Warrick rested on his hospital bed, oxygen filling his lungs...and a certain blue eyed blonde CSI filling his dreams.

Sara stayed up, waiting for the sun to rise...Trying to wait out the new nightmares she knew would come as soon as she allowed herself to rest. Another nightmare to join the rest of her demons.

Catherine lay in bed, groping for sleep that would not come. The adrenaline still pumped in her veins...the hurt still burned through her arteries...Sleep would not come to her.

Sofia slept, she'd knocked herself out with a dose of Night-Quil...Her body needed to rest...because she was already sore from taking down McQueen... It was a good kind of sore, though, an accomplished sore... Besides...her dreams were pleasant ones...Filled with visions of sad brown eyes and a gap toothed smile.

The case, that would be forever known as the Neon Killer Case, would remain with all that dealt with it...always on the edge of their memories, taunting them with what-ifs and could-haves...it would become one more scar on the already ragged psyche of Vegas...one more dark story of the Sin City history books.

Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a shining jewel of sin, home to Lady Luck and her fickle whims. Dreams are lost and found, made and broken in the simplest moments. An oasis in the middle of a vast desert, a haven in the wasteland. Vegas is truly a place of light and shadow. There in the perpetual neon day, the people bustle along, oblivious to most of what was happening around them. Most people are blinded by the flashing lights and false glamor of the city. A few see only the seediness of a sleazy town, dim and cheap under the hot sun. In any event, there are some constants in the town that greed built. The house will always come out on top, the buffets will never run out and the Angels of Vegas will keep vigil. Looking down on all, the tourists and the residents...Keeping watch...Impassively observing the good and evil of the city that never sleeps. Be they made of neon or of something more...spiritual...the Angels will watch...and perhaps even spread their gossamer wings to protect the city in spite of itself.


Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed this, the first of the 'Of Vegas' Series...because I really enjoyed writing it.

A few thanks to throw out. Big 'thank yous' go out to: icklebitodd and HoneyLynx86 for their constant praise and support...and to everyone who reviewed and read this story.

Coming Soon: Monsters of Vegas

When a vicious child killer begins hunting in Vegas, the lab must pull together before tragedy strikes too close to home. Will Sara be able to solve the case and toe the line...or will she go too far?