calls the blond a cock tease. The redhead gets a benign smile in reply.

So, the man buys him breakfast and Axel supposes that makes it up. At least his mouth tastes like coffee and pancakes instead of something burning.

They really don't talk while they eat and afterwards Axel follows the blond home.

"I want to make sure I didn't leave anything," he says, patting at his pockets for emphasis. He just gets a shrug and there's no argument.

He gets the chance to comb through the guy's apartment. There's not much there, he only ends up hocking a lighter. He almost gives it back when his host appears in the living room with a blunt and offers to share with him.

Axel definitely doesn't refuse and once the room starts spinning good enough, his mouth starts going without asking his brain first.

"So, what's your name?"

The bland smile returns to the blue eyes' face. He stubs out the roach and walks towards the door.

"Time to go home," he says.

Axel is surprised, even though he gets it. "Right, won't be seeing you again then. I'd say you were a good fuck, if I could remember."

The blond shuts the door and Axel's just glad it doesn't hit him in the ass on the way out.

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