Rating: G

Character: Jasson ('The Old King')

Summary: Jasson reflects on his father's addiction. Written for Goldenlake Drabble Prompt #3, Addiction

- - -


- - -

It wasn't so much that his father didn't care about him, Jasson reflected, because he was sure that he did. It was more that his father's wife and her court kept the King so busy, between the drink and the smoke, that he had no time for the matters of the Kingdom, much less his eldest son and heir.

It was the latest thing at court, to burn some sort of leaf from Carthak and inhale the vapours through a long pipe. Many a time Jasson had walked into his father's chambers, to find a group of noblemen and women draped lazily across the expensive furniture, the air of the room stained with acrid smoke.

There were rumours that the King was now so dependent on the smoke that he was unable give his new Queen the child she desperately craved. The simple hobby had had blown out into the full-time pursuit of pleasure, rendering the King incapable of even attending a simple Council meeting. When the shakes and hallucinations set in, and the King would no longer rise from his bed without heavy doses of his smoke, the Council finally intervened.

Which was why the Regent for the King of Tortall, barely-knighted Prince Jasson, fronted the War Chamber in his father's place.

He glanced over the battle plans in front of him. "We declare war on the morrow," he confirmed. "The King of Barzun will sorely regret his aggressions."

And, he added to himself, I will not regret mine.

- - -